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"Don't move!"

The Story Begins

Game Breaking the bank white logo.png
Path to accomplish Disguise
Ending Type Bad
Music played "These Mistakes are Mine Alone" (Original)

The Story Begins is the only ending in Breaking the Bank. In this ending, Henry attempts to break into the bank and prevails, only to be arrested by the police and placed into prison.


In the middle of West Mesa desert, a mischievous Henry finds himself outside of a Bank. Running short on cash he tries to think of ways he can break in and steal some money. With an armored bank truck on its way to the bank, Stickmin decides to tie himself into a Disguising Bag and falls flat onto ground next to a long dusty road. The drivers of the truck, Winston Davis and Ted McAdams notice the bag and under the impression that its a normal bank sack, Winston convinces his partner Ted to throw it in the back of the truck to be safe.

Before the truck arrives, one bank guard, Chad Hansen asks his colleague Philly Colin if he ever wonders why there is a bank out in the middle of nowhere to which Philly claims the bank is more of a vault. After this they both go back to guarding while the armored truck arrives. The disguising bag finally gets thrown in the Bank's vault with Henry emerging successful. However Henry celebrates too early as he faces towards a laser which sets off an alarm. This causes him to get caught by an Unseen Officer.

In the legacy version, there is an end credits sequence with various images showing the aftermath of all the BtB fails. One of them shows Unnamed Construction Worker finding his destroyed construction vehicle used in the Wrecking Ball fail. Another is one where an Unnamed Construction Worker uses a crane to break out Henry when he uses the Teleporter. At the very end of the credits, Dave can be seen throwing Henry in jail.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.


Breaking the Bank

The Story Begins

Escaping the Prison

Sneaky Escapist Lawyered Up Badass Bust Out

Stealing the Diamond

Intruder on a Scooter Just Plain Epic Unseen Burglar

Infiltrating the Airship

Government Supported Private Investigator Pure Blooded Thief Relentless Bounty Hunter Rapidly Promoted Executive

Fake: Lightning Quick Larcenist

Fleeing the Complex

Ghost Inmate Convict Allies Presumed Dead International Rescue Operative The Betrayed

Completing the Mission

Toppat King Cleaned 'em Out Stickmin Space Resort Little Nest Egg Special BROvert Ops Master Bounty Hunter Jewel Baron Valiant Hero Free Man Revenged Toppat Civil Warfare Pardoned Pals Toppat Recruits Capital Gains Toppat 4 Life Triple Threat

Secret: Multiverse Correction

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