Right Hand Man is a character that appears in Infiltrating the Airship. He is the Toppat Leader's right hand man and is the second most powerful member of the Toppat Clan.


He wears a top hat, just like any other Toppat member. He has white arms (or gloves), black shoes, and a red mustache. He is possibly Spanish. He is seen having a bat and a pistol for his weapons.

Infiltrating the Airship


During the Airship operation, he tries to stop Henry from chasing the Toppat Leader. When Henry crashes into the pilot room with a cannon ball, he tries to fight him but Henry just drives away with a chair in his ball. Then the Right Hand Man orders another Toppat member to stop Henry with the crane, but Henry escapes from that one too. When Henry runs through the door, he intercepts him and jumps in front of him and says: "Now I've got you!" Then they engage in a fight either a Earthbound or Final Fantasy fight sequence and Henry defeats him in the only boss fight the Henry series has ever gotten so far. Afterwards, He falls off a metal bridge.

Rank PBT

In another ending, when Henry crashes the airship, among many other Right Hand Man survives the fall. When Center for Chaos Containment launches the prototype CD, Right Hand Man wants to go and fight Henry, but the Toppat Leader stops him and retreats, which allows Henry to fly away with Toppats' valuable ruby.


In the third ending, Henry uses a force gun to push off two Toppat members out of airship. Then Right Hand man enters into the room and sees Henry with the force gun. He takes a pistol and tries to shoot Henry, but Henry used the force gun at the very last second, taking him to the helicopter with the evidence. As the helicopter drives away, Right Hand Man looks on with worry, saying "Hmm, this could be a problem". 

His arrest is then later seen on TV.