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Presumed Dead is one of the five endings of Fleeing the Complex.

The ending involves Henry Stickmin attempting to escape The Wall singlehandedly.


Henry decides to Charge Tackle into the hallway, knocking Grigori Olyat out. Thormund Riloc, a Wall guard on standby, notices Henry running, and picks up his assault rifle to fire on him.

  • [X] Timeout - Thormund shoots and kills Henry with his assault rifle, grinning maliciously afterwards. (Message: Notice that timer? Now you know exactly how much time you have before your terrible reflexes are revealed.)[1]
  • [X] Speed Shoes - Wearing the shoes, Henry begins to rapidly build up speed, and is able to outrun the bullets. However, he is unable to slow down and ends up slamming into the wall at the end of the hallway. (Message: 2 fast 4 you)
  • [X] Hide - Henry takes cover inside an open cell. While Henry catches his breath, the door closes, locking him in. (Message: Oh, you managed to find a cell on your own! What a responsible prisoner.)
  • Acrobatics - Performing a series of acrobatics, Henry is able to dodge the bullets and continue his course.

After performing the acrobatics, Henry is left sliding from his cuffs. Friedrich Spielen and Haroldt Cüper, two more Wall guards further down the hallway, also notice him.

  • [X] Quick Time Event|Timeout - Henry loses all momentum with the cuffs. He stops in front of the two guards. (Message: Yunno, I don't think this guy knows what he's saying.)
  • [X] Web Throw - Henry attempts to fire webs, but instead falls flat on the ground. (Message: Your hands are still covered up you know? Can you even shot web?)
  • [X] Tool Gun - Entering cheat commands into the game's console, Henry is able to noclip his way out of the Wall. However, he is then kicked by the game's anti-cheat mechanism. (Message: Cheaters never prosper.)
  • Item - Rolling an item, Henry obtains a Boo power-up and turns invisible, allowing him to bypass the guards and reach the elevator at the end of the hallway. He also loses his handcuffs.

The warden, Dmitri Petrov, is notified about Henry's escape. Enraged, he sets the Wall on high alert, with the intention on capturing the loose convict. Henry must find a way to go from here:

  • [X] Cocca Colinski - Henry attempts to fight Cocca in a boxing match, but is instantly K.O.'d with one punch in front of Will Speck and Loius Stoop. The former then yells in front of him. (Message: TKO)
  • [X] Building - Henry breaches into the pitch-black building, but soon runs into Freddy Fazbear, an inmate who is patrolling the area. (Message: That wasn't scary...)[2]
  • [X] Tank - Henry attempts to fight the tank, but is nonchalantly killed by a tank round from Andrei Warzow. (Message: Gee, TANKS a lot.)
  • Karlov Chernik - Engaging in a sword fight with Karlov, Henry is able to wipe him out with one sword thrust.

With the path cleared, Henry runs towards the gate, and spots three Wall Guards, Karl Pinkerton, Franz Pferd, and Gnewt Stoneheel chatting.

  • [X] Sandwich - Eating the sandwich, Henry morphs into a muscular version of himself. Taking out two of the guards (Karl and Franz) with a single punch, he pummels Gnewt repeatedly, but before he could be finished, Henry reverts back to his stickfigure self. Gnewt kicks Henry in his crotch, incapacitating him. (Message: This one weird trick will make you SUPER BUFF! Weightlifters HATE him!)
  • [X] Costume - Henry disguises as a snowman, but Karl assumes the snowman is another convict, Frosty and shoots it, killing Henry. (Message: Those guys need to CHILL.)
  • Truck - Hijacking the truck, Henry plows it into the three guards and busts through the gate.

Despite being out of the complex, Wall soldiers begin to pursue the rogue truck with armored vehicles. One soldier, Danil Dolche, prepares his shotgun to fire on Henry.

  • [X] Quick Time Event|Timeout - Henry is killed by Danil. (Message: Not even close, baby.)
  • [X] Shoot - With a pistol, Henry returns fire, and the firefight persists for a few seconds before Henry crashes into a tree when the road curves. (Message: Eyes on the road, man!)
  • [X] Bail - Henry flies out of the truck with a parachute, but is soon surrounded by Danil, as well as several Wall units, and is killed by a lead storm. (Message: You should've followed up with a tether from your wrist strapped grapple hook. What do you mean you don't have one of those...)
  • Slam - Henry rams his vehicle into Dolche's Humvee, sending it and all its occupants into their doom below.

The truck drifts for a moment before losing control and tumbling over, sliding just a bit over the cliff edge. The guards surround the truck, and Dmitri arrives in his personal car. He sarcastically congratulates Henry for being the first to escape the wall, and gives him two options: surrender, or die. Henry checks his own options:

  • [X] Warp Star - Hitching a ride on the cosmic object, Henry flies away from Dmitri and his forces. However, Warp Star instead brings him West Mesa Penitentiary, in the exact same cell he was locked up in approximately one year prior. (Message: This place seems familiar.)
  • [X] Airbag - Henry triggers the truck's airbag, but it launches him out of the truck and off the cliff, killing him. (Message: Airbags save lives.)
  • [X] Surrender - Henry gives up and surrenders to Dmitri and is transferred back to a maximum security cell (Message: Maximum security? What an honor!)
  • Timeout - Dimitri kicks the truck off the cliff.

Furious about how the incident played out, Dmitri promises a pay cut to everyone involved. Unbeknownst to him, Henry survived as he gripped on protruding rocks. Dmitri and his soldiers drive back to the complex, while Henry emerges from his hiding spot, now presumed deceased. He walks off into the distance and stows away on a flatbed before applying for a passport. He remains snowy tundra-- now wearing a purple scarf to keep himself warm.[3]


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.

Underlined indicate they only appear in fails in this pathway.


  • This is the first of only two times where stalling for a timeout is actually the way to progress. The other time is during the "Stickmin Space Resort" route in Completing the Mission.
    • Coincidentally, SSR uses Presumed Dead for its combination.
  • It is the only ending in the game to showcase a full aftermath.
  • This is the only route without a mid-route "fork."
  • In CtM's mission hub, the game claims that Henry never met Ellie in this pathway; in actuality, while the two did not speak to each other in this route, Henry always begins FtC in the same cell as Ellie.
  • Despite the nature of the ending, Henry is not presumed to be deceased at all occasions or has been later discovered alive and correctly identified:
    • In Toppat 4 Life, the government soldiers presume that Henry is merely missing, while Reginald still wears one hat and is merely their de facto leader, as if Henry was away. At the end of the route, the Toppat Clan then recognize that he was alive and well.
    • In Valiant Hero, Henry later meets Charles near the tavern, and his fate is subsequently made known to the government, which, believing him dead, did not call for his help the entire time until after Charles invites him to take down the orbital station.
  • This, Convict Allies and Ghost Inmate can be combined with all endings of Infiltrating the Airship in Completing the Mission.
  • This is also the only route in Fleeing the Complex with quick-time events.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Troika"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme for Fleeing the Complex.
🎧 "!-Anemotaxis-!"
Atundra Theme for the sprint sequence following the "Charge Tackle" option; sped up when the Speed Shoes are chosen.
🎧 "Toreador Song"
Georges Bizet In the Flash version, the Five Nights at Freddy's version is heard, played when Henry encounters Freddy Fazbear inside a pitch-black building in The Wall. In The Henry Stickmin Collection, an altered composition is used as substitution.
🎧 "Pre-Game"
MrStr8face/BiTSTER Played during the truck chase sequence.
🎧 "Complex Waltz"
PuffballsUnited Ending theme for the route, played during the final choice scenario onward.



  1. Flash version fail message: "Notice that new timer? Now you know exactly how much time you have before your terrible reflexes are revealed."
  2. Waiting for a brief second on the fail screen will cause Freddy Fazbear to humorously jumpscare you. This will net the "Spooked" achievement.
  3. In the Legacy version, Henry took a plane home. This was retconned in The Henry Stickmin Collection to connect with the events of Completing the Mission, where in every ending branching from PD, Henry walks off to a Tavern and either overhears a conversation between the Toppats, the Military, or meets Charles Calvin.
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