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Pure Blooded Thief is one of the four endings of Infiltrating the Airship.

It involves Henry sneaking into the Airship, but then getting caught by greed and attempting to steal the Romanian Ruby from the Airship's vault, and succeeding.


Using the Grapple Gun, Henry boards the exterior of the Airship. Locating a door locked to authorized access, Henry has to figure out how to enter the ship:

  • [X] Joy Buzzer - Henry attaches a joy buzzer to his palm and uses it on the door's keypad. Instead of opening the door, the entire airship loses power, sending it on a freefall to the ground. (Message: Remind me to never shake your hand.)[1]
  • [X] Expanding Foam - Henry shakes the canister of foam and attempts to use it, with no results. He shakes the canister again, causing the foam to explode. (Message: I think it said do NOT shake well.)
  • [X] Bomb - Henry prepares a massive bomb to breach into the airship. However, after setting it, he realizes there is no place to run. The bomb then explodes, killing Henry. (Message: Should've used the remote bombs.)
  • Wait - Standing outside the door for an extended period of time, Henry waits until a Toppat member, Cuppa Joe, opens the door and comes out, allowing Henry to sneak in, with Cuppa Joe outside the airship.

Now inside of the airship, Henry can choose where to go from here.[2]

  • [X] Elevator - Henry boards the elevator, but it turns out to be an escape pod, which sends him away from the airship. (Message: Could've sworn that was an elevator.)
  • [X] Computer - Henry locates the Toppats' secret files on the computer and finds "incriminating evidence" inside, but decides to open "Civ V" instead. Hours pass, and Henry is shown to have made progress in the game. Eventually, Joe catches Henry on the Toppat computer. (Message: ...Just one more turn?)
  • Vent - Henry enters a vent, allowing him to move deeper into the airship.

During his ride inside the vent, he notices the giant Romanian Ruby in the vault. When the vent curves upward, he crashes through it and lands on one side of a pit in the Engine room. Although he is on the side that leads to Records, Henry has his mind now set on the Ruby, and the path to the vault is on the other side of the pit. Henry now must find a way across.

  • [X] Teleporter - Activating the Teleporter, Henry ends up in the valley of nowhere. The teleporter itself is then deactivated and made unusable as a result. (Message: Well I'd better get going. Have fun here by yourself!) (Note when selecting the Teleporter, Henry will make a displeased look at the player)
  • [X] Stretch Chewies - Consuming the chewies allows Henry to extend his arms to any length. Attempting to grab the ledge with his extended arm, Henry misses and catches it into a gear instead, which drags him into the pit. (Message: That really grinds my gears. ROFL)
  • [X] Magic Pencil - Henry uses a pencil to sketch out a glider. However, it comes to life and strikes Henry in the nuts. (Message: Why did you draw a Nutshot Crawler?)
  • Leap - Henry jumps for the other side of the pit in a leap of faith, but is suddenly launched to there. Over the PA, the pilot of the airship and leader of the Toppat Clan, Reginald Copperbottom, informs the Toppats that a flock of ducks flew by, prompting evasive maneuvers. This is what helped Henry get across.

Henry leaves that room and enters the airship brig. He finds the door to the vault shut behind another authorization panel.[3]

  • [X] Wizard Magic - Henry attempts to employ magic to breach the door, but ends up freezing himself to ice in the process. (Message: ...Rolled a 1...)
  • [X] Hack - Tearing apart the hand scanner next to the door, Henry attempts to open the door by sabotaging the security device. However, he is electrocuted and launched back. (Message: Watt are you doing? That's quite shocking! I'm glad I'm not in your current situation. I bet you can't wait to go Ohm.)[4]
  • [X] Retroglove - Donning the Retroglove, Henry attempts to use it to open the door. Nothing happens. (Message: You look like an idiot...)[5]
  • Paperizor - Henry uses the mechanism to turn himself into a flat sheet of paper. The paper is thin enough for him to slide under the door, allowing him to access the vault.

Reverting back to normal, Henry finds the Romanian Ruby, but it is too big for him to haul off the ship. [6]

  • [X] Clawpack - An autonomous robotic claw emerges from a blue backpack Henry is wearing. The claw attempts to pick up the ruby, but is shocked by the gem and proceeds to attack Henry. (Message: Take care of your bird! Err.... Claw.)
  • [X] Gravity Manipulator - Henry attempts to pick the ruby up with the weapon, but accidentally launches it off the ship. (Message: I think you pulled the wrong trigger. That one launches.)
  • Shrink n' Grow - Henry attaches a device which shrinks the ruby to a size Henry can easily handle.

Moving to leave the airship, he accidentally triggers an alarm within the airship, alerting Geoffrey Plumb. In the helicopter, Charles detects the alarms as well. Realizing that Henry has gone rogue, Captain Galeforce has Government reinforcements called to combat the Toppat Airship.

While Geoffrey calls in the Toppat Clan on Henry, a Government helicopter strikes the airship, the knockback sending Henry onto the middle of a rotating propeller on the airship. Henry now must find a way to escape:

  • [X] Shell - Henry stuffs his head in a green shell. A bullet hits the shell, causing Henry to be knocked back and get shredded by the propeller. (Message: ..What exactly was your plan there?)
  • [X] Propane Tank - Henry attempts to use a propane tank to fly away, but it explodes shortly after takeoff with a Toppat, Jarsh Finx, watching in disbelief. (Message: Hank Hill Quote ...Tell ya h-what.)
  • [X] Umbrella - Using an umbrella, Henry is able to cover some distance but ends up dropping and getting chopped by the propeller. (Message: Maybe a spoonful of sugar will make you feel better.)
  • Armor - Suiting up, Henry dives into the propeller, destroying it and bringing the airship down. Falling to the ground, Henry is able to survive both the propeller and the impact of the ground.

The Toppat Airship crashes. An all-out battle begins between the Toppat Clan and the Government, with Henry and the ruby caught in the crossfire. In a nearby Center for Chaos Containment base, Wilson Stone stays behind to deal with the chaos while other CCC operatives begin to evacuate-- due to the chaos being too close to home.

Running through his desk for options, Wilson encounters four disks for four CCC plans.[7]

  • [X] L. Cut mk. II - Two lasers cut away the area of the Earth where the battle is taking place. The piece of land is then launched into space. Henry having been on it, suffocates to death in space. (Message: We'll take our problems and PUSH them somewhere else!)
  • [X] D.E.B. - A ball of dark energy is launched to the battlefield, causing an explosion which begins to vaporize everyone who gets caught up in the blast, including Henry. Seeing the blast approach his position, Wilson looks at a photo of his wife and son one last time and tearfully bids them farewell before perishing.(Message: Didn't message in this fail )
  • [X] G.A.B.E.N. - While loading the disc, it begins to error out, before a data recovery saves it. While the "G.A.B.E.N." weapon is in the process of revealing itself, Infiltrating the Airship stops responding. (Message: error: stack overflow System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file C:\Program Files\HL3\GABEN.dll Dump cache;)
  • Prototype - An army of mechanized CCC employees,Mert Steel, Kert Steel and Mortdecai Booker, arrive at the battlefield and starts attacking Toppats and Government forces indiscriminately.

The Right Hand Man notices Henry with the stolen ruby, but Reginald urges him to leave it behind and retreat for the sake of the Toppat Clan's longevity. When Mert Steel leaves the Prototype armor to urinate, Henry steals it and uses it to fly away from the scene with the ruby.

In the air, Henry stumbles upon Charles and Captain Galeforce once again. Galeforce determines that Henry should be let loose, declaring him to be "not worth the trouble" after succeeding in their mission of taking down the Toppat Airship. Now being a faction of neither the Toppats nor the Government, Henry flies away with the Romanian Ruby.


Pure Blooded Trief can be combined with Ghost Inmate to get Jewel Baron, Convict Allies to get Pardoned Pals and Toppat Recruits, and Presumed Dead to get Stickmin Space Resort.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Recruited" PuffballsUnited Opening theme for Infiltrating the Airship in The Henry Stickmin Collection version.
🎧 "Grim Melancholy" HonorOfStyle Opening theme for Infiltrating the Airship in the Flash version.
🎧 "Onset and Repercussion" Metallica1136 The theme that plays when Henry dons the power armor and escapes from the airship.
🎧 "Bound by Love" Bosa Played during Wilson's final moments before being vaporized by the dark energy bomb.
🎧 "Apocalypse 2012" Peter Satera Theme played when the Center for Chaos Containment summons their Prototype army to the battlefield.
🎧 "Sweet Cold Revenge" Re:cycle Ending theme for the route.


  • This is the only route in Infiltrating the Airship that has no quick-time events. (Not including Lightning Quick Larcenist, as it's a fake ending).
  • The only time the Government helps Henry in this ending is with the Grapple Gun.
  • All endings stemming from this ending in Completing the Mission have no extra achievements apart from the Ending Achievements.
  • This is the only ending that causes Henry to go solo on his missions in Completing the Mission, as he brought down the Toppat Clan and annoyed the Government.


All notes except #1 and #4 are related to the "Biggol Sword" achievement;

  1. In the original version the fail message is displayed as: "[Allan please add details]."
  2. A key can be found next to the computer in this choice selection screen. This is linked to the "Biggol Sword" achievement.
  3. If the key was obtained during the same route, Dave Panpa would be set free by Henry.
  4. Hovering over the fail message will lead to the "LOLOLOL!!11" achievement.
  5. If Dave Panpa was not freed beforehand, he is seen laughing at Henry with the retroglove.
  6. If Dave Panpa was freed beforehand, he will fall from a vent in the vault, leaving a USB drive behind. The drive can be picked up.
  7. If the USB drive was collected, it will appear on Wilson's desk. A code from CCC employee Karl is displayed if it is chosen on that choice scenario.
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