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The Betrayed is one of the five endings in Fleeing the Complex.

In this ending Henry calls the Toppat Clan for help in escaping The Wall. However, once Henry reaches the Airship, Reginald Copperbottom reveals his true agenda, betraying Henry and dropping him into the ocean.

This ending follows on from "Rapidly Promoted Executive" in which Henry is the Leader of the Toppat Clan.


Henry decides to Wait For a Transfer. Ellie Rose is first removed from the holding cell, before Henry is pushed into his own cell. In the cell, Henry begins to plot his escape.

  • [X] Teleporter - Using the device, Henry transports himself out of the cell, but onto a moon somewhere. There, he witnesses some Protoss Zealots attempt to wage battle with a Colossus, but they are killed in one fell swoop. A player, Bassen, tells the other team to leave. (Message: gg no re)
  • [X] Sonic Pulse - The device goes off and emits a extremely high-frequency noise, which blows Henry's head out. (Message: That hurt my ears! >:C )
  • [X] Fake Illness - Henry begins to cough, in an attempt to get himself into the medical ward. Grigori tranquilizes Henry and instead has him transferred to a quarantine cell, where Henry encounters Ray Rudolpho and a myriad of other inmates with strange illnesses. Realizing his mistake, Henry pounds on the door of the cell. (Message: What, you don't like your new friends?)
  • [X] Cookie - Henry consumes the cookie, which causes his body to enlarge. (Message: How curious.)
  • Laser Plane - A drone cuts into the floor around Henry, causing it to fall and crush a Wall staff member below.

The crushed guard had a phone, and Henry uses it to Phone a Friend for help. From here the game branches off towards two different endings.[1]

It takes Reginald two hours to get to the complex. Once he arrives, Henry walks out the room and stumbles into the cafeteria. Redirecting the Airship to Henry's position, Reginald is able to locate Henry inside, and asks him how to proceed with the rescue mission.

  • [X] Undercover Agent - Wallace Pemberton, a Toppat who has been undercover at the Wall, is contacted to help Henry. He promptly reveals himself to the Toppat Leader, but this draws the other Wall members' attention. (Message: He spent three years undercover... What a waste.)
  • [X] Neurotoxin - The airship launches a grenade into the cafeteria, which spews out neurotoxin gas. It fills the entire room, causing Henry and the Wall staff to turn into zombies. (Message: Oh, did they forget to hand out your gas mask beforehand?)
  • Drill Pod - The transport unit is launched from the Airship into the cafeteria, with Wilhelm Krieghaus, Sureshot Sherman and Ahnoldt Schwarz on board.

Sherman and Wilhelm wage battle with the Wall staff, while Ahnoldt provides Henry with a selection of objects to help him reach the Airship.

  • [X] Slingshot - Henry uses the primitive device to launch himself to the Airship. However, he slams into the ship's hull. (Message: This seems like a good place to keep a medal. Click HERE for a medal.)[2]
  • [X] Magnet - Henry whips out a magnet in an attempt to use magnetic attraction in order to reach the Airship. However, the magnet ends up dragging the entire aircraft into the wall of the complex. (Message: Well you see, because of entropy the... uh... Alright I can't BS my way through this one.)
  • Sick Ride - Using his trusty scooter, Henry launches himself from the cafeteria to the Airship.

The scooter comes up short, forcing Henry to disembark. Reginald is there to greet Henry, catching him before he falls. However, Reginald does not pull Henry up, revealing that he had the Airship set course for The Wall to confront Henry and take back his position as leader of the Toppat Clan.

Reginald then lets go of Henry, causing him to fall off the Airship to his death in the waters far below.


The Betrayed can be combined with only Rapidly Promoted Executive to get Revenged.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.


  • This is the only ending in the game where it doesn't say "Thanks for Playing" at the end of the credits in the legacy edition.
  • This is the ending that has the least amount of possible combinations in Completing the Mission. It can only be combined with "Rapidly Promoted Executive" in order to create "Revenged."
  • The Betrayed, Toppat Civil Warfare, and The Story Begins are considerably the only bad endings in the series.
  • Coincidentally, this is the only post-Breaking The Bank ending to start with the word "The."
  • In Among Us, The Airship map's eject cue samples the "Falling" track that plays during the ending.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Troika" PuffballsUnited Opening theme for Fleeing the Complex.
🎧 "Toppat 4 Lyfe" PuffballsUnited Reginald Copperbottom's ringtone, played when Henry contacts him from The Wall. A chiptune remix of "Gangsta 4 Lyfe", the ending theme of Badass Bust Out from Escaping the Prison.
🎧 "Falling" PuffballsUnited Ending theme for the route; plays after selecting the "Sick Ride".


  1. In the remastered version, the amount of endings achieved in Infiltrating the Airship determines who Henry can call; only the Toppats, only the Government, both, or none
  2. Leads to the "Easy Medal" medal.

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