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'Ey! 'Oosat? He's got the boss!'
― The Leprechaun[src]

The Leprechaun is a member of the Toppat Clan and a minor character appearing as a recurring minor antagonist in Completing the Mission. He appears as one of the three secondary antagonists of "Master Bounty Hunter", a minor antagonist in "Cleaned 'em Out" and "Triple Threat", and a minor character in ''Valiant Hero'' and "Toppat Recruits."



The Leprechaun has short, curly orange hair with a small light Green top hat and some light green shoes.


As stated in his bio, he doesn't seem to mind appearing as a leprechaun as he totally embraces his appearance. He has also adopted a fake Irish accent.

Completing the Mission

Master Bounty Hunter

He is seen with Ali Gene and Antonidas Sparta when Henry Stickmin defeats and captures the Right Hand Man, but is then tasked to hand him over to the Government. The three all confront Henry but the outcome of the encounter depends on Henry's choices.

If Henry finishes off Right Hand Man by throwing him which kills him, The Leprechaun will get shocked by Henry's action which in return gets Henry killed. If Henry rewires RHM then he will fly off with him which fools The Leprechaun into thinking that Right Hand Man had captured Henry. If Henry chooses to have a Dance-Off with the three a flying tank swoops in and crushes Henry knocking Antonidas and The Leprechaun back. However Henry does none off this and instead plays an Ocarina which later leads to the three Toppats surrendering know their leader is captured.

Triple Threat

He is seen in the Toppat Orbital Station Cafeteria sitting with other Toppat members after Henry Stickmin and Ellie Rose break in through the window. During Diversion, he is one of the first Toppats to catch on and start dancing, performing the Distraction Dance. He is later arrested when the rocket lands at The Wall.

Cleaned 'em Out

He is can be spotted during the credits with other Toppat members such as Earrings and Henry Stickman who are welcomed onto the Orbital Station by their current leader, Sven Svensson, only for all of them to find out that it is completely empty in the Storage Bay.

The Leprechaun's fate is unknown, but it can be presumed that the Government Raid still happened off-screen. If so, then he was either killed, arrested or alive if the Toppats won.

Valiant Hero

The Leprechaun seen lying on the ground unconscious near the Escape Pods of the Toppat Orbital Station when Henry and Charles are deciding on which escape pod to take. He later dies alongside Hughman and Charles when the Orbital Station explodes, as he was unconscious.

Toppat Recruits

He can be found on the end screen next to Sven Svensson of the route with other Toppats. His angry expression implies he may not be fond of Ellie and Henry.


He totally embraces his appearance. He's even adopted a terrible fake Irish accent to complete the ensemble.


  • "'Ey! 'Oosat?"
  • "He's got the boss!"
  • "No! He's killed 'im!"
  • "Never mind, guess the leader’s got him."


  • He is tied with Carol Cross and Wallace Dagwood, for being the second most reoccurring minor/background Toppat Member in CtM, as they appear in 5 different pathways. They’re all only behind Fredrick Muenster, who appears in 6 different paths of CtM.
  • He is possibly based off of Lucky the Leprechaun, a mascot from a cereal named, Lucky Charms.