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Release Date August 7th, 2020
Henry Stickmin Legacy Series

The Henry Stickmin Collection is an anthology collection of remastered versions of the previous five games in the Henry Stickmin series, as well as a new game exclusive to this collection. It was released on August 7, 2020.

The Henry Stickmin Collection includes all six games in the series;

The game features remastered versions of the first five Henry Stickmin games originally released on Stickpage and Newgrounds. A new game, Completing the Mission was developed specifically for the collection, to serve as a final chapter to the story. All games (with the exception of Completing the Mission) were remastered through Adobe Flash specifically for this collection.

The games follow the namesake character and series protagonist Henry Stickmin on his various but very dangerous adventures. First starting off as a thief, he can later become an agent of the Government, the leader of a notorious criminal syndicate, or remain neutral as a thief.

Comparison between the flash version of Stealing the Diamond and the remastered version.


This is a list of plans that were revealed by PuffballsUnited on Newgrounds regarding the Collection, prior to its release.

  • The aspect ratio of the games would be updated to modern widescreen.
  • Stealing the Diamond would be remastered to feature realistic buildings in the nighttime background, a more realistic exterior of the National Museum of History and Culture and a large parking lot with two cars parked. Also, the interior of the Museum would be modified to make it look more like a museum and less like a parking garage.
  • The interior of the airship in Infiltrating the Airship would be modified with the floor of the cabin wooden, as well as the stairs and some parts of the floor covered with blue carpet.
  • The World War II section in Stealing the Diamond would be modified with extras, such as: the whole floor will be painted red, the walls will be painted brown, a replica of a WWII tank will be added in front of the airplane replica, the glass case containing guns would feature two more guns, a gas mask, a fire extinguisher and a machine gun would be added in the corner with sandbags, six small paintings depicting a war.
  • Similar to Fleeing the Complex, the first four games would include a map.



  • Every game has been updated to widescreen (though some the legacy games were already widescreen).
  • All of the graphics have been updated to look more realistic.
  • Any explicit pop-culture references have been tweaked and renamed to avoid potential copyright issues.
    • In addition, any and all music or sound effects borrowed from other sources are replaced with in-house facsimiles. (Most noticeably, sound effects from Among Us)
  • Quality of life features from Fleeing the Complex such as the Map and Quick-time event timers are now present in every episode (excluding Breaking the Bank).
    • As a result of the Map returning to all entries, the Step Back button is removed.
  • In Escaping the Prison and Stealing the Diamond, the names of the endings are altered to fall in line more with its successors.
  • In ItA, "You've achieved the rank of" has been changed to just "Rank:".
  • Achievements are no longer awarded for clicking on team names or music tracks in the credits, or for failing a certain number of times.
    • There are also no achievements for getting all the achievements in one episode (e.g. the "Master of the Wall" medal in Fleeing the Complex).

Breaking the Bank

  • Breaking the Bank has been rebuilt from the ground up. In addition to a complete design overhaul, all animations have been redone.
  • The characters use the more modern design technique, as previously they lacked hands and feet.
  • The placements of the Laser, Wrecking Ball, and Teleporter have been shuffled, and the icon for the Wrecking Ball is now the ball itself. This was done to prevent the icons from blending with the background.
  • All choices besides the Disguise are now proper fails, complete with fail messages.
  • Instead of digging down and getting flattened by a speeding train, Henry instead pierces a pipe, uses his lighter to make out "Gas Main", causing him to explode.
  • Instead of having the explosives already prepped, Henry is in the middle of prepping them, but accidentally drops one on the detonator, causing an explosion.
  • The Laser Drill is now just a Laser. Its actions are no longer automated, and needs to be carried, rather than having its own support stand.
  • The Wrecking Ball doesn't even have a chance to be utilized, as Henry is caught by guard Chad Hansen.
  • Henry's hand that holds the Teleporter is no longer on the outside of the bank.
  • The scene where the truck drivers, Winston Davis and Ted McAdams, find a disguised Henry is presented from a different angle.
  • Winston and Ted's voice lines have been re-recorded.
  • A scene in which the bag Henry is hiding in being placed in the back, followed by him winking at the camera is removed.
  • New dialogue is added showing Chad Hansen and Philly Colin questioning the placement of the bank in the middle of a desert.
  • Henry no longer says "Yeah!" upon entering the bank.
  • The unseen security guards stop talking after saying "Don't move!" and don't say "Put your hands in the air!"
  • There are no credits, and instead, it simply fades after Henry gets caught.

Escaping the Prison

  • Henry's chamber pot has been moved to the left.
  • The NrG drink has been updated to look more like Gatorade.
  • There is an additional scene after Henry fires the Rocket Launcher showing the rocket breaking the slot door and curving across the cell block.
  • The unknown police guard who was standing next to Burt Slim when Henry falls from the vents in BBO has now been replaced by Tom Hardly who is now in that guards place. This was done so the initial scene could line up with the context in a later scene.
    • Additionally Tom and Burt are now present in the Prison Standoff seen unlike before where the two were completely absent.
  • Shots are added to make it more clear that Henry caught the bullet and threw it back to Captain Ed.
  • Captain Ed Roberts' gun simply falls out of his hands when hit with the bullet, instead of breaking in half.
  • After each successful option in the QTEs during BBO, the player doesn't have to redo all the prior QTEs if they fail at any point.
  • Some flair has been added to the courtroom scene to more accurately reassemble Phoenix Wright gameplay.
  • During SE, Henry is not seen actually breaking through the vent pipe, instead cutting from him pounding to the metal chunk falling, the only indicator of it being a sound effect.
  • The previously mobile exclusive achievement "The Joke" was reintroduced and changed to "It's a joke..."
  • Henry's cell door looks more realistic.

Stealing the Diamond

  • Mayor Fredrickson now has an additional line of dialogue, "Yes thank you. M'yes."
  • The Parking Lot scene no longer requires the K, R, and Space Bar keybinds, similar to the mobile version.
  • One of the security guards in the Medieval Hall, Sam Turner, had their hair changed to bright blonde hair instead of just being bald.
    • Sam has also been confirmed to be non-binary.
  • The pillow in the storage room has been replaced by a box of hay.
  • Due to protective walls being added to the Museum's roof, Henry no longer falls off when using the invisibility pill, however the game loses track of him and his fate remains unknown, thereby resulting in a fail.
  • The instruction note for the Liquidificator has changed.
    • Due to this, the achievement "It's a Joke Guys" has been removed.
  • During the Mushroom Rampage scene, Alexander Garb has had his dialogue changed from being the famous "Wilhelm Scream" to his own scream when the pterodactyl attacks him.
    • Additionally, the pterodactyl that attacks Alexander is now voiced by Marcus Bromander.
  • The achievement "Obscure Medal" has changed to "Connoisseur" and there are additional paintings to collect. The paintings also disappear when collected.

Infiltrating the Airship

  • The list of Henry's evidence of crime now always correspond to the last route accessed in the previous episodes, rather than being random.
    • The evidence from Breaking the Bank is always from the disguising bag since the other 5 choices are now actual fails, and to also prevent plot holes associated with the LU ending in Escaping the Prison.
    • Oddly enough, the evidence for the SE, BBO, UB, and JPE endings have not received a design overhaul, while IoaS, LU and BtB did.
  • Charles Calvin no longer nods at the beginning like in the original version.
  • The Toppat Clan Logo has been changed.
  • In the GSPI route, there is a static sound before and after Charles speaks.
  • Henry uses the Force Gun immediately, instead of narrowly escaping Right Hand Man's bullet.
  • Henry now jumps in the garbage disposal after seeing Douglass Murl trying to enter the room, only for the door to be jammed.
  • The Robo Helper doesn't make a victory jingle, and Henry doesn't react when it crashes since it no longer happens, although his original expression is there for a split second before he moves on.
  • Remote Access does not smash Henry with a panel from the ramp, as there is no ramp, instead flinging him into a newly-added trash chute.
  • The Records room now has labels instead of just filing cabinets.
  • Most of the items in the Airship Cargo Bay are now contained under yellow nets for presumable safety measures.
  • The angle and camera position for when Thomas Chestershire and Oldmin are talking has been changed significantly.
    • The camera now only focuses on Thomas and Oldmin and does not shift angles to any other places.
    • Charles' Transport Helicopter can now be seen firing Henry out of a canon unlike before where Henry seemingly popped up out of nowhere.
  • Chestershire's position when knocked out has been changed from facing closely towards (and being right next to) Henry's Cannon Ball to now positioned closer to the center of the cockpit and facing away from the cannonball.
    • As a result of this Thomas can no longer be seen in the initial shots for the Laser, Chair, and Thruster options.
  • Oldmin can now be seen knocked out in the cockpit unlike the original where he was absent after being hit by the cannonball.
  • Herb Stokes' crane is now positioned in the far back of the Airship Warehouse instead of being relatively close towards the front.
  • The animation of Herb briefly swinging the large piece of coal (with his crane) towards Henry has been cut and now been replaced with Herb using his crane to lift up the large piece of coal even more.
  • The Toppat Brig now has actual doors instead of jail cells.
    • As a result of this the Toppat Prisoner can no longer be found in the Brig.
  • Toppat member Cool Katie is now female and now bears brown hair.
  • Cool Katie, Two-Ton Tony, Matthew Norbert, and Benjamin Bourseious can now be seen in the aerial view of the airship when Henry takes Reginald Copperbottom hostage.
    • Additionally Two-Ton Tony can now be seen in the aerial view of the airship after Henry drives out of it with the Tank in a Box during the end of RBH.
  • During the "Parachute" fail, an entire cloud takes up the background of Reg falling compared to the original where only two clouds and an entire view of the desert from above could be seen.
  • The credits for Rapidly Promoted Executive have been heavily modified.
    • The airship propeller ambiance can now be heard muffled right before Reggie crowns Henry leader, cutscenes for the RPE aftermath are now shorter, Magnus Eriksson, Derbert Daniels, and Floyd Winters are now featured during the boardroom scene (with Henry as leader), and a scene showing a outer view of the airship has been completely cut.
  • Henry does not react to Dave asking him to free him unlike in the original.
  • There are more valuable items and references in the Ruby Vault.
  • The Toppat Airship has been scaled up in size, as seen in the Pure Blooded Thief route when Jarsh Finx and other Toppats are standing on the broken airship wing.
  • This is also shown in Relentless Bounty Hunter/Rapidly Promoted Executive when Charles pulls his helicopter up close to the front of the cargo bay.
  • The design for the CCC Desert Headquarters has been changed significantly as it has been sized down to a smaller scale and now has lighter colors with an additionally large satellite on the roof and even a parking lot. The buildings front can also be seen on a different side.
  • The D.E.B. has been heavily changed, instead of being a blasted as matter from a nearby structure in the desert it is now a bomb planted in the desert grounds relatively close to the CCC Desert Headquarters.
  • The CCC Desert Headquarters can no longer be seen in the Dark Energy Bomb's initial shot.
  • The background setting for the end of Pure Blooded Thief and Relentless Bounty Hunter have been completely changed as it now shows the time to be daytime instead of a nighttime or evening like in the legacy version.

Fleeing the Complex

  • The "Do not" list is legible. It reads:
    • Smoke
    • Plan Schemes
    • Touch
    • Harass Supervisors
    • Be stubborn
    • Burp
    • Try a harebrained ploy/con
    • Do magic tricks
    • Attempt magic tricks
    • Employ an escape plan that ends in a cartoonist or silly fashion
    • Fight
    • Swear
    • Chew gum of any kind
    • Seriously, no gum
    • Bring your own food
    • Sing
    • Touch
    • Whistle catchy tunes
  • The elevator music in the Button option has been changed to a classical track.
  • A visual indicator is added showing one of the guards, Darek Gorulik, watching Henry and Ellie Rose pass by in the Pass By option, similar to Hitman: Absolution.
  • The ending music from CA has been changed from Forgotten Aura to Red-Headed Outlaw.
  • There is no elevator music in the Blend In option.
  • As a result of the timer in FtC being universal, failing the first QTE in PD message results in the message "Notice that timer?" instead of "Notice that new timer?".
  • Henry does not get on a plane in the PD ending and instead lives undercover, settling in a nearby Tavern.
  • The map is redesigned slightly. It now slides in and out, and shows if an event is timed.
  • When calling Charles, Henry must wait for an hour for him to arrive instead of him being already close by. As a result, his dialogue is slightly changed.
  • When calling Reginald and the Toppats, Henry must now wait for an hour for them to arrive instead of two hours like in the original. This was likely done to line up with of IRO.
  • Appearances of the Shoop da Whoop creature that aren't his face attached to the sun or moon have him with camouflage-colored skin to avoid racial insensitivity.
  • Most scenes now contain shadows, unlike the flash version.


Players go through a total of six episodes, five of which had previously been standalone games; Prologue (Breaking the Bank), Episode 1 (Escaping the Prison), Episode 2 (Stealing the Diamond), Episode 3 (Infiltrating the Airship), Episode 4 (Fleeing the Complex), and Episode 5 (Completing the Mission).

The game centers on Henry Stickmin, a fictional character that performs various actions depending on the choices the player chooses. Players are given a minimum of two choices; depending on the choice they pick, Henry will either succeed and overcome the situation or scenario or "Fail," in which case the player is presented with a unique animation, usually accompanied by some joke or commentary on the choice made. Players aren't punished for failing a scenario; they are given infinite re-dos while a "total fail count," and a "unique fail count," keep score of how many times they player has "failed" and how many unique fails there are in the episode, encouraging the player to seek out all of the possible fails in the game.

Sometimes, there will be a scenario in which there is more than one choice that is correct. Similarly, there are even rarer occasions where there isn't a correct choice at all.

Because Infiltrating the Airship and Fleeing the Complex both have endings that are dependent on player choice, when starting Completing the Mission, the player must pick one ending each, generating a unique story and perspective for the final episode.


Steam users have given the assemblage package "Overwhelmingly Positive" reviews, with a 98% rating based on 24,000+ reviews. Reviewers have praised the Collection for its humour, animation, production value (specifically in Mission), & storylines, with some praising the sense of nostalgia they experienced while playing the game. Despite the universal praise, some have noted the frequency of frame rate issues and crashes in fullscreen mode, as well as the US$15 price tag on Steam.

Similar to the flash series, several popular YouTubers have played The Henry Stickmin Collection (including Markiplier, DanTDM and Jacksepticeye), which have millions of views respectively. In addition to this, the Distraction Dance was a viral internet meme (the meme being a bait-and-switch meme reminiscent of the Rick Roll and Get Stick Bugged Lol) in August 2020, causing The Henry Stickmin Collection to achieve even more global success.

Completing the Mission, the sixth and final game in the series which is unique to this collection, has been praised by players and reviewers, and is often considered the best game in the series. The death of Charles in Valiant Hero has been well received by both fans and critics.


Video Walkthroughs


  • Certain bios used to be glitched so that the last bio viewed carried over to theirs.
  • The game previously only ran in windowed mode due to graphical issues, but now has a full screen option in the settings. Even so, the player will still experience some crashes.
  • When playing in windowed mode, the game's aspect ratio is 1.85:1. However when playing in full screen, it stretches the image to 1.77:1.
  • Playing the games sequentially without going back to the menu does not automatically make the endings achieved count towards Completing the Mission or lock out any paths in Fleeing the Complex.
  • The original icons from the flash version of Breaking the Bank can be found in the game's files, possibly indicating that the original versions of the games were meant to be playable.
  • The game spawned the Distraction Dance meme, which refers to a dance which Henry Stickmin uses to distract two guards in Fleeing the Complex. In August 2020, it became the source meme for bait-and-switch videos.
  • The poster of The Henry Stickmin Collection can be found in the Office in MIRA HQ from another Innersloth game, Among Us.
  • All the names of the collection has the word “the” in its title.
The Henry Stickmin Collection
Breaking the Bank Escaping the Prison Stealing the Diamond
Breaking the Bank Escaping the Prison Stealing the Diamond
Infiltrating the Airship Fleeing the Complex Completing the Mission
Infiltrating the Airship Fleeing the Complex Completing the Mission