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Unique fails 40
Endings 3
Achievements 11 (original version)
10 (Remastered)
Release Date July 8th, 2011
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The Tunisian Diamond is on display in the museum, and it's quite expensive. There are three different ways you can get the diamond and many more ways to fail.

Stealing the Diamond is the third game in the Henry Stickmin Series. It takes place after Escaping the Prison and before Infiltrating The Airship, and is named as Episode 2 of the Henry Stickmin story.


Some time after the events of Escaping the Prison, Henry is now at home. He tunes to a news broadcast on TV, which shows Mayor Gene Fredrickson announcing the grand opening of the new Tunisian Archeological Exhibit inside the National Museum of History and Culture. Within the new exhibit sits the priceless Tunisian Diamond, valued at a whopping $112 million dollars.

Henry is ten days late on rent payments for his house. Seeing the diamond's price tag, he decides to take off for the museum in order to steal the giant gemstone. On the outskirts of the museum, Henry can choose how to breach into the facility:

  • Bust In: Henry, with a motorized scooter, rushes towards the museum and attempts to evade security.
  • Sneak In: Here, Henry can try to go through the wall, or try to reach the roof:

Intro Transcript

Mayor Fredrickson: As the mayor...

Mayor Fredrickson: ... I hereby declare...

Mayor Fredrickson: ... the Tunisian Archeological Exhibit...

Mayor Fredrickson: ... Open!

(The camera pans out from the television, revealing a scrolling bar at the bottom saying "Tunisian Diamond worth up to 112 million dollars." The camera then switches to Henry, who's eyes merge together to form a dollar sign ($).)

Mayor Fredrickson (background): Yes, thank you. Myes.

(Henry picks up his keys, presumably for his scooter, and the camera fades out to black. It fades back in outside the museum, where the first two options appear.)


Main article: Stealing the Diamond medals

The original release of Stealing the Diamond had 11 medals. For the remastered version, one was removed, and two were replaced by new ones.


Pop Culture References

  • The Lolwut Pear Portrait is a reference to the meme of the same name.
  • The Mah Boi Portrait is also a reference to a meme that originates from Link: The Faces of Evil.
  • Another portrait seems to be based on Leonidas from the film 300.
  • Yet another portrait features Zeus, the god of sky and thunder.
  • There is a sculpture of a stick figure holding an apple in their hand. This refers to the sculpture of Greek goddess Hera.
  • The term "D6" is referring to the dice roll from the tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons. The achievement's name, however, is based on the song "Like a G6" by Far East Movement.
  • The Falcon Punch is referring to the famous move done by Captain Falcon from the F-Zero game franchise.
  • The Portal Gun is the weapon from the hit FPS puzzle game Portal. However, it was changed in the Remastered version as Wormhole Gun to avoid any copyrights.
  • tl;dr is internet slang for "Too long; didn't read".
  • The failure screen for Laser Cutter is a nod to the famous Y U No Guy meme.
  • The Hammer option is a reference to SpongeBob episode Artist Unknown, where SpongeBob creates a sculpture with just one tap of a hammer.
  • The fail sequence for Snap Neck is a reference to the popular webcomic Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, where Hella Jeff warns Sweet Bro about stairs.
  • During the part where the officers chase Henry, stars appear at the top of the screen just like the Wanted Level indicator from the Grand Theft Auto series.
  • When the snipe shooter guns down Henry, he utters a direct quote from a Sniper from Team Fortress 2. The fail message, however, refers to the "BOOM! Headshot!" meme from the web series Pure Pwnage.
  • The Sticky Grenade is a homage to the plasma grenades from the Halo franchise.
  • The Bubble is a reference to the Water Bubble from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • The way the officer kills Henry when he bribes him or does nothing is similar to the slow-motion scenes from The Matrix.
  • The Jumble Hoppers from the game Pilotwings make an appearance.
  • The worm in the Shrink Ray scene belts out Dio Brando's victory screech from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure arcade game, which is a popular meme.
  • When the pterodactyl whisks one of the guards into the air, he belts out a Wilhelm scream.
  • Music from The Neverhood is heard when Henry reads the Liquidficator instructions.
  • When using the Pick, the wall is mined in a vein similar to that of the sandbox game Minecraft.
    • A Creeper appears behind Henry, which is an enemy from the same game.
  • In the retro gaming room, there are a few things referencing gaming:
    • There is a portrait of "No U Luigi". It is a reference to an obscure meme based on a scene from the game Hotel Mario.
    • There is apparently a Metroid in the room, which is a creature from the game series of the same name.
    • There is an Item Box from the Mario Kart series and what seems to be a Spiny Shell (though colored green as opposed to the usual blue).
    • Another Item in the room is a Crowbar which, when attempting to obtain it, causes some Headcrabs to fall from the Half-Life series.
    • An item in the room is a Pokeball, an item used to trap the titular monsters in the game series Pokémon. Henry also sends out MissingNo, a creature that can glitch up the game when encountered, hence why the scene begins to bug out.
      • When using the item, it enters a battle reminiscent of Pokemon FireRed .
      • It was later changed to Goodball to avoid any copyright strike in the Remastered version.
    • A reference to the Super Mario series is present in the form of the Super Mushroom.
  • The blue error screen from Windows 95 computers makes an appearance,
  • When confronting the corporal, the General mentions that the chaos level is over 9. This is a reference to the Over 9000 quote from the English dub of the anime series Dragon Ball Z, which has become a popular meme.
  • When the corporal says "pressing situation", he puts on sunglasses, referencing the Horatio joke in CSI: Miami. Even the show's theme song, "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who, is heard on an off-screen television. (The song was removed from the remake to avoid copyright violations)
  • If you use the satellite button, a satellite turns out to have a Shoop da Woop face pasted on it.
    • Another of these references the "divide by 0" meme.
    • Yet another of these references the nukes from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • When Henry runs away from the robot in slow motion, Craig Armstrong's "Escape," from the Plunkett & Macleane soundtrack plays.
  • After entering the museum via the Pickaxe to get inside, there is an image of Adolf Hitler smacking his fist on the desk with the title reading "Angry Hitler". This is a reference to the Hitler Downfall Parodies, and Downfall (Originally Der Untergang) itself, the film it originated from.


  • This was originally planned to be the last game of the Henry Stickmin series, so as to "round out the trilogy".
  • The description of the medal entitled "01100010", which says "6d 69 73 73 69 6e 67 63 6f 0d 0a" is actually an ASCII code, which deciphers to "M I S S I N G N O".
    • However, the title is a seemingly random string of binary code, and translates to nothing.
  • In the Goodball scene, multiple error windows showed up, one of which is entitled "Seekrit 1nf0" and says "pResS teh SsuNnn in snEEky EnDin". 
  • After the Goodball scene ends, the FAIL screen shows up with a binary code that says "FEAR MISSINGNO".
  • One of the picture during the Super Mushroom scene after Henry getting hit by the cannon ball is a reference from Puffballs United's Oblivion character, Gilnar the Grate.
  • The word "Stealing" has a ninja headband which implies Henry will sneak, but Unseen Burglar is the only part where Henry is sneaky.
  • This is the only Henry Stickmin game (not counting Completing the Mission and its various endings) where Henry is not the first Character seen. In this case, the first character shown is Mayor Fredrickson.
  • A few prototype sketches of this game were posted online by PuffballsUnited.




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