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Reginald Copperbottom

Gender Male ♂
Occupations Determinant:
  • Criminal (All Routes)
  • Toppat Leader (Current; All PBT routes, TB)
  • Toppat Leader's Right Hand Man (T4L)
  • Elite Toppat Member (TK)
Affiliations Toppat Clan Logo.png Toppat Clan

Ellie's Squad (TCW)

Hat type Two top hats
Appears in Infiltrating the Airship Logo.png

Fleeing The Complex Logo.png

CtM logo.png

Color Hair Color: Brown

Shoe Color: Black

Status Determinant:
Cause of Death Deteminant:
Voiced by Marcus Bromander (Pitched by 3 semitones)

What?! Have you no honor?! No dignity?! Actions like this tarnish the Toppat name. Men, is this what really what we want out of a leader? He barged in here, took control of the Toppat Clan for himself! He's not worthy of being our leader! I say we throw him overboard! Who's with me?!
― Reginald dethroning Henry after finding out that Henry left Ellie Behind

Reginald Copperbottom ("Reg" for short, also known as the Toppat Leader and Chief by lesser Toppats), is the current leader of the Toppat Clan. He was a Toppat of unknown rank until eventually dethroning Terrence Suave, and acquired his top hat and placed it on top of his.

As a leader, he has led the clan and organized crimes throughout the world, and the Romanian Ruby and the Norwegian Emerald may or may not have been stolen during his leadership. Unlike the previous leader of the Toppat Clan, he genuinely wants the best for the clan, even if it means making some major sacrifices.


Reginld Copperbottom is a major recurring antagonist in the Henry Stickmin series, appearing as the main antagonist of Infiltrating the Airship, the tertiary antagonist of Fleeing the Complex, and the overall main antagonist of Completing the Mission.

In Infiltrating the Airship, he appears as the main antagonist of almost all the routes, the unseen main antagonist in Government Supported Private Investigator and the main antagonist turned deuteragonist of Rapidly Promoted Executive.

In Fleeing the Complex, he appears only in The Betrayed as the main antagonist.

In Completing the Mission, he appears as the main antagonist of Jewel Baron, Stickmin Space Resort and Revenged, the deuteragonist of Toppat King and Toppat 4 Life, the tritagonist of Toppat Recruits, the secondary antagonist of Toppat Civil Warfare and Pardoned Pals and the unseen overarching antagonist of Free Man, Master Bounty Hunter and Capital Gains.

In most of his appearances, he is either the current leader of the Toppat Clan, or (in pathways following "Rapidly Promoted Executive") the second in command to Henry Stickmin (with the exception of Toppat Civil Warfare and Revenged, in which he retakes leadership and shortly dies).

Infiltrating the Airship

Listen, listen. You've defeated my Right Hand Man, and you've defeated me. I surrender the airship to you.
― Reginald trying to bargain with Henry[src]

Reginald plays a large role in the "Rapidly Promoted Executive/Relentless Bounty Hunter" scenario, during which Henry pursues him across the airship.

When Henry gets into the airship with a Cannon Ball and gets through Reg's Right Hand Man, he starts chasing Reginald through the airship's series of rooms. After Henry defeats the Right Hand Man, then he catches Reginald in the ship's cargo bay and tries to arrest him. Reginald, in a last-ditch effort to not get arrested, surrenders the airship to him. Henry has to decide if he is going to arrest him, or accept the offer and become the new Toppat leader.

He is also in the "Pure Blooded Thief" scenario of the game, in which he stops the Right Hand Man from killing Henry, who stole the Toppats' Romanian Ruby. He ordered a full retreat as the Toppats were outnumbered by the military and overwhelmed by the Center for Chaos Containment so direct assault would be futile.

Finally, he briefly appears during the credits of the "Government Supported Private Investigator" scenario, where his arrest is shown on Henry's TV.

Fleeing the Complex

Yes, hello? Henry? Where are you? Oh, in a complex? Called The Wall? Ah, y-yes of course-uh, we’ll-eh-we’ll be right there. Oh, sit tight-ehh. I’ll let you know when we’re close.
― Reginald answering Henry's phone[src]

Although his appearance is completely optional, it is extremely important. Upon escaping his prison cell, Henry calls upon the Toppat Clan to help him escape. Reginald answers and comes to his aid in his airship. He sends some of the clan's members to distract the guards in the cafeteria, so Henry can escape. Henry tries using his old scooter to try to reach the airship, but when it seems like he will not make it, Reginald grabs his hand, and his true intentions are revealed, as he says this:

That was a close one, Henry. But I'm not going to pull you up... See without you, I've become the leader of the Toppat Clan again. I just wanted to look you in the eyes as I took it all back. Goodbye.
― Reginald to Henry[src]

He then let's go of Henry's arm, and watches him fall to his supposed death, with the player earning the rank The Betrayed. With Henry presumably dead, Reginald becomes the leader again. Continued in Revenged.

Completing the Mission

Remember that orbital station… idea… we were talking about? We went ahead with that plan. We’ve got all of our assets in there already. Once the final preparations are complete, we’ll be ready to launch into orbit. That should keep us far away from any governments trying to bring us down.
― Reginald telling Henry and Ellie about the Toppat Orbital Station[src]

Reginald's relation to Henry is dependent on the endings chosen from Infiltrating the Airship and Fleeing the Complex.

He does not appear in any route that begins with the "Government Supported Private Investigator" and "Relentless Bounty Hunter" endings, having been arrested and taken into custody then, being replaced by Sven Svensson or the Right Hand Man, respectively. However, In the Special BROvert Ops route, Reginald's portrait can be seen when Henry reaches the gallery.

He does appear in any route that begins with the "Rapidly Promoted Executive" and "Pure Blooded Thief" endings, however in the RPE endings, (aside from Revenged) Henry was the leader instead of him due to Henry deciding to be with the Toppats, because of this, Reginald does not wear his black hat and chain (which is given to Henry), he does keep his black hat and chain in the PBT endings and remained as the Toppat Clan leader.

Toppat King

Reginald has come to be dependent on the new leader of the Toppat Clan, as exemplified when he waited for Henry to come save him from being arrested by the Government. He had also shown a sense of comradery, leaving the rocket's door open for Henry should he be able to catch up to it, and catching him when he fails to land on the rocket itself. He, however, retains his mischievous side, floating the idea of betrayal while momentarily leaving Henry dangling off the rocket, but he prevents it from interfering with his sense of comradery.

Stickmin Space Resort

When Henry tries to steal the rocket, Reginald tries to get his minions to stop Henry (although he doesn't recognize him). He is nowhere to be seen after Henry successfully steals the rocket and turns the orbital space station into a resort, but since he wasn't in the rocket when it launched, it's safe to assume he was amongst the members of the clan who were arrested.

Jewel Baron

When Henry returns to steal the Norwegian Emerald, Reginald attempts to shoot him down while Henry is still riding to the ship. After Henry makes it with the Emerald and encounters the Right Hand Man, he congratulates the Right Hand Man on capturing the intruder but becomes more paranoid as he realized who Henry was, telling the Right Hand Man to not let him get away with a second robbery. However, his efforts fail as both the Right Hand Man and Supreme Dominance, which he uses to attempt to cut Henry, are destroyed. He attempts to escape in a pod but is sucked out as the window opens. However, he is able to see Henry's face and victory with the Emerald one last time, before cursing him and dying in space. Although Henry knows of his death, the reporters covering the incident who do not know the details are unaware of his fate.

Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits

In the aftermath of the "Pure Blooded Thief" ending, Reginald and the rest of the Toppats are aware of Henry's theft of their Romanian Ruby, and as such, they are hostile to him. When Henry and Ellie plan to join the Toppats after escaping from the Wall, he immediately recognizes Henry as the thief of the Ruby in a prior infiltration. However, he then begins acknowledging Henry for his skills and agreeing to allow him to join, as long as he returns the ruby. He also trusts Henry and Ellie with his gun to take out Grigori and Dmitri, before telling them to strap on and prepare for launch. Later when he inducts Henry and Ellie to the clan, he admits they showed "their gusto when it counted". If Henry and Ellie choose to help the Government instead, Reginald and all the other Toppats are killed in the rocket explosion.

Toppat Civil Warfare

Reginald is initially passive towards Henry when he returns from imprisonment in The Wall. After hearing Ellie's story of abandonment however, Reginald immediately denounces Henry and deems him unfit to be the leader of the Toppat Clan, rallying his clanmates to the effort of overthrowing him from power. During the denouncement ceremony on the Airship, Henry tosses Reginald overboard, forcing his Right Hand Man to come down to rescue him. The two are killed when Henry's escape pod collides with them.

Toppat 4 Life

Reginald is surprised to find Henry alive and well, and becomes even more astonished to find out that Henry had single-handedly deterred the Government from launching an assault on the Toppat Launch Site. This set of events causes Reginald to deepen his sense of respect towards the Toppat Leader, declaring that the future is bright for the Toppat Clan with Henry in charge.


With Henry presumed deceased, Reginald returned to his former position as leader of the Toppat Clan. However, Henry would return to fight him, bitter about the fact that Reginald betrayed him. Reginald is surprised to see Henry alive but remains determined to eliminate him once and for all. He initially has his Right Hand Man deal with Henry (who, after a long battle, succeeds in destroying the RHM) while Reginald tries to escape the airship, which is about to crash. Henry staples him to the wall, leaving him to die, but Reginald, in turn, shoots his cybernetic spine and disables his life support, wickedly laughing about how this will be both of their last rides. After the airship crashes into the rocket, Reginald survives long enough to make a final conversation with Henry. He concedes defeat before asking Henry if his victory over taking down the Clan was really worth the valiant effort, after which he succumbs to his wounds.However, his disabling of Henry's spine caused Henry's own death later, so while Henry did succeed in killing him for revenge, Reginald succeeded in taking Henry with him.

Master Bounty Hunter

Reginald doesn't appear physically, but he appears on a poster in the ending picture. Since this ending takes place after Relentless Bounty Hunter, his picture has a huge red X on it, which means Henry captured him.


  • Infiltrating the Airship: The current leader of the Toppat Clan. He wears the hat of the previously dethroned leader.
  • Fleeing the Complex: Seems he's been managing the Toppats in Henry's absence. He'll have to go back to being second soon.
  • Completing the Mission: Being the leader of the Toppat Clan is something he takes a lot of pride in.



Reginald wears black gloves, black shoes, and two top hats, the upper of which (the darker hat) was from the previous leader. Of the two hats, the bottom one (his original top hat) is a lighter shade of grey. He also has a brown mustache and a golden collar necklace in the shape of a dollar symbol studded with diamonds.


I gotcha Henry. You know… I could drop you right now and nobody would know… But why would I do that? I saw you out there! You put yourself on the line to save the Toppat Clan. You’ve truly earned my respect. I can’t think of a better person to lead us.
― Reginald after saving Henry, shortly pondering on the possibility of retaking the title of leader

Reginald displays an overall coward like persona, relying on opportunity and betrayal rather than direct combat to achieve his ends. For example, he betrays and "kills" Henry only when Henry fails him. He also displays this tendency in the Toppat King pathway, as although he does not ultimately drop Henry and reclaim his position out of respect for his dedication to the Toppat Clan, the only time he hints at betraying Henry is when, once again, no one is watching and he has the higher ground. Throughout the Toppat King pathway, in contrast, he is shown to be very nervous around Henry and his authority, even sheepishly telling off a Clan member for calling him "chief" in Henry's presence and nervously looking back at Henry. He is also very dependent on Henry as the leader, relying on him to combat the military and even trusting Henry to come back for him after he was captured. In the Toppat Civil Warfare pathway, he is only able to dethrone Henry in the presence of other clan members only by using deceit (of how Henry betrayed Ellie), rather than directly confronting him and disarming him alone. In the Revenged pathway after selecting Drop, he begs Henry not to drop him (despite doing the same to him) and show mercy, only being saved by his parachute and relying on his men to kill Henry in the cockpit.

Reginald genuinely wants the best for the Toppat Clan, even if it means making some personal sacrifices - and genuinely respects those that do the same. In Airship, he offers Henry his rank as leader as a last-ditch effort to not leave the Clan without a guide. In two of the endings of Mission, he recognizes that Henry is willing to put his life on the line for the Clan, and accepts Henry as the better leader. He might be a dirty coward, but he clearly cares for his crew and tries his best to make sure of their safety. Most notably in Pure-Blooded Thief where he tells Right Hand Man alongside the rest of the clan to retreat from the war field between them and the government as soon as the Center for Chaos Containment comes in to avoid losing more members instead of chasing after Henry who stole their ruby. Then there's the Executive/Allies route where he tells Ellie and the Right Hand Man to go to the rocket first when the government comes in to ambush them, leaving both himself and Henry to initiate the rocket launch's countdown even at the mercy of the government's helicopter.

Reginald also apparently has little self-defense or offensive technique, only able to kill or disable Henry when he has a significant advantage (ex. shooting Henry in Revenged only after he turns around, betraying Henry in The Betrayed only after he has his life in his hands). In Infiltrating the Airship in the cannon ball pathway, he runs away from Henry in fear and relies on his Right Hand Man to protect him, and he even attempts to bribe his way out by offering leadership. In Revenged, he is unable to face Henry himself, relying on his Right Hand Man to do his work for him, until he has no other option. Even then, up until the point Henry turns his back and makes himself a target, Reginald is unable to fight back. His gun is immediately disarmed by Henry and he has to resort to asking for mercy.

In Toppat King and all other Rapidly Promoted Executive paths of Completing the Missions, he is initially neutral towards Henry, until he proves his worth by saving the Toppat Clan, then Reginald agrees to let Henry be leader. These routes also show his more positive qualities, more specifically his loyalty to the Toppat Clan as a whole and how he genuinely wants what is best for the clan. If Henry manages to win Reginald's respect by protecting the Clan from the Government and ensuring the success of the rocket launch, Reginald is convinced that Henry is the right person to lead the Clan to greatness, openly praises him for his dedication, and accepts his leadership gracefully without any betrayal, unlike in the Betrayed ending where Henry has NOT done anything to prove himself worthy of leadership.

He's also rather impatient and easily not trusting, as he is willing to reclaim the leader position from Henry whenever he gets the chance, ignoring that Henry can be a responsible and protective leader to the clan if given the chance. This trait would cause the fall of the Toppat Clan in one path.

In the Jewel Baron path, Reginald is shown to wrathful and envious as he's desperate to stop Henry from stealing the Norwegian Emerald, as he doesn't want to lose another large jewel to him, to the point of firing his clan's strongest weapon at Henry that can atomize anything. This behavior ends up destroying the Toppat Clan in the process.

In the Betrayed and Revenged paths, Reginald reveals his sadistic side, which is shown when he smiles when about to drop Henry to his death and when he laughs after he shot him.

Seeing as he is cowardly, weak and impatient, it's strange how he ended up as the Toppat Leader in the first place. However, it might be because he is a high ranking member and someone who only wants best for the Clan.


Henry Stickmin

Henry and Reginald's relationship varies between pathways. Sometimes they like each other, but most of the time, they hate each other.

In his first two games, he didn't particularly like Henry and seemed to have only given him control over the Toppat Clan as a means of self-preservation. This is why he leaps at the chance to kill him in The Betrayed route.

However, in the Toppat 4 Life and Toppat King routes, he sees how much effort Henry is willing to exert for the sake of the Toppat Clan, and so when he finds himself in a similar situation to The Betrayed ending on the latter route, Reginald not only helps Henry up, but gives him control of the Toppat Clan in earnest.

At the beginning of the Toppat Civil Warfare route in Mission, he is utterly appalled at hearing that Henry abandoned Ellie back in the Wall, and leads the remaining Toppats in a mutiny against Henry. Though he isn't above betrayal himself, as demonstrated in The Betrayed, Reginald has a past and potential history of violently dealing with selfish, greedy people above him (notably the previous leader Terrence Suave), so it's possible that watching Henry abandon all sensibility like Terrence did only served to rub salt in the wound. It's also possible that he's simply faking it in order to take the opportunity to retake power in the organization.

In the Revenged route, even when he's faced with the complete and utter destruction of everything he's worked for and is about to die in the oncoming crash landing of his ruined airship, Reginald doesn't waste the chance to get one over on Henry before he dies and shoots his cybernetic spine, making sure to drag his mortal enemy down with him. Although he succeeded in guaranteeing Henry's eventual demise, he dies as well.

Charles Calvin

The two don't interact at all, but they are enemies (since they side with completely opposite factions).

Ellie Rose

While their interactions are very small, it is shown that Reginald is very neutral towards Ellie. Most of Reginald and Ellie's interactions takes place with Henry Stickmin as the main pivot point.

In Toppat Civil Warfare, Reginald uses Ellie's hatred towards Henry's action to get Henry kicked from Toppat Clan so he can take leadership again. This is also shown in PP/TR where Reginald's main determinant on Ellie joining the clan are based on Henry's criminal skills and the fact that he stole the ruby. However despite this, Reginald shows a mass amount of respect for Ellie at the end of Toppat Recruits and Toppat King, where Ellie shows her worth and loyalty to the Toppats.

Right Hand Man

Reg and RHM don’t just seem to be coworkers, but they’re close friends, as the two trust each other. In ItA’s RBH/RPE path, RHM protects Reginald, he takes on Henry by himself just so Reginald can flee safely.

In the RBH paths of CtM, he wants to hunt down and capture Henry for getting Reginald arrested. Considering that he wanted revenge, it’s clear that they did care about each other. RHM is also the only person to call Reginald something other than “Chief”, as he calls him Reg, a shortened version of his real name.

Terrence Suave

Although Terrence is out of the picture and likely dead by the time any of the games take place, it's clear that Reginald didn't like Terrence due to his poor leadership and reckless nature, which ended with Terrence being overthrown by Reginald, with Reginald taking Terrence's hat as a trophy.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Reginald has killed:


Infiltrating the Airship

Relentless Bounty Hunter/Rapidly Promoted Executive

  • "Hurry up now! Activate the doors!”
  • "Ahh get away!"
  • "No! No! Get away!"
  • "Help! Heelp!"
  • "Listen, listen. You've defeated my Right Hand Man, and you've defeated me."
  • "I surrender the airship to you."

Relentless Bounty Hunter

  • "Nyeh!"

Pure Blooded Thief

  • "My apologies everyone."
  • "Had to deploy some evasive maneuvers."
  • "A flock of ducks flew by."
  • "No forget about it! We've gotta retreat or else the Toppat Clan will be history."

Fleeing the Complex

  • "Yes, hello?”
  • "Henry? Where are you?"
  • "Oh, in a complex?"
  • "Called The Wall?"
  • "Ah, y-yes of course-uh, we'll-eh-we'll be right there."
  • "Oh sit tight-ehh. I'll let you know when we're close."
  • "Wh-where exactly are you?"
  • Cafeteria. Hmm... Okay... Got the map here..."
  • "Yes, there you are."
  • "Alright. How do you want to do this?"
  • "That was a close one, Henry."
  • "But I'm not going to pull you up..."
  • "See, without you, I become the leader of Toppat Clan again."
  • "I just wanted to look you in the eyes as I took it all back."
  • "Goodbye."

Completing the Mission

Toppat King

  • "Preparations are nearly complete. Should be able to launch within the hour."
  • "Henry! You're back..."
  • "I took charge in your stead. I hope you don't mind..."
  • "Well...uh...Henry..."
  • "Remember that orbital station...idea...we were talking about?"
  • "We went ahead with that plan."
  • "We've got all of our assets in there already."
  • "Once the final preparations are complete, we'll be ready to launch into orbit."
  • "That should keep us far away from any governments trying to bring us down."
  • "Should be able to-"
  • "Ehoh. Hey, what did I tell you about calling me that? Henry is the leader, remember?"
  • "You two, get to the rocket! Henry!"
  • "One, Two? Three!"
  • "Do something!"
  • "Just you wait 'til my friend gets here."
  • "Wow..."
  • "I'll keep the door open as long as I can."
  • "I gotcha, Henry."
  • "You know... I could drop you right now and nobody would know..."
  • "But why would I do that?"
  • "I saw you out there!"
  • "You put yourself on the line to save the Toppat Clan."
  • "You've truly earned my respect."
  • "I can't think of a better person to lead us."
  • "Thanks to Henry's efforts, we were able to establish our orbital station."
  • "Unfortunately, we lost quite a few members during the raid."
  • "With the station in orbit, we were able to raid any place on Earth with ease."
  • "Ellie was officially recruited into the Toppat Clan. And given the rank: Right Hand Lady."
  • "Me and my Right Hand Man went on to become top operators of the clan, performing several successful operations."

Stickmin Space Resort

  • "Intruder?"
  • "Who is that?! Can we stop him, please?"
  • "An intruder has been spotted on the premises. Keep your eyes peeled, and stop him if you spot him."
  • "Headed straight for the rocket?! Close the main door! Immediately!"
  • "He's riding straight up? What is this guy doing? Trying to steal our rocket?!"
  • "Yes, go ahead."
  • "He's hijacking the rocket! Right Hand Man, where are you?!"
  • "Noooooooo!"

Jewel Baron

  • "Oh no, is it the government? Did they send a destroyer after us?!"
  • "Well, just shoot it down."
  • "Then fire the Big Bomb!" [Fail]
  • "Status Report!"
  • "Completely missed? * sigh* We spent so much money on that..."
  • "Excellent work! I knew I can count on you."
  • "That guy?! You'd better take care of him!"
  • "Right Hand Man, what happened? What's going on?!"
  • "Find him! We can't let him get away with this again, not twice!" - Reginald desperately trying to stop Henry in "Jewel Baron" path
  • "Get him! Stop him! Fire Supreme Dominance. Now!"
  • "Well? Time to go..."
  • "Not youuu... CURSE YOUUU--" - Reginald's final words to Henry before being pulled out of his escape pod, leading to his possible death in the "Jewel Baron" path


  • "I'm thinking once we arrive, we should be able to..."
  • "NYEH!!!"
  • "Henry! Take him out, Right Hand Man!"
  • "No! We're losing altitude! I gotta get out of here!"
  • "No, what are you going to do?" - Reginald after being easily overpowered by an enraged Henry
  • "No, you don't have to do this!" - Henry dropping Reginald
  • "Anyone available? There's an attacker in the cockpit!" [Fail]
  • "Nooooo!" - Reginald's scream while Henry holds him until the airship crashes into them both. [Fail]
  • "So that's it then, you're just gonna leave me here to go down with the ship?" - Reginald, after being stapled to the Airship
  • "Looks like we'll be sharing this last ride together!" - Reginald, shooting Henry in the spine in an attempt to take him down.
  • "Well... you got us. Was it... worth it?" - Reginald's final words to Henry in the "Revenged" path before dying, asking him if it was worth destroying the entire clan, their rocket and airship, and killing everyone including themselves in his quest for revenge, and if he felt he got what he coming to come.

Toppat Civil Warfare

  • "Now everyone, when we arrive, I'd like to- Henry! Where have you been?"
  • "Um. Who are you? How did you get here?"
  • "What?! Have you no honour?! No dignity?! Actions like this tarnish the Toppat name. Men, is this what really what we want out of a leader? He barged in here, took control of the Toppat Clan for himself! He's not worthy of being our leader! I say we throw him overboard! Who's with me?!" - Reginald after listening to Ellie's rant about Henry abandoning her in "Toppat Civil Warfare" Intro
  • "Henry! You are hereby dethroned from your position as the leader of the Toppat Clan! I'm going to want that hat back."
  • "*sigh* That was a close call." [Fail]
  • "Thank you again for rescuing me from-" [Fail]

Pardoned Pals

  • "Quickly!"
  • "Wait, you're the guy that stole our ruby. You do have some skills... We'll let you join, as long as you return the ruby."

Toppat Recruits

  • "Take these!"
  • "Well done. Now get strapped in. We're about to blast off."
  • "Everyone! I'd like to welcome our new members. They really showed their gusto when it counted. Also, they promised to return the Ruby." - Reginald in the "Toppat Recruits" Ending.

Toppat 4 Life

  • "Preparations are nearly com-" - Phantom option [Fail]
  • "Henry?! You're here? What are you doing in a tank?!"
  • "You... protected the clan... Yeah, the future of the Toppat Clan looks bright with you as our leader!" - "Toppat 4 Life" ending

Among Us Airship Trailer

  • "Welcome, Recruits."
  • "Get yourself acquainted with the layout of the Toppat Airship"
  • "Enough slacking, go do your tasks."
  • "You may need to take a ladder to get to certain areas."
  • "Or maybe just take a nice shortcut."
  • "Quit grouping up."
  • "Choose a room to start in after a meeting."
  • "Someone keeps trying to sabotage us!"
  • "Stop their plan."
  • "Keep you eyes peeled, we definitely have an impostor here."



Infiltrating the Airship

Fleeing the Complex

Completing the Mission



  • Running gag: In every "Rapidly Promoted Executive" path, on the first time Reginald sees Henry in "Completing the Mission", the first word he says when he sees him is "Henry".
  • In the ending screens for the "Rapidly Promoted Executive", he doesn't look happy with Henry in charge of the Toppat Clan, which leads into Fleeing the Complex's The Betrayed ending.
  • He is one of the 3 Toppat Clan members to appear in 3 games, along with Wilhelm Krieghaus and Thomas Chestershire.
  • In a Developer Commentary, PuffballsUnited confirmed that he was British (Though it was already obvious then).
  • He is the most important antagonist of the series due to appearing more than any other important antagonists, and because he's important in Infiltrating the Airship and Fleeing the Complex, as well as most of the paths in Completing the Mission.
  • Ever since Infiltrating the Airship, Reginald has appeared as a main antagonist in atleast one pathway of the games.
    • However, the main antagonist of the series is simply up to debate.
  • He is the only main character that wears gloves.
  • He dies in almost every single CtM pathway where he is the leader, except for the Stickmin Space Resort and Toppat Recruits endings.
  • He is one of the four characters that wear multiple hats with the others being Sir Wilford IV, Herb Stokes and Peter Maryville.
  • Reginald's age is unknown, but he is heavily implied to be older than Henry because of his long brown mustache and experience leading the clan (most likely around 20-30), and the fact that Henry is 28 during Fleeing the Complex.
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