Good Cyborg right hand man.png
Rewired Right Hand Man


Game CtM logo.png
Pathway Master Bounty Hunter
Outcome Failure

Rewire is an option in the "Master Bounty Hunter" path in Completing the Mission

After Henry Stickmin manages to subdue the cyborg Right Hand Man with the Cheap Fighting Combo, he proceeds to modify the cybernetics in the Right Hand Man, causing him to switch allegiances to Henry. His red cybernetic eye turns blue to indicate the change.

The two breach into the rocket's cockpit, proceeding to threaten pilot Sven Svensson. Sven however questions the RHM about his allegiance to the man who arrested their former leader, causing him to remember his true allegiance. The RHM switches back to his original programming and proceeds to kick Henry off the launching rocket.

Fail Message

Deep down he is always gonna be a Toppat.
There's no rewiring that.


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