Henry drives the truck

The Truck is a vehicle appearing in Fleeing the Complex.


It is a property of The Wall and is seen parked in the yard in both the title screen and during the intro when Dmitri Petrov tells Henry about The Wall.


The truck is is shown to be blue and gray in color. It has six wheels and the logo of The Wall is clearly visible on each side of the truck.


The truck plays two roles in the Presumed Dead and the Convict Allies endings.

Presumed Dead

When Henry reaches the Yard and defeats Karlov, he hides behind the truck to evaluate the situation. The truck is parked close to the outer gate, which is guarded by three guards. At this point, the Truck is one of three options the player can choose between for Henry's next move. When chosen, Henry steals the truck and drives through the gate, killing a guard in the process. However, the guards chase him in a jeep and two armored vehicles. When they start shooting at him, Henry rams one vehicle, pushing it into the ravine. This, however, sends the truck into a slide, resulting in it falling over and coming to a stop at the edge of the ravine. Here, Dmitri Petrov confronts Henry to demand his surrender. If Henry refuses, Petrov kicks the truck into the ravine, presumably killing Henry (however, Henry got out in time).

Convict Allies

When Henry and Ellie reach the yard and have defeated Gregory, the truck is presented as one of three options to choose from for them to continue their escape. When chosen, Henry and Ellie board the truck along with some other inmates. When they are all inside they close the rear door, only to realize that there is nobody behind the wheel to actually drive the truck. Whatever happens afterwards is unknown, as this option leads to a fail.