The Shovel is the first option in Breaking the Bank and one of the evidences that can be presented during the trial in Escaping the Prison.

Breaking the Bank

Henry finds a shovel and digs a tunnel into the ground, in order to reach the bank vault by going below it. The tunnel leads to an underground subway. He falls right on the railroad and soon gets hit by an oncoming train in extreme speed.

Escaping the Prison

The same shovel is an item serving as evidence that Phoenix Wright (Henry's lawyer) can present to the Judge in order to defend Henry during his trial. However, it is one of failure evidences. After Wright presents it he says: "Take that!". The Judge replies "What is this?". Wright says that it's evidence but Judge doesn't see how it proves anything, after Wright says "Well, I was just joking...". The Judge says "There's no time for jokes". He pronounces Henry Guilty.


  • The Legend of Zelda: Henry holds up the shovel in a similiar way as Link does.