Phoenix Wright is a lawyer who appears in Escaping the Prison. He is a crossover character from the Japanese video game series Ace Attorney.


When Henry had to go to trial, he hired Wright for his attorney in hope that he will get him out of prison. After Winston Davis told Judge how Henry broke into the bank by hiding in the money bag, Wright stopped him and told him that his story is impossible, because it was impossible for Henry to make the knot from the inside of bag. Then he told that someone actually trapped him inside, and that it was Winston.

For evidence, he presented doctor's analysis which says that Henry suffered a lot of cuts and bruises before he was put into the bag. Judge was confused so he asked him why would he do that, on which Wright said that Winston was trying to kidnap Henry and put his body into the bag.  He knew that there will be millions of bags in safe and it would take a long time before Henry was found. After the trial, he was proclaimed not guilty. However, all this was not true, but due to the evidence, Judge had to free Henry and arrest Winston.


  • "Objection! So the defendant crawled into that bag, in order to break into the bank. Is that correct?"
  • "Is it really that obvious? I have proof that the defendant didn't hide himself in that bag."
  • "It's evidence."
  • "Well I...heh.. I was just kidding, let me try-"
  • "Yes but there's one thing that's been bothering me..."
  • "It's simple... he didn't."
  • "As you can see from this doctors analysis, the defendant took quite the beating."
  • "How could he have tied the bag from the inside?"
  • "But it's coming back to haunt him now!"



  • Phoenix Wright is actually based on a real character with same name from game Ace Attorney. He also appeared in 2012 Japanese film, Ace Attorney. Judge is also based off the game character, The Judge. 
  • The Ace Attorney song 'Cornered' is played during the trial. During the cross-examination, the song Questioning ~ Moderate 2004 plays.
  • Phoenix is the only main character from the series with black hair.