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Sneaky Escapist, originally named the Sneaky Ending in the flash version of the game, is one of three endings to the game Escaping the Prison.

It is the middle ground of EtP, being harder than "Lawyered Up" but much easier than "Badass Bust Out".


Retrieving a File from the mysterious cake Henry received from the guards, he locates two ports of exit from the cell.

  • [X] Window - Henry saws off a metal bar obstructing the window opening. He climbs into the opening, but then falls to his death outside the prison. (Message: Protip: Look before you leap.)
  • Cell Door - A metal bar which makes up part of the cell door is sawed off by Henry using the file.

Henry leaves his cell while holding the bar, alerting Rupert Price. The police officer then charges at the escaping prisoner, leaving Henry little time to act:

  • [X] Timeout - Rupert kicks Henry to the ground. (Message: You've got the reflexes of a statue... Hint: You can defend yourself by tapping the alert.)
  • Click! (left) - Henry uses the metal bar to whack Rupert down to the ground.

Dave Panpa is also alerted.

  • [X] Timeout - Dave uses his taser on Henry, which causes him to drop the metal bar. (Message: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you! There's another guard coming!)
  • Click! (right) - Henry uses the metal bar to attack Dave before he is able to use his taser on him.

With both police officers down and out, Henry heads to the elevator, but two police officers (Str8 Shoota and Carlos Burdt) who were already on it notice him escaping. Henry then locks himself in a closet, where he finds two objects:

  • [X] Belt of Grenades - Pulling off a grenade from the bandolier, Henry briefly opens the door and chucks it at the officers, intending on blowing them up. However, the grenade bounces back into the closet before Henry closes the door, and explodes. (Message: Uhh... I don't even know what to say about that one...)
  • Chair - Henry uses a chair to enter a vent above him. The vent is two-way.
    • [X] Left - Crawling to the left, Henry overhears several police officers in a meeting about more donuts. Soon after, the underside of the vent collapses, bringing Henry right into the meeting. The officers immediately apprehend him. (Message: Fatty.)
    • Right - Crawling to the right, Henry is able to reach the roof of the prison.

Henry locates a wooden crate on the roof. Inside, he finds a tool which would help him escape from the high-rise penitentiary.

  • [X] Rope - Henry uses a rope to descend to the ground, but the friction between his bare hands and the rope eventually rope burns him and Henry drops to the ground. He is able to survive the landing, but is soon killed when he is struck by a speeding money truck. (Message: This seems awfully familiar...)
  • [X] Parachute - Henry straps on the parachute and drops from the building. When he attempts to deploy it, all that comes out are a bunch of random objects. Falling flat on the sand, Henry survives, but is immediately killed when a bowling ball stored in the "parachute" slams into his head. (Message: I think that was just a regular backpack. See what happens when you assume?)
  • [X] Jetpack - Henry attempts to use the jetpack to fly out of the prison, but the engines initially shorten out. After an initial fail screen, the jetpack begins to propel Henry into the air. However he is unable to control his course, and ends up crash-landing in the exact same cell he was locked up in while the bar is being replaced. (Message: It takes many hours of Jetpack training before you're able to operate one.)[1]
  • Plungers - Using a twin set of plungers, Henry is able to scale down the wall of the prison safely and stealthily.

Now a free man, Henry runs off into the sunset, and far away from the prison he once was locked up in.


"Oi, you!"

"You're free to go."

"*Laughing* Not really."

"But you've got a package."

"Don't get your hopes up."

"We've already checked it for anything useful. Haven't we, Dave?"

"What the-!?"


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.

Underlined indicate they only appear in fails in this pathway.



Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Locked Up"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme to Escaping the Prison.
🎧 ""ParagonX9"
Elation Ending theme for the route. (remastered)
🎧 ""Darkest Shadow"
ZeRo-BaSs Ending theme for the route. (flash version)


  1. Fake fail message: "Wow... That was the lamest thing I've ever seen. The animator must have gotten REALLY lazy or something. I mean honestly that was probably the dumbest FAIL I've seen in this entire movie! So anyway, what do you think about the movie so far? Enjoying it? It's taken quite a while, and as I'm typing this it has yet to be completed. I doubt you'll be able to read this far down unless you figure out a way to pause or do some other sneaky thing. Laaaammmeee!" In the remastered version, the old fail sound still plays on the fake fail, and every time it said "movie", it gets replaced with "game".
Breaking the Bank

The Story Begins

Escaping the Prison

Sneaky Escapist Lawyered Up Badass Bust Out

Stealing the Diamond

Intruder on a Scooter Just Plain Epic Unseen Burglar

Infiltrating the Airship

Government Supported Private Investigator Pure Blooded Thief Relentless Bounty Hunter Rapidly Promoted Executive

Fake: Lightning Quick Larcenist

Fleeing the Complex

Ghost Inmate Convict Allies Presumed Dead International Rescue Operative The Betrayed

Completing the Mission

Toppat King Cleaned 'em Out Stickmin Space Resort Little Nest Egg Special BROvert Ops Master Bounty Hunter Jewel Baron Valiant Hero Free Man Revenged Toppat Civil Warfare Pardoned Pals Toppat Recruits Capital Gains Toppat 4 Life Triple Threat

Secret: Multiverse Correction

Easter Egg

During the end credits for the Sneaky Escapist" pathway, Shoop da Whoop is hidden in the sun. Clicking the sun reveals his face, after which he fires a laser at the fleeing Henry Stickmin, and died, having the Achievement "BRAAAGH!". There will appear the "Next" button which leads to Stealing the Diamond episode.