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A Quick Time Event, with timer, from "Fleeing the Complex" (route: Presumed Dead)

Quick Time Events (QTE) are option screens that have a certain time limit, prompting the players to act within a given time window. Not acting in time will usually result in a fail. However, there are two instances where stalling for a timeout results in progression.

When a QTE is shown, the map, menu, achievements or bios cannot be accessed unlike normal choices and a timer will appear, counting down the time for the player to select an option. The shortest is at the "Prison Entrance" scene in Badass Bust Out at 0.4 seconds. The longest QTE where the time-out results in a fail is during the WWII exhibit in Just Plain Epic.


The first Quick Time Event, in Escaping the Prison (route: Sneaky Escapist)

There are no Quick Time Events in either version of Breaking the Bank. They were first introduced in Escaping the Prison, during the "Badass Bust Out" and "Sneaky Escapist" pathways. The very first QTE involved Henry having to fight off two police officers, Rupert Price and Dave Panpa, after filing through the bars of his cell door.

The legacy version of Stealing the Diamond had the first and only QTE where the choice had to be made with the keyboard rather than the mouse; namely the first option screen in the "Intruder on a Scooter" pathway. In the remastered version, the player uses the mouse normally instead.

Fleeing the Complex introduced a timer to warn players that a certain event was a Quick Time Event, and how much time they had to make a choice, signified by how much the timer is filled. These timers were also added to the remastered version of Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond and Infiltrating the Airship for The Henry Stickmin Collection, except instead of filling up, they wind down.

Fleeing the Complex also introduced the first of only two instances where not making a choice in time is actually the solution. The final choice screen for the "Presumed Dead" pathway requires the player to let the timer run out in order to win. Another such event appears in the "Stickmin Space Resort" pathway of Completing the Mission, where Henry can choose to drive his scooter over a ramp or through a crate; both of these options result in a fail, while not choosing anything will result in him knocking over Sal Malone and simply driving on.

List of Quick Time Events

Route Choice Description Time
Breaking the Bank does not have any QTEs.

Escaping the Prison

Sneaky Escapist Cell Block When Henry busts out of his cell upon using a nail file to saw a metal bar off, Rupert Price and Dave Panpa move in to detain the escapee. Henry is thus prompted to quickly counter the officers' attacks in two separate actions. 2" each
Badass Bust Out Back Lobby, Lobby Turn Henry must evade bullets that the officers fire. 1" each
Prison Entrance During the final confrontation with Captain Ed Roberts, Henry must react quickly to counter his attack. 0.4"

Stealing the Diamond

Intruder on a Scooter Entire Route A fast-paced break-in that keeps the player on their toes. 2" for most choices

3" at the Diamond 12" at the Bridge

Just Plain Epic WWII Exhibit Kurt Dietrich will notice Henry breaching into the museum if he is unable to decide on a vintage weapon to use against the guards in time. 18"

Infiltrating the Airship

GSPI Records Library Inside the records room, Charles will react to an accident involving a duck and an airship propeller if Henry stalls for too long. His reaction is accidentally radioed to Henry, busting the latter's cover. 3"
RBH / RPE Warehouse Herb Stokes will crush Henry with a chunk of coal, should the player stall for a timeout. 3"
Quarters Hallway When Reginald Copperbottom closes the doors in the hallway, Henry must decide quickly to avoid being locked out of his chase. 2"

Fleeing the Complex

Presumed Dead Transfer Cells Hallway, Transfer Cells Blockade When Henry runs down the hallway after tackling Grigori Olyat, Wall guards there will actively try to take down the convict. 2" each
Car Chase Henry can choose to either engage in the gunfight or avoid it. 1"
Cliffside Wreck Waiting for the timer to deplete is the correct choice and will finish the route. The three choices will progressively appear as time wears on. 10"

Completing the Mission

Toppat King Driving Up the Ramp Ellie, Henry, and the Right Hand Man find the path blocked by a platoon of Government soldiers. The three must decide on how to act before the platoon stops their vehicle. 3"
Free Man Solar Panel Dash Henry must find a way to avoid the Right Hand Man before he kills the loose prisoner. 3"
Triple Threat Combo Time! After Henry and Ellie launch from a series of barrels, Charles suddenly arrives in his helicopter to help them. Stalling for a timeout will only cause them to collide with each other. 2"
Stickmin Space Resort Entire Route A fast-paced break-in that keeps the player on their toes. The second option requires the player to wait for time to expire. 2" for most choices

5" at the Top of the Rocket

Jewel Baron Space Scooter The Orbital Station opens fire on Henry, who must evade the lasers. 3"
Little Nest Egg Traintop Sprint Blast Connors mans a turret and prepares to gun down Henry, who must respond with a counter. 2"
Toppat Recruits / Pardoned Pals Collapse! A Wall tank blows out part of the bridge to the rocket, leaving Henry airborne. If nothing is done, Henry will fall to his death. 2"
Cleaned 'em Out Top of the Train Henry is on top of the Toppat cargo train when it approaches a tunnel. Timing out will result in Henry colliding with the brick portal of the tunnel. 3"
Capital Gains Train Assault Henry and Ellie ambush the caravan accompanying the Toppat cargo train. Timing out will result in both of them being shot down by the armed caravan. 3"