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Special BROvert Ops is one of the sixteen endings in Completing the Mission.

Out of The Wall with the help of Charles, the duo are sent to deal with the Toppat Clan once more to prevent them from going to space.

This pathway is selecting by choosing "Government Supported Private Investigator" & "International Rescue Operative" as starting points in the Endings Hub.


Having escaped from The Wall, Henry and Charles arrive at Dogobogo Jungle in the chopper. General Galeforce welcomes them and brings them up to speed with their problem - The remaining Toppats built a rocket at the Toppat Launch Site and are planning to go to space to set up a space station, which would render them helpless against Toppats if the launch succeeds. Since Henry and Charles worked well together when they brought down the Toppats' Airship division, the general figures they would be the best candidates for the mission. Even though Henry doesn't owe the government anything, the General promises to return the favor somehow.

Henry and Charles arrive at the Toppat Launch Site via helicopter, where Henry jumps out and lands next to a SAM Turret. Charles reports a lock-on and demands Henry to somehow avert the situation:

  • Stomp (Fail): Henry stomps on the Turret, which slumps down and fires at him instead. Message: Saved ya, Charles!
  • Panel (Fail): Henry opens the wire panel and rips the sentry's wires. However, it somehow launches all its missiles. Charles refuses to believe this and, in an attempt to verify this bizarre occurrence, does not perform evasive manuvers. His chopper is promptly destroyed. Message: That kinda seems like the opposite thing to do.
  • Cupcake (Fail): Henry unwraps and eats a cupcake while the turret wrecks Charles' chopper. Message: Worth.
  • Drawing: Henry draws a cloud and hovers it above the turret's sensor before it could fire, disrupting its lock-on.

Charles thanks Henry for whatever he did. An announcement is made by the Toppats that the rocket would be launching soon and for everyone to get onboard. Charles needs to get Henry onboard by using one of three things:

  • JetPod (Fail): Charles sends in a JetPod, which falls straight down and crushes Henry. Message: Hey its your uber driver here...Am outside
  • Invisible Bridge (Fail): Charles teleports an invisible bridge next to Henry. However, he does not inform Henry of its location, and Henry falls to his death. Message: Oh no no no, he didn't put it THERE, silly.
  • Trapeze: Charles drops a trapeze swing attached to the helicopter, allowing Henry to grab on and swing into the entrance of the rocket.

The rocket entrance closes as Henry rolls into the Storage Bay. Two Toppats mention how they think of their new leader. Charles noticed that it seemed like every member of the Toppat Clan is there, and he needs Henry to go to the Engine Room without being seen. Charles can help by using one of three things:

  • TV Broadcast (Fail): Charles sets up a huge TV screen under the helicopter. The TV can be seen from a window with subtitles, so the Toppat members can enjoy the comedy show. Unfortunately, Henry also gets distracted by it and everyone notices him laughing. Message: What? It's a good show, Brant.
  • Subsonic Wave (Fail): Charles is about to emit a subsonic wave that can stun anybody that hears it, so he tells Henry to cover his ears. However, Henry is also killed by the wave. Message: Must've had it set it to 11.
  • Remote Toppat: Charles hacks the Topbot and orders it to breakdance. Henry sneaks into the engine room with the distraction.

Once there, Henry has to somehow damage the Engine. Henry can do three things:

  • Wrench (Fail): Henry tries to damage the engine by hitting it with a wrench, but it somehow upgrades the engine to a stronger, more efficient one, allowing the rocket to be able to launch early, to the confusion of Charles. Message: And that was only a level TWO engine!
  • Power Button (Fail): Henry pushes the OFF button, but it does nothing to the engine and instead fires a laser, destroying Charles' chopper. Message: Everyone knows 'Off' stands for Offense.
  • Red Herring: Henry throws a red herring into the vents of the engine, causing it to receive severe damage, delaying the launch.

Henry exits the Engine Room and enters the Hall of Leaders, which leads to the Cockpit. Charles says that if he can find a way to lock everybody inside via the cockpit, the government can make their arrests with ease. Henry has to cross without being noticed. He can do three things:

  • Painting Portal (Fail): Henry enters a painting portal of a portrait of Jaques Kensington, a previous leader. Henry then lands on a platform with the former leader standing on it. Kensington quickly shoots Henry, automatically killing him. Message: Gotta collect more of those extra life mushrooms.
  • Bug Juice (Fail): Henry inserts bug juice into himself, turning him into a fly. He flies across to the cockpit, only for the bug juice to quickly wear off midway, causing him to fall. Message: Hmm. I guess it only lasts for an hour in bug years.
  • Swapper: Henry swaps his location with Red Crimson and quickly enters the cockpit.

Henry is confronted by the Toppat Leader, Sven Svensson, who quickly holds Henry at gunpoint before he recognizes him as the one responsible for the arrests of the Airship division. Charles has a hard time telling if Henry was in trouble but eventually sees that he is. As Sven rants about what he went through to take up leadership and form the rocket plan, Charles can do one of three things to help Henry:

  • Sleep Dart (Fail): Charles launches a sleep dart from his helicopter, but the dart fails to penetrate the canopy. Message: Hm. Sturdy glass.
  • IR Sniper (Fail): Charles attempts to use an Infrared-scoped sniper rifle as he can easily see who the bad guy was through the sniper's scope. Unfortunately, Charles loses control of his helicopter as he was taking aim, and eventually crashes, while Sven angrily rants at Henry for the entire duration. Message: Let's see YOU fire a gun while piloting a helicopter!
  • Horn: Charles whips out and blares a horn from the chopper, which startles Sven, who drops his gun. Henry knocks him out in the ensuing melee and locks all the rocket's gates, trapping the Toppats. Seeing that Henry has secured the rocket, Charles calls for reinforcements.

During the credits, multiple helicopters arrive at the front of the rocket. As Henry is dragging Sven, a Toppat member tries to get Sven via microphone to open the doors so they can run away or at least get their weapons. However, they are arrested without any sweat or bloodshed. Charles comes to greet and congratulate Henry in person, so does General Galeforce. He offers Henry to be enlisted with a promotion along with Charles into Special Covert Ops Agents, allowing Henry to go along with Charles on more missions. Henry presumably accepts, and now he tags along with Charles as partners.


Italics indicate they only appear in this ending.

Underlined indicate they only appear in fails in this ending.


  • This ending has the most screens of any CtM ending, with 6 real screens, tied with Free Man and Toppat King.
    • Of these, Free Man has the most fails, at 15, closely followed by Toppat king at 14 and then Special BROvert Ops at 13.
  • The Cupcake option is a callback of the Cheese option in Stealing the Diamond, as they both involve Henry eating something and accomplishing nothing, leading to a fail.
  • The Subsonic Wave option was used in an April Fools video.
  • The television show streamed is a parody of classic comedy Seinfeld.
  • The Subsonic Wave option's fail message is likely a reference to the 1984 cult mockumentary This is Spinal Tap, which includes a scene where Nigel's amplifier dial goes up to 11, coining the term "up to 11."
  • Despite Galeforce claiming that the Toppats would be impossible to take down, the Valiant Hero ending seems to disprove this, as even after the rocket launch, Charles and Henry managed to destroy the station with a government spaceship.
  • The Toppat Robot, Topbot, was seen in a teaser GIF.
  • The Red Herring option is a reference from the iconic meme where a player with high curiosity will always click on any object hoping to find an item that could help them only for it to be a useless item.
    • It also referenced from another point and click game, "Morningstar", where it counts as a useless item.
    • "Red Herring" itself mean a distraction or diversion from a main goal, which is used to literally delay the rocket launch.
  • This is the only route where you team up with Charles yet he does not attempt to crash his vehicle into anything.
  • The red and green top hat-wearing Italian members of the Toppat Clan, Marty O. and Louie G. (seen from the Diversion option in the Triple Threat route) make a cameo where Louie asks Marty "What do you think of the new leader?" in Italian. They are a direct reference to Mario and Luigi being Italian red and green cap-wearing brothers.
    • Additionally, Louie G's speech patterns share similarity to Luigi's voice clips from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
  • The Painting option is a reference to Super Mario 64; Henry jumps into a painting and enters a level in a similar vein that Mario does. The level he enters is reminiscent of the "Bowser in the Dark World" level, and the Toppat iris shot that appears after Henry is shot and killed is similar to the Bowser iris shot that appears when Mario loses a life.
    • The "extra life mushrooms" in the fail message refers to the 1-UP mushrooms commonly seen in Super Mario games.
  • The Wrench option is a reference to the Engineer class from Team Fortress 2, where hitting friendly buildings with a wrench actually upgrades it instead of destroying it.
  • During the Trapeze scene, Sheriff and The Witch are seen loading a solid-gold cannon onto the rocket. This is a callback from the meeting with Slice from Infiltrating The Airship when some of the clan tasked with designing new weapons discuss the merits and flaws of a solid-gold cannon.
  • The ending music "Mount Regal" was an original track made by PuffballsUnited for no reason in particular, and it was the inspiration for the style of Government Rescue's theme. This is the only reason Mount Regal is the only full-length track in the entire game made by PuffballsUnited.
  • This is the third instance in which Henry teams up with Charles.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Mission Briefing"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme.
🎧 "Topbot"
PuffballsUnited Played during the "Remote Toppat" scene.
🎧 "Kensington's Domain"
PuffballsUnited Played during the "Painting Portal" fail.
🎧 "Mount Regal"
PuffballsUnited Ending theme.


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