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Unique fails 40
Endings 3
Achievements 11 (original version)
10 (Remastered)
Release Date July 8th, 2011
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The Tunisian Diamond is on display in the museum, and it's quite expensive. There are three different ways you can get the diamond and many more ways to fail!

Stealing the Diamond is the third game in the Henry Stickmin series.

It takes place after Escaping the Prison and before Infiltrating The Airship, and is considered Episode 2 of the Henry Stickmin Collection.


Some time after the events of Escaping the Prison, Henry is now at home. He tunes to a news broadcast on TV, which shows Mayor Gene Fredrickson announcing the grand opening of the new Tunisian Archaeological Exhibit inside the National Museum of History and Culture. Within the new exhibit sits the priceless Tunisian Diamond, valued at a whopping $112 million dollars.

Henry is ten days late on rent payments for his house. Seeing the diamond's price tag, he decides to take off for the museum in order to steal the giant gemstone. On the outskirts of the museum, Henry can choose how to breach into the facility:

  • Bust In: Henry, with a motorized scooter, rushes towards the museum and attempts to evade security.
  • Sneak In: Here, Henry can try to go through the wall, or try to reach the roof:

Intro Transcript

Mayor Fredrickson: As the mayor...

Mayor Fredrickson: ... I hereby declare...

Mayor Fredrickson: ... the Tunisian Archaeological Exhibit...

Mayor Fredrickson: ... Open!

(The camera pans out from the television, revealing a scrolling bar at the bottom saying "Tunisian Diamond worth up to 112 million dollars." The camera then switches to Henry, who's eyes merge together to form a dollar sign ($).)

Mayor Fredrickson (background): Yes, thank you. Myes.

(Henry picks up his keys, presumably for his scooter, and the camera fades out to black. It fades back in outside the museum, where the first two options appear.)

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  • The original release of Stealing the Diamond had 11 medals.
  • For the remastered version, one was removed, and two were replaced by new ones.



  • This was originally planned to be the last game of the Henry Stickmin series, so as to "round out the trilogy."
  • The description of the medal entitled "01100010", which says "6d 69 73 73 69 6e 67 63 6f 0d 0a" is actually an ASCII code, which deciphers to "M I S S I N G N O".
    • However, the title is a seemingly random string of binary code and translates to nothing.
  • In the Goodball scene, multiple error windows showed up, one of which is entitled "Seekrit 1nf0" and says "pResS teh SsuNnn in snEEky EnDin". 
  • There are no females in this game in flash version.
  • After the Goodball scene ends, the FAIL screen shows up with a binary code that says "FEAR MISSINGNO".
  • One of the picture during the Super Mushroom scene after Henry getting hit by the cannon ball is a reference from PuffballsUnited's Oblivion character, Gilnar the Grate.
  • The word "Stealing" has a ninja headband which implies Henry will sneak, but Unseen Burglar is the only part where Henry is sneaky.
  • This game and Breaking the Bank are the only Henry Stickmin games (not counting Completing the Mission and its various endings) where Henry is not the first Character seen. In this case, the first character shown in this game is Mayor Gene Fredrickson.
  • A few prototype sketches of this game were posted online by PuffballsUnited.
  • According to Johnny Panzer's death tag in the intro of Infiltrating the Airship, Events of Stealing the Diamond took place on July 8, 2010.




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