Huh? How did we lose one?
― Ted McAdams[src]

Ted McAdams is a former bank truck, now a security night guard for National Museum of History and Culture and a supporting character that appears as a major character in Breaking the Bank and as a minor character in Stealing the Diamond, with brief cameos as a minor character in Escaping the Prison (Legacy/Flash version Only) and Infiltrating the Airship.


He appears as a major character in "The Story Begins" path of Breaking the Bank, a minor character in "Intruder on a Scooter" and a secondary character in "Unseen Burglar", both are which respective paths of Stealing the Diamond. Ted also makes two cameos in Escaping the Prison as a minor character. These cameos are in the Rope fail in the "Sneaky Escapist" path and near the end of the "Lawyered Up" path. Ted also makes a cameo as a minor character during the opening of Infiltrating the Airship.


  • Breaking the Bank: The driver of the bank truck. He and Winston have been partners for many years. Ted has always been the driver.
  • Stealing the Diamond: He quit working as an armored truck driver after a certain incident.[1]

Breaking the Bank

Along with Winston Davis, he is seen riding in the money transfer truck when they spotted the bag where Henry hid in, in the latter's attempt to sneak himself into the bank. Ted then said how did they lose one money bag, with Winston telling to put the bag to be safer. Ted saw Winston putting the money bag into the Truck, making him the second witness for the case. However, unlike Winston, he wasn't involved with the trial. This is most likely because it was Winston who suggested to put the bag in the truck in the first place.

Escaping the Prison

In the legacy version of Escaping the Prison, Ted makes a quick cameo during the Rope fail. When Henry gets hit by the truck, you can see Ted inside driving it for a frame. Ted also makes another cameo at the end of the legacy version of Lawyered Up where he passes by driving the truck with Henry quickly chasing after it. It is possible that he is driving the armored truck although the windows are practically translucent so it's left ambiguous.

Stealing the Diamond

Ted left his job as a bank truck driver and became a night security guard, just like Dave Panpa. During Henry's diamond heist, he is seen conversing to a fellow security guard named Jacob Rose, talking about a certain person's arrest[2] being primary the reason he quit his bank job, because his job as a museum night guard is "safer." 

In the "Intruder on a Scooter" route, he is interrupted by Henry with his scooter running with the Tunisian Diamond, remarking "crap."

Infiltrating the Airship

Ted makes a quick cameo as a picture in the intro, when Captain Galeforce goes over the military scripts and evidence with a page with him reporting about the attempted bank robbery by Henry.


  • "Huh, how did we lose one?"
  • "...and after that, they just up and arrested him!"
  • "Yeah. That's when I decided I should probably get a different job. I figured night guarding is much less dangerous than driving a-- (notices Henry escaping with his scooter and the diamond) ...crap."


  • Despite his absence in the Remastered EtP, it is possible that Ted the driver of the bank truck in Escaping the Prison's remastered Rope fail and Lawyered Up ending.
    • The translucent windows however make the truck driver hard to see leaving this ambiguous and up to player interpretation.
  • Ted has the third-most game appearances out of any supporting character, with the first being Dave and the second being Rupert Price, also with his former partner Winston Davis following being at fourth.
  • He is the first museum security guard to appear.[3]
    • He also speaks the first line in the game.
  • Though Ted has made several appearances in the games, his shoe color is still unknown as we never really see a full shot of Ted's body (with the exception being the legacy version of BtB).
    • When full screening in the Legacy version of StD, a brief shot at his shoes can be seen, confirming his shoes are grey.
    • However, other guards of the museum that had grey shoes had their shoe color changed to black in the remaster, so Ted's new shoe color is likely black.
  • Due to their similar looking-hats, Ted and Winston have been mistakenly thought of as policeman during their time of working at the Bank although it's been proven that the duo were not police or law enforcement of any ind and simply just transported the Bank's money. This is shown with the brighter bank hat they wore with an 'S' symbol on the badge in comparison with the darker and symbol-lacking police hats. Ted and Winston have also never been mention to have police affiliation of any kind making it obvious they simply use to work for the Bank.



Breaking the Bank

Escaping the Prison

Stealing the Diamond

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Infiltrating the Airship


  1. The incident is left ambiguous in-game and in Ted's Bio although it's implied that the incident was either Henry's attempted bank robbery in "The Story Begins" or Winston's trial which is only seen in "Lawyered Up"
  2. While the person Ted is talking about is presumably Henry or Winston, they are left ambiguous to leave up to the player to decide who Ted is referring to
  3. Although Ted did not start as a security guard, he becomes one sometime before the events of Stealing the Diamond making him the technical first security guard to appear.
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