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If you were looking for the article about the ending in Completing the Mission, then see Master Bounty Hunter.

Relentless Bounty Hunter is one of the four different endings to Infiltrating the Airship.

Its auxiliary ending is "Rapidly Promoted Executive", sharing one single pathway up until the final choice scenario.


The pathway is kicked off by Henry Stickmin choosing to go after Reginald Copperbottom with help of the Cannon Ball.

Charles launches Henry inside the Cannon Ball towards the Cockpit of the Airship. When the ball crashes into the cockpit, it completely knocks out Thomas Chestershire and Oldmin with Reginald running away while the Right Hand Man tries to hold Henry off.

  • [X] Laser - Henry fires a laser toward the Right Hand Man, but in the process tosses himself off the airship. Message: Newton's third law: one force is actually two forces, and they, uh, are the same but they're also different. Yeahh...something like that.
  • [X] Thruster - Henry tries to use 2 thrusters on the ball, but the Right Hand Man shoots one of them and the ball goes out of control, tossing Henry into a wall. Message: Yunno, I really expected you to go faster with those thrusters.
  • Chair - Henry uses a motorized chair to chase Reginald, and busts the door after the Right Hand Man moves out of the way.

Henry enters the warehouse behind the cockpit, as the Right Hand Man raises the alarm. A crane operator, Herb Stokes, loading large pieces of coal sees Henry, and prepares to crush him with the coal.

  • [X] Timeout If no option is chosen, Henry doesn't notice the giant piece of coal that falls on him, crushing and possibly killing Henry. Message: Whoa! That thing was COAL-ossal!
  • [X] Spikes - Henry has the ball turn into a giant spike ball, and the spikes causes the ball to stop. The spikes, however, fail to offer any protection against the coal, and Henry and the ball are crushed. Message: I see you went with a defensive move. Good choice.
  • [X] Boost - Henry uses boosters on the ball to get past the coal, but hits a ramp near the door, knocking him out or killing him. Message: Gotta go fast! (oh by the way there's a ramp to the door.)
  • Eject - Henry ejects from the ball just before it is crushed, and knocks down a door.

Henry continues the chase on foot down a hallway. Reginald tries to lose him by remotely shutting down the doors.[1]

  • [X] Timeout - If no option is chosen, Henry slams into a door while running. Message: Ok, Ok! No more quick time events. (How's your head, by the way?)
  • [X] Metal Fist - Henry tries to destroy the door using metal fists, but he manages to only dent the door with the fist, while Henry himself groans in pain. Message: I think it would've been cooler if you turned into a rhino. (Rhinos are difficult to draw [unused in the remastered version]).
  • [X] Warp - Henry warps past the doors, but his mind cannot handle the effects of being warped. He successfully gets to the Clan Leader, but falls to the ground, frozen. Message: Some are not mentally prepared enough for alternate dimensions.
  • Beans - Henry eats a can of beans and farts, which gives him the momentum he needs to make it past the door in time.

Henry goes so fast however he breaks through a walkway and falls to the brig below, to the shock of Dave Panpa, while above him Reginald tries without success to open a door. Henry has to get back up to him.

  • [X] Metal Bend - Henry tries to metal bend a piece of metal on the ground to lift him up, but instead ends up bending the ship engines' joints, causing them to lose power, leading. Message: “You're a bender, Harry.” —Gandalf
  • [X] Robo Pants - Henry tries to wear a pair of mechanical trousers and walks up the wall with them, but once he gets up to the roof he falls Message: You forgot to wear the harness didn't you?
  • Rocket Jump - Henry uses a Rocket Launcher to get up to the platform via "Rocket Jump." This is oddly successful.

Reginald opens the door just in time and the chase continues. In the next room, the Right Hand Man catches up to them again and Henry has to fight him. There are two options. Both activate a minigame with four options on its own:

Option 1: Dirk - This Opens up a Final Fantasy-style screen. Henry has 495 health. From here, there are 4 available options.

  • [X] Fight - Henry attacks the Right Hand Man, dealing a small damage to him, though he then bombs and kills Henry. Message: Out of all those options you chose Fight? How boring.
  • [X] Blitz - Henry uses Suplex and removes 645 health from the Right Hand Man successfully, but is killed by the Right Hand Man with a chain gun and 1337 damage. Message: I thought for sure that would've done it.
  • [X] Magic - Henry calls for magic for one turn. The Right Hand Man casts Reflect on himself. Henry then casts fire on him, which was reflected back at Henry, killing him. Message: Gee, that.. BackFIREd. (10/10 jokes here folks)
  • Tools - Henry dons a white hockey mask and mauls the Right Hand Man to death with a chainsaw.

Option 2: Yo-Yo - This opens up an Earthbound-style game screen. Henry has 495 health and 98 PP. From here, there's also 4 available options.

  • [X] Bash - Henry strikes the Right Hand Man with a Yo-Yo, dealing small damage, but Right Hand Man creates a shockwave that kills Henry. Message: What did you expect hitting him with a yo-yo would do?
  • [X] PSI - Henry uses PSI Flash which makes the Right Hand Man start crying, but causes the Right Hand Man to fire a machine gun at him, killing Henry. Message: I’d be crying if you flashed me too.
  • [X] Defend - Henry defends himself, but the Right Hand Man violently lashes out at Henry, killing him. Message: “The best offense is a good defense.” -Somebody Unsuccessful
  • Goods - Henry fires a Multi-Bottle rocket and kills the Right Hand Man.

Henry, after killing the Right Hand Man, walks into a room with a massive gap in front of him (how Reginald crossed this gap is not shown).

  • [X] Jet Boots - Henry uses Jet Boots to get across, but the boots were too heavy, he stops mid-flight, and he falls into the gap. Message: JetBoots production notes: find lighter material to construct boots out of
  • [X] Beef Up - Henry swallows some Beef Up, and his legs gain considerable strength, but they later explode from possible pressure. Message: BeefUp! See results in up to eight seconds!
  • Glider - Henry gets across the gap using a Glider, and proceeds to chase the Clan Leader.

Finally, Henry captures Reginald in the cargo bay. He opens the bay doors to bring his captive to the waiting helicopter. However Reginald, impressed by Henry's achievement, surrenders the airship and leadership of the clan to Henry.

Now Henry has to choose between taking the offer, or continuing his mission. There are four choices, two for each path Henry can take from here.

See Rapidly Promoted Executive for if Henry accepts the offer.

If Henry does not accept the offer, his options are:

  • [X] Parachute - Henry jumps out with a parachute, holding Reginald. However, when the parachute opens Reginald slips out of his hand, and falls to his death on the ground. Message: Butterfingers.[2]
  • Tank - Henry forces Reginald inside the tank and drives out of the airship while under attack. Charles chases the free-falling tank to the ground. The Tank lands and both live.

Henry turns in Reginald to the military, and Charles provides him with a pardon document signed by president Jefferson Smithsonian. The game ends with Henry driving off into the desert with his tank.[3]



Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Recruited"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme for Infiltrating the Airship (Remastered)
🎧 "Grim Melancholy"
HonorOfStyle Opening theme for Infiltrating the Airship (Flash)
🎧 "TCP - Elevator Music"
tijnn "Look out for a guy in a big plastic ball-- no, no, I'm serious." (Flash)
🎧 "Psychosis"
i9incher Main theme for Henry's pursuit of Reginald Copperbottom.
🎧 "The Decisive Battle"
Nobuo Uematsu The Dirk battle theme. It is taken directly from Final Fantasy VI. (Flash)
🎧 "The Conclusive Battle"
Ockeroid The Dirk battle theme. It is based off of "The Decisive Battle". (Remastered)
🎧 "Sanctuary Guardian"
Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka The Yo-Yo battle theme. It is taken directly from Earthbound. (Flash)
🎧 "The Right Hand Man Attacks"
PuffballsUnited The Yo-Yo battle theme. It is based off of "Sanctuary Guardian" (Remastered)
[1] "Danger Wise"
Kman Played when Henry catches Reginald Copperbottom in the Cargo Bay, (Flash)
[2]"Grab Him"

PuffballsUnited Played when Henry catches Reginald Copperbottom in the Cargo Bay (Remastered)
🎧 "Forgotten Worlds (Remas)"
CDPrMusic/Nightsung Ending theme for the route.


  • The Yo-Yo option says "The Right Hand Man attacked!", but he doesn't move first. If an enemy attacks you, they'd be first to attack in EarthBound.
  • It is unclear how the Government is able to legally arrest Reginald Copperbottom since at the start of the game Captain Galeforce clearly told Henry they had no evidence of the Toppats being criminals, and thus couldn't lock him up. Though it could be implied that Reginald was forced to tell the Government everything about the Toppats.



  1. If the code wass entered in the keypad, Henry will go into a room and will get the Biggol Sword, leading to 'Biggol Sword' achievement.
  2. If the word fingers is clicked, it will lead to Buttery Snack Achievement.
  3. Clicking on the sun during the ending will lead to "braaagghh" achievement.
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