Revenged is one of the sixteen endings in Completing the Mission and the only pathway involving "The Betrayed" ending from Fleeing the Complex.

After being revived and patched up with cybernetic augmentations by Dr. Vinschpinsilstien, Henry takes off to enact his revenge against Reginald Copperbottom for the events of The Betrayed, but must first wage battle with the Right Hand Man, who was augmented with cybernetics as well. This ending shows the fate of the Toppat Clan and the finale to Reginald and Henry's bitter feud.

The ending is set after the Rapidly Promoted Executive and The Betrayed endings.


Ten hours have passed since Reginald Copperbottom betrayed Henry and left him for dead during his supposed rescue from The Wall. Henry's body is recovered by a scientist named Dr. Vinschpinsilstien. Onboard her ship, she revives Henry and patches him up with a cybernetic spine and left arm.

Seeking vengeance against Reginald, Henry transmutes his cybernetic spine into a jetpack and departs from the hospital ship. Locating the Airship, he ambushes Reginald-- now the reinstated Leader, who is immediately joined by his Right Hand Man, who is now also a cyborg. The two engage in a fight where Henry can:

  • Spirit Forme (fail): In a lengthy battle, narrated in Japanese, Henry summons his spirit, Reference, to help him fight the Right Hand Man, who also has his own spirit called Time in a Bottle[1], which allows him to control time. Reference briefly gains the upper hand by punching the Right Hand Man into an alternate timeline where he never met Henry, and thus was never outfitted with his cybernetic enhancements. But since Time in a Bottle was never attached to his cybernetics, the Right Hand Man uses his spirit to freeze time, before proceeding to draw a gun at Henry's head. (Message: That doesn't seem right, but I don't know enough about anime to dispute it.)
  • Gun Forme (fail): Henry shifts his left arm into an energy Gatling gun, but the Right Hand Man, using super speed, dodges the shots. He maneuvers behind Henry and disintegrates his cybernetic spine with an energy blast. (Message: Not bad, kid... You made me use almost 10% of my power.)
  • Blade Forme: Henry shifts his hand into a lance, while the Right Hand Man transmutes his hand into a colossal blade.

The two engage in a blade battle in the cockpit, with the Right Hand Man initially gaining the upper hand before Henry uses his blade to pierce through the Right Hand Man's cybernetic eye. In the process, Henry's blade breaks. As the two of them are now on the roof of the airship, the Right Hand Man becomes frustrated and prepares an energy ball to decimate Henry for good. Henry can:

  • Absorb (fail): Henry attempts to absorb the energy blast with his hand. He is successful in containing some of the energy ball, but his cybernetic spine can only absorb so much energy before overloading and exploding. (Message: Wow, that's gotta be the Play of the Game.[2])
  • Baseball Bat (fail): Henry shifts his arm into a baseball bat and knocks the energy blast away, much to the Right Hand Man's surprise. However, the blast orbits around the entire Earth once and thus arrives back at the Airship, hitting Henry from behind. (Message: Homerun?)
  • Y-Type Move: Henry's "Big Blast" attack not only counters and penetrates through the Right Hand Man's energy ball, but it creates a gigantic explosion that scorches the Right Hand Man and cripples the airship at the same time. Henry then kicks the immobilized Right Hand Man's crisped body, breaking it apart.

With the damaged airship descending, Henry returns to the cockpit, where he and Reginald fight each other one last time. Overpowering Reginald, Henry can decide what to do with him:

  • Airship (fail): Henry grabs Reginald, flies with him to the Toppat Orbital Station, and holds him until the Airship crashes into them both, resulting in an explosion. (Message: [PogChamp] [PogChamp] [PogChamp])
  • Drop (fail): Henry drops Reginald out of the Airship the same way Reginald dropped Henry. But unbeknownst to Henry, Reginald saves himself with a parachute from his hat and calls for reinforcements to the cockpit. Henry is then gunned down by Hambag, Mac Dandy, and Blueberry. (Message: Wow, his hat has undergone some upgrades!)
  • Staple: Using his cybernetic hand, Henry staples the Toppat Leader to the wall of the doomed aircraft to guarantee his demise.

Reginald retaliates by shooting Henry's cybernetic spine, incapacitating him. With both men stuck on the doomed airship, it crashes into the docked space station at the launch base, destroying both vehicles. Henry ultimately survives the collision and finds Reginald mortally wounded. Reginald concedes defeat before asking Henry if his victory over taking down the Clan was really worth the valiant effort, after which he succumbs to his wounds.

The damage to Henry's critical life-sustaining cybernetics thanks to Reginald's actions is significant, rendering them disabled and unusable. A weakened Henry crawls out of the wreckage and onto the hillside of the jungle, resting alongside a boulder. Looking up into the sky, he finds solace in witnessing Reginald die in front of him, having finally exacted his revenge. His mission completed, Henry passes away for the final time, sitting peacefully on the hillside. [1]


Italics indicate they only appear in this ending. Underlined indicate they only appear in fails in this ending.

List of cinematics


  • This is the only ending in the entire series that ends with Henry's death.
  • This ending, the ending of Breaking the Bank, The Betrayed, Toppat Civil Warfare and Valiant Hero are the only endings that end badly for Henry.
  • Most of the route is viewed in the 21:9 aspect ratio, making this pathway the only true cinematic route in the Henry Stickmin series.
  • When Reginald calls for reinforcements to kill Henry and during the scene when Henry got shot, the view in the 21:9 aspect ratio is gone for some reason as it returns to the original view from the rest of the routes.
  • This is the only ending where the scene doesn't cut to a picture with the name of the ending, but rather the name will appear right before the scene ends.
  • This is the only ending in the entire series where the ending is named with 1 word.
  • This is the only CtM ending with Rapidly Promoted Executive as one of the ItA Ranks that does not contain "Toppat" as the first word.
  • This ending has the shortest confirmed time spent between the end of FtC and the start of CtM, with only about 10 hours passing since TB.
    • Other Endings, such as Capital Gains, have possibilities of being much smaller.
  • This ending has the least fails out of all of the endings in Completing the Mission, with only six. And by extension, this is the only branch in the whole series where Henry dies in every fail.
  • This ending has the most deaths as a result of Reginald saying "us" (which means the entire Toppat Clan)
  • This is the only Rapidly Promoted Executive ending branch where Right Hand Man can be seen without cybernetic enhancements, excluding the flashbacks.
  • This is the only ending that doesn't show "Voices (This Path)" during the credits (along with all the endings in first five games), thus Reese B isn't credited for voicing Dr. Vinschpinsilstien.
    • It also doesn't credit the list of songs used in the pathway, instead just crediting it as Ockeroid.
  • This ending, along with Toppat Civil Warfare and Capital Gains, are the endings with the shortest paths to accomplish in Completing The Mission, with them all having 3 successful options.
  • In Toppat Civil Warfare, it takes 3 days on the airship and the Toppats still never even arrive at the Launch Site, while in this ending it takes merely 10 hours and arrive at the launch site.
  • This is the only route where both Right Hand Man's and Right Hand Man(Reborn's) bio can be unlocked at the same ending.
  • In the picture of the achievement for this ending, it looks like a top hat being burned, probable resembling Reginald's demise.


Link Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Revival"
Ockeroid Opening theme.
🎧 "Da Vinci Overdrive"
Ockeroid Main battle theme for Henry's fight with the Right Hand Man.
🎧 "Bizarre Funk"
Ockeroid Henry's theme for the "Spirit Forme" fail.
🎧 "It is I..."
Ockeroid The Right Hand Man's theme for the "Spirit Forme" fail.
🎧 "Slay of the Game"
Ockeroid Played during the Play of the Game easter egg.
🎧 "Falling"
PuffballsUnited Played during the "Drop" fail. Reused from Fleeing the Complex.
🎧 "Vindicated"
Ockeroid Ending theme.


  1. The Right Hand Man audibly announces his spirit as Time in a Bottle, however, it is subtitled as Bottled Time-- a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure localizations.
  2. Clicking on the blue text that reads "Play of the Game" in the fail message will lead to the "Play of the Game" achievement.
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