The ruby

A giant ruby is one of the treasures that the Toppat Clan keeps in their possession. It appears in Infiltrating the Airship during the Grapple Gun scenario. It is at least as big as the Tunisian Diamond.

Role in the plot

The Ruby is located in the vault of the Airship. When Henry sneaks into the Airship with the Grapple Gun in his attempt to bring down the Toppat Clan, he spots the Ruby while traveling through a series of ventilation ducts. This prompts him to abandon his mission and try to steal the ruby instead. He breaks into the vault, and shrinks the Ruby so he can carry it around, but is caught in the act by Geoffrey when he leaves the vault and sets off an alarm. After the military notices and shoots down the airship, Henry steals a flying Powered Armor from a CCC agent and flies off with his new prize.