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You've gotta be pretty tired of waking up like this. That's right! It's me. Bet you thought you took me out. Well, nobody gets away from the Toppat Clan. As soon as we got into orbit, I made sure to go down and capture you. Now, enjoy your stay.
― Right Hand Man to Henry Stickmin

The Right Hand Man is a major antagonist in the Henry Stickmin series. He is a high-ranking and powerful member of the Toppat Clan, and is also Reginald Copperbottom's second-in-command. He is extremely loyal to the Toppat Clan. Despite not being the leader in most of his appearances, he is shown to be stronger and braver than Reginald, almost never showing any fear.

After Henry Stickmin arrives on the Airship and the Right Hand Man confronts him, he is either locked up by the Government (GSPI) or fatally injured by Henry (RBH and RPE). In the endings following the events of the latter, he is transformed into a powerful cyborg known as Right Hand Man Reborn, and is now (depending on the route) either the leader of the Toppat Clan or the second in command of either Henry or Reginald.


The Right Hand Man is the secondary antagonist of Infiltrating the Airship, and one of the two secondary antagonists of Completing the Mission alongside Sven Svensson. He is also the optional archenemy of the titular protagonist of the series, Henry Stickmin. According to his bio, nobody knows his real name.

In Infiltrating the Airship, Right Hand Man appears as the secondary antagonist of Government Supported Private Investigator, Relentless Bounty Hunter and Pure Blooded Thief, and the unseen tritagonist of Rapidly Promoted Executive

In Completing the Mission, Right Hand Man appears as the main antagonist of Free Man, Master Bounty Hunter and Capital Gains, and the unseen main antagonist of Little Nest Egg, the secondary antagonist of Stickmin Space Resort and Revenged, the tertiary antagonist of Jewel Baron, Pardoned Pals and Toppat Civil Warfare, the tetartagonist in Toppat King and Toppat Recruits, and the tritagonist of Toppat 4 Life.



The Right Hand Man wears a top hat, just like any other Toppat member, but his is noticeably bigger. He wears black shoes and sports a bright red horseshoe mustache. In The Henry Stickmin Collection, his hair color is turned into a lush tangerine-orange shade.

In his reborn cyborg form, both of his legs have been replaced by robotic legs and cybernetic enhancements were made to both his right arm and left eye. Half his skull is now metal, with a robotic eye that can shoot lasers. He is also able to transmute his limbs into whatever is suited to his needs of the situation, such as turning his legs into jet propellers and his arms into swords.


Aww, now that's cute.
― The Right Hand Man when Henry kicks his leg in a fail

The Right Hand Man's laser eye attack.

The Right Hand Man doesn't really show much personality outside of being a loyal Toppat and a determinant hatred for Henry. His loyalty to the Toppat Clan is so great that even when Henry rewires him as a cyborg to side with him, he will still refuse to help him after some convincing from a fellow Toppat member.

As opposed to Reginald's role as the second in command for Henry, in the pathways Henry becomes the Toppat Leader, the Right Hand Man displays unwavering loyalty to Reginald. Unlike Reginald would to Henry, the Right Hand Man doesn't take opportunities to betray Reginald and also loyally protects him.

In Infiltrating the Airship, when Henry chooses to directly attack with a cannonball to capture Reginald, the Right Hand Man protects him twice by dealing with Henry while he escapes. The first time is when he urges Reginald to escape while he holds off Henry (although this didn't work), and the second is when he intercepts Henry after he reaches a platform of the airship, once again protecting Reginald by fighting Henry and eventually getting defeated and needing cybernetic replacement parts. In the Toppat Civil Warfare pathway when Henry throws Reginald off the ship, the Right Hand Man quickly blasts off to rescue the former leader from plunging to his death, leaving Ellie Rose to deal with Henry (he ends up getting killed as the escape pod Henry and his loyalists are in crashes into him and Reginald).

The Right Hand Man also appears to be loyal to Reginald as a person as much as he is to him as a follower: in the Toppat Civil Warfare pathway, he aids Reginald in overthrowing Henry even though the latter is their current leader by imprisoning those loyal to him.

However, if Henry is the Toppat Leader, the Right Hand Man obeys him and perhaps even respects him, though whether he does to the extent he did with Reginald remains debatable. For example, in the Toppat 4 Life ending after Henry returns to the base with a tank and news of the government aborting their raid on the rocket, he agrees with Reginald in Henry's leadership being beneficial to the clan, indicating a sign of respect. He works effectively with Henry during the Toppat King pathway as well in using his cyborg powers to aid Henry in taking down the government forces. In pathways that have Stickmin as the leader (save for Toppat Civil Warfare), he appears to harbor no grudge against him for defeating him before and resulting in his cyborg appearance, although he would normally go after Henry in the Free Man and Master Bounty Hunter pathways for this reason. He also does not appear to attempt to betray Henry on his own will, unless Reginald does, despite being able to take over the Toppat clan with ease (how easy he killed Henry is seen in Toppat Civil Warfare during the Good Gents fail). This is most likely due to the fact like Reginald, he is loyal to the Toppat Clan as a whole rather than interested for personal power, and despite what Henry did to him and the fact he can easily get payback, he most likely continues following Henry out of either respect, self-duty of loyalty, or trust. However, their interactions as allies are very limited, having only one option where they combine their abilities to take out Government officials. At the end of Toppat 4 Life, he agrees to Reginald about Henry's protection of the clan, despite the fact both him and Reginald could have easily betrayed Henry who already got rid of the government invasion, taken back the leadership, and launched into space.

He is incredibly serious, especially during combat. This is shown that he is willing to counterattack during a Mario & Luigi style move in the Capital Gains route and not wasting a second shooting a laser at Henry and Ellie when they're carrying gold to their purse. Though he's not above posing or flashing off whenever he feels like it. He sometimes gets cocky when he expects he can easily win a fight or take someone down, as he gives Henry "one shot" in Master Bounty Hunter, which Henry abuses to defeat him with repeated fighting combos.

In fact, he only sometimes shows any extreme emotion in the series. Although he does get frustrated from time to time, such as when Henry is after the Emerald, Henry broke out of his cell, etc. most of his behavior is confident or serious. He is never seen laughing, panicking, or getting energetic anywhere in the series. The closest he gets out of his serious demeanour is disbelief, such as when he witnesses Henry simply surrender to the Wall without a fight or when Henry charges in the battlefield and gets gunned from behind (his facial expression change is noticeable as even his eyebrows raise to a position they rarely do), or amusement (when Henry attempts to sweep his legs in the Free Man ending). He takes his role as Toppat leader or right-hand man very seriously like Reginald, albeit showing more courage and determination. He does mock Henry and asserts his dominance as a cyborg but these are very momentary exchanges (ex. "Aww, that's cute", "That's not going to help you.", "You should have stayed in your cell", "On your feet, heh, I'll give you one shot.", "Nothing personnel, kid"), and he never shows any pride or hubris.

He also appears to be very patient and doesn't anger quickly unless the subject is a Government official or Henry (if he is stealing the ruby or Right Hand Man is after him for revenge). When the train crashed in the Capital Gains ending, he immediately went to the crash site and confronted Henry and Ellie (although he lost very quickly). In Stickmin Space Resort, he shows no anger or disbelief in the fact Kayn West accidentally let Henry into the base without checking him first for his membership. One of the only times he does display some irritation with his minions is in the Free Man path when Henry escapes his cell and begins gunning down the guards. Although in this case, his irritation is very short and not confrontational, he makes no effort to come to the guards' aid as he did for Mr. Macbeth, although the reason might be because Mr. Macbeth is a luxury and important member while the guards are generally incompetent, such as leaving the armory open. The only other time he shows irritation is also in the same path, whenever Burt Curtis alerts him with some problem Henry has caused. After Henry breaks a solar panel, the Right Hand Man is heard yelling at Burt.

He's also very dedicated in his life as a Toppat Clan member. Unlike Reginald who simply sighs off his imprisonment in reluctance, the Right Hand Man appears agitated.


His typical weaponry consists of a metal baseball bat (which is in a rugged state, presumably from consistent use) and a pistol.

In his cyborg form, he can transform his right arm into many different weapons such as a laser blaster and a sword. In addition, he's able to use his cybernetic eye for remote communication with other Toppats and to shoot laser beams. His robotic legs are also able to turn into a jet propeller which allows him to fly. He owns a Spirit called Time in a Bottle. He is able to crack solid rock in half with his bare hands in this form,[1] and is durable enough to survive being smashed through an entire space station by a drop pod.[2] And lastly, his cybernetic enhancements allow him to survive in vacuum environments.


Henry Stickmin

Like Henry and Reginald, their relationship varies between pathways. Sometimes they like each other, but most of the time, they hate each other. They don't interact in paths where Henry is allied with the Government.

In the Relentless Bounty Hunter/Rapidly Promoted Executive path, and all its CtM paths, Henry defeats the Right Hand Man in RPE/RBH route, the Right Hand Man was reborn into a cyborg. Afterward, Right Hand Man reborn began a vengeance against Henry, he was thinking to kidnap Henry after the rocket's takeoff, and actually kidnapped him at the start of the Free Man path.

In the Rapidly Promoted Executive path, and all its CtM paths, he's glaring at Henry with sedimentation showing his anger towards Henry. This is even further revealed in the Revenged path where Right Hand Man is hostile towards him which shows the giant grudge Right Hand Man has held. He even goes as far as trying to kill Henry. In the paths Toppat King and Toppat 4 Life, after Henry have proved to Reginald he can be the leader, he decided to give up his anger to him and accept him as a good Toppat Clan leader.

In the Pure Blooded Thief path, and all its CtM paths, the two still don't interact much, but since Henry tried to stole the Ruby, they're enemies. An exception to this is the Toppat Recruits route, where the Toppat Clan allow Henry and Ellie to join but only if Henry promises to return the Ruby.

Burt Curtis

In the Free Man pathway, Right Hand Man is the leader of the Toppats, so Burt respects and obeys him. It's clear Burt is annoyed when Right Hand Man yells at him, remarking, "Don't need to get snippy about it." However, later, when the power goes out, Right Hand Man is seen behind Burt, who was confused as to what Henry had to do with him.

Reginald Copperbottom

The Right Hand Man and Reginald are close friends, as the two trust each other. In ItA’s RBH/RPE path, Right Hand Man protects Reginald, he takes on Henry by himself just so Reginald can run away safely. In the RBH paths of CtM, he wants to hunt down and capture Henry for getting Reginald arrested. Considering that he wanted revenge, it’s clear that they did care about each other.

Right Hand Man is also the only person to call Reginald something other than “Chief” or “The Leader”, as he calls him Reg (Short for "Reggie"). In Toppat Civil Warfare, when Reginald tells the clan that Henry isn't worthy of being the leader, Right Hand Man instantly sides with Reginald instead of the current leader, and even jumps off the airship to save him.

Geoffrey Plumb

They don't interact that much, but they are enemies in Toppat Civil Warfare. He has had enough of Geoffrey when he said Henry is still the Toppat leader instead of Reginald.


  • Infiltrating the Airship: He's the Toppat chief's Right Hand. Nobody knows his true name.
  • Completing the Mission (Non-cyborged ver, [Right Hand Man]): He still serves as Reginald's number two. His extreme loyalty is what a Toppat member should strive for.
  • Completing the Mission (Cyborg ver, [Right Hand Man Reborn]): His defeat by Henry left him in bad shape. Cybernetic surgery brought him back, stronger than ever before.
  • Completing the Mission (Rewired ver, [Right Hand Man Blue]): He's been rewired to protect Henry at all costs. The Toppat loyalty is so deep. Can it really be completely removed?


Infiltrating the Airship

Government Supported Private Investigator

  • "What's going-?!"
  • "Hmm... This could be a problem."

Relentless Bounty Hunter/Rapidly Promoted Executive

  • "Go! Go! I'll hold him off!"
  • "Come on then!"
  • "Everyone listen up, we've got a security alert."
  • "Keep a lookout for a guy in a big plastic ball."
  • ”No, I'm serious."
  • "Now I've got ya."

Pure Blooded Thief

  • "There he is, he's got the ruby!"

Completing the Mission

Toppat King

  • "It's wondering when you'd show up"
  • "Time's up. Let's do this."
  • "We gotta hurry."
  • "C'mon, we gotta go."

Free Man

  • "You've gotta be pretty tired of waking up like this."
  • "That's right. It's me! Bet you thought you took me out..."
  • "Well nobody gets away from the Toppat Clan."
  • "As soon as we got into orbit, I made sure to go down and capture you."
  • "Now..."
  • "Enjoy your stay."
  • "I need an update on that Henry situation."
  • "*sigh*"
  • "Do I gotta do everything around here?"
  • "'Ello."
  • "You shoulda stayed in your cell..."
  • "Aww, now that's cute."
  • "That's not going to help you."
  • "Impressive. But that's not-"
  • "There you are."
  • "Huh?!"
  • "Yeah, I know! I'm dealing with it!"
  • "Ugh."
  • "Where'd he go?!"
  • "You don’t say..."
  • "What!?"
  • "Oi! Get outta there!"

Stickmin Space Resort

  • "*Sigh* I'll take care of this."
  • "Not on my watch!"
  • "Huh."

Jewel Baron

  • "Oh no you don't!"
  • "Hey Reg? Yeah, I found that intruder."
  • "Hang on a minute..."
  • "This is the guy who stole our ruby."
  • "And now he's trying to steal our emerald!"
  • "With pleasure."

Little Nest Egg

  • "Eh, forget it. Come back. Takeoff's more important."

Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits

  • "Huh? Hold it!"
  • "You're not Toppats!"

Master Bounty Hunter

  • "Keep the door secure."
  • "RAgghhh!"
  • "Hang on."
  • "You!"
  • "I see you, Henry!"
  • "I was going to hunt you down once we got set up."
  • "But now you just fell right into my lap."
  • "Go on, on your feet."
  • "Heh, I'll give you one shot."
  • "Uuaaghhhh!"
  • "Ngh. My c-c-c-yber-neti-"
  • "Noooooo."
  • "Henry!"
  • "We gotta put a stop to these Toppats. Come on."
  • "Hold it."
  • "The Toppats are finished."
  • "You're not going anywhere."
  • "Stand back, Henry."
  • "I'II take care of this guy."

Toppat Civil Warfare

  • "Take any loyalists to the brig."
  • "I've had enough of this!"

Capital Gains

  • "I'm on the way!"
  • "Oi!"
  • "This doesn't belong to you!"
  • "What're you doing?!"
  • "What an idiot."
  • "Enough!"


  • "Time for a li'l payback."
  • "Nothing personnel, kid."
  • "Oh? I see you have a Spirit."
  • "Hmm... I heard Reference packs quite the punch."
  • "As long as I can avoid his attacks I'll be fine."
  • "Bottled Time!"
  • "You didn't think I had a spirit too?"
  • "Bottled Time absorbs the sands of time as I keep it activated."
  • "One turn of the bottle and I can slow time at will!"
  • "It's the ultimate Spirit!"
  • "Oh?"
  • "You think your wimpy fist is enough to knock me out?"
  • "What is... Happening?"
  • "Impossible. What happened to my augmentations?"
  • "You utter fool!"
  • "Did you think my Spirit was connected to my augmentations?"
  • "I had it activated the whole time."
  • "I was able to collect enough sands of time to completely freeze time!"
  • "Now..."
  • "DIE!"
  • "Heh heh heh."
  • "Time to finish you off..."
  • "You... You..."
  • "I'm gonna delete you!"


See Right Hand Man/Gallery.


  • The Right Hand Man is one of the most popular and well-known characters in the Henry Stickmin series, with series creator PuffballsUnited citing him as his favorite character overall.
  • While nearly all characters are given a name in their in-game biographies provided in the remastered version, the Right Hand Man remains nameless. His bio even states that nobody knows his real name.
  • He is the only character to be seen inside Burt Curtis’ room, besides Burt himself.
  • In the remasters, he has a dark red mustache in ItA, and an orange one in CtM.
  • He is the most fought character in the whole series, being fought a total of 6 times, once in ItA and 5 times in CtM. Of all CtM routes, he is one time as a human and 4 times as a cyborg.
  • He is fought in every pathway in which he is the leader, with the exception of Little Nest Egg where he does not appear.
  • The Toppat King path is the only path where he helps Henry, due to Henry being the Toppat Clan leader. In other paths he either tries to kill Henry or does not show up during that path.
  • When asked on Discord if Right Hand Man was still dead or already revived during the events of Fleeing the Complex, Puffballs responded with: ''is he ever really dead?'' which means that Right Hand Man could have survived being defeated by Henry in Relentless Bounty Hunter/Rapidly Promoted Executive.
  • PuffballsUnited has confirmed that Right Hand Man has a Cockney accent, while Reginald has a British accent.


  1. "Harden" fail during the Cafeteria section in the Free Man path in CtM. RHM is able to chop Henry's head clean in half with his bare hand after he turns to rock.
  2. This happens during the end of the Free Man path in CtM. Note that he does sustain major damage after this, but still survives and makes it back to the station.

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