The Parachute is an option that Henry Stickmin can choose from in both Escaping the Prison (Sneaky Ending) and Infiltrating the Airship (Relentless Bounty Hunter ending). 

Escaping the Prison

In Escaping the Prison, upon reaching the roof of the prison, Henry finds a box with four items in it, the backpack with, apparently, a parachute inside being one of them. When chosen, Henry puts on the backpack and jumps off the roof. but when he pulls it open, he realizes it's not a parachute at all but just a regular backpack, out of which various things fly out. Although Henry miraculously survives the fall when crashing to the ground, as he lifts his head all objects from the backpack he released hit him in the head, killing him.

Fail Screen Transcript

I think that was just a regular backpack. See what happens when you assume?

Infiltrating the Airship

Airship parachute

The parachute as seen in Infiltrating the Airship.

In Infiltrating the Airship, after he captures the Toppat Leader in the cargo bay of the Airship and refuses his offer to become the next toppat leader, Henry can use the parachute as one of 2 options to get both himself and the leader safely to the ground and the waiting military.

When chosen, Henry and the leader jump out of the airship. This time the backpack Henry put on really does contain a parachute so Henry is safe, but when it opens, Henry accidentally drops the leader, who plummets to his death, leading to a fail.

Fail Screen Transcript



  • Coke - A coke bottle can be seen coming out of the backpack in Escaping the Prison.
  • Butterfingers - Can be seen when you click the word Butterfingers in the fail screen of Infiltrating the Airship.

Easter Eggs - Fail Screen

Click the word Butterfingers in the fail screen to get a medal.