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Ah hello Henry, welcome to The Wall. Some of the most cunning and notorious criminals are kept here, and now we have the infamous Henry Stickmin. You're going to be here for a long time. Grigori! Take him.
Dmitri Johannes Petrov, Warden of the Wall[[Fleeing the Complex|[src]]]

The Wall is the secondary antagonistic organization of the Henry Stickmin Series, and appears as the titular main location and faction in the game Fleeing the Complex.

They serve as the main antagonistic faction of all routes in Fleeing the Complex, and a minor unseen antagonistic faction in almost all routes in Completing the Mission except Pardoned Pals and Toppat Recruits. where they serve as the main antagonistic faction.

Established over five decades from the present and ran by Warden Dmitri Johannes Petrov, The Wall is a private Russian-operated organization. The prison holds some of the most cunning and notorious criminals in the world (Freddy Fazbear, Frosty the Snowman, etc) and has independent guards. Henry and Ellie ended up there along with many others for their felonies.


The Wall

Located in The Yukon, Canada, North America
  • Cafeteria
  • Quarantine Cell
  • Security Office
  • Warden's Office
  • Various Cells
  • Maximum Security Block
Appears in Fleeing The Complex Logo.png

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Status Determinant:
  • Operational (All Other Endings)
  • Partially Destroyed (TB, All CA Routes, TT)

The Wall is a prison complex located in Canada, constructed down the side of a cliff near the sea. There are docks for ships at the bottom of the complex, and a helicopter pad on the roof. A single road leads to and from The Wall.

The complex is known to be heavily guarded. Aside from the Wall being a maximum security prison, it also has its own military forces. Guards are armed with a variety of weapons, from handguns to spears that can shoot lasers. In addition, unlike most prisons, the Wall possesses a vast amount of military-grade vehicles and weapons such as tanks, SUVs, Shotguns, HMGs, Assault Rifles and rocket launchers, mostly manufactured by Russia. Almost all guards also wear a cap or a ushanka with The Wall's insignia on it.


These are the rules that every inmate in The Wall must follow. They can be seen on a poster on the wall of the transfer cell at the start of the remastered version of Fleeing the Complex.


  • Smoke
  • Escape
  • Harass Supervisors
  • Be stubborn
  • Burp
  • Try a harebrained ploy/con
  • Do magic tricks
  • Attempt magic tricks
  • Employ an escape plan that ends in a cartoonist or silly fashion
  • Fight
  • Swear
  • Chew gum of any kind
  • Seriously, no gum
  • Bring your own food
  • Sing
  • Touch
  • Whistle catchy tunes


  • There is a helipad on top of The Wall, used by Charles Calvin to land his helicopter when helping Henry to escape in the International Rescue Operative ending.
  • The cafeteria is located on the 8th floor, according to one of the guards in the Convict Allies ending. This is the location where Henry escapes to the Airship whilst escaping with the Toppat Clan and coordinates to be picked up by Charles on the helipad. On the side there is a fire exit. You can see lots of tables where the guards eat, it is unknown where the inmates eat the food.
  • A small office is also located on the 8th floor.
  • A fire escape is located on the outside of the building. This is used by Henry to access the helipad.
  • There is a fenced outside area (known as The Yard) with a large truck which Henry uses to escape.
  • There is a small mountain also in the yard, yet no convicts in Convict Allies after the breach started ever used it.
  • At the base of the cliff-side building is a small dock where the S.S. Annie and the Dinghy are moored. The rocket is also located there.
  • A smaller prison block for maximum security is located in the center of the Yard. The inside of one of these cells is seen if Henry surrenders.
    • In Completing the Mission Henry and Ellie are seen being sent to another section in the maximum security block, which sees them being frozen in blocks of ice.
  • A waiting room for inmates is located on the 16th floor.
  • A storage facility is located on the 17th floor.
  • A building that seems to be some form of barracks, where Freddy Fazbear is imprisoned.
  • There is a quarantine cell for sick inmates. All sick inmates are simply thrown in here together, regardless of what illness they have, and no attempt is made to nurse them back to health.
  • There are also cells with button-powered opening doors. The cells also have large glass windows overlooking the docks.
  • There are 24 floors as seen in the button fail in the Ghost Inmate path.


The members of the wall are equipped with a variety of different vehicles and weapons to achieve their goals.

The guards of the wall mainly are equipped with Makarov pistols and AK-74Ms. Some guards are also equipped with spears capable of firing lasers and shotguns. Swords are also rarely used.

The Wall owns a wide variety of vehicles:

  • Green Humvees and Willys MB Jeeps with HMGs.
  • Blue tanks, lorries and motorcycles, with the latter two containing the facility's insignia.
  • S.S. Annie.
  • A rocket.
  • A Dinghy.
  • Dimitri's private car.

While the presence of a Helipad may imply their ownership of choppers, no evidence of them has been discovered. Instead, the helipad may have been used by other factions.

The Wall Vehicles



The wall staff "uniform" is a gray cap with the logo of the wall on it, Some of the guards can be seen wearing no hat or a ushanka type hat.

Naval Division




  • The Wall could be a reference to the 1979 album The Wall and its 1982 film adaptation, by famous English rock band Pink Floyd.
  • PuffballsUnited refused to disclose why was Henry imprisoned at the Wall.
  • PuffballsUnited confirmed that The Wall is located in Canada in a discord reply.[1][2] On the The Henry Stickmin Collection Developer Commentary, he also mentioned it being on the north west, where it is closer to Russia.
    • With this, the Wall may be located in the Canadian territory of Yukon. Considering that an ocean is visible (likely the Pacific Ocean), it may be located in southwest Yukon, where the ocean is located.
  • When asked about why many Wall employees speaks with a Russian accent despite taking place in Canada, Puffballs stated "Because it's run by a Russian man and he likes to hire more Russians."[3] This confirms that Dmitri hired many more Russians to work at The Wall during his career.
  • The Wall may be affiliated in some way with the Government of Canada, as they refer to Henry's Government (which in turn is based on the United States) as "some other government" in the intro of Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits. This can also explain why Henry was imprisoned despite government pardons - He may have committed felonies in locations other than the United States.
  • The morality of the Wall is questionable. Although they appear to be on the side of the law, they will resort to all methods in defense against hostile entities.
    • In the International Rescue Operative route, the Guards don't hesitate to attack and kill Charles (a US government agent) from helping Henry to escape.
    • The in-game bios reveal there are some inmates imprisoned without trial.
    • In "Toppat Recruits/Pardoned Pals", the Government military has no idea who the soldiers from The Wall are and mistake them for Toppat backup, implying that they were unaware of each other.
    • At the end of "Master Bounty Hunter", one of Henry's new targets is Gastro, even though he is already imprisoned in The Wall, which hints to heavy censorship policies against other factions or he escaped and was spotted by the U.S.
    • Anyone who tries to escape will be permanently locked up or frozen in Maximum Security.
  • The "Pardoned Pals"/"Toppat Recruits" pathways is the only occasion where the faction goes after Henry and Ellie in Completing the Mission.
    • Since it stems from Convict Allies and Pure Blooded Thief, where Henry and Ellie's actions inadvertently started a massive riot that destroyed Dimitri's reputation and career while not being allied with either the Government or the Toppat Clan. Due to their recent escape, Dimitri is given a perfect opportunity to exact his vengeance. Their absence in other cases are easily explained:
      • In any Ending stemming from Government Supported Private Investigator, Relentless Bounty Hunter and most from Rapidly Promoted Executive, Henry is allied with a powerful faction that Dimitri can't possibly interfere with.
      • In any Ending stemming from Ghost Inmate, Presumed Dead and The Betrayed, Henry either escaped for too long (and allied himself with a faction), is presumed dead or has been killed by Reginald, giving Dimitri no reason to pursue him further.
    • While the faction does not make an appearance in other endings, the facility itself appears near the end of Triple Threat, where Ellie and Henry redirected the Toppat orbital station to The Wall and the rocket now sits perfectly in a hollow section of the complex, leaving its occupants at the mercy of Dimitri and his minions.


Fleeing The Complex, Legacy

The Henry Stickmin Collection



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