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If you were looking for Reginald Copperbottom's ringtone, see Toppat 4 Lyfe.

Toppat 4 Life is one of the sixteen endings in Completing the Mission.

It involves distracting the Government so that the Toppat Clan is free to launch the Toppat Orbital Station.

This pathway is selected by choosing "Rapidly Promoted Executive" and "Presumed Dead" as starting points. It may be considered as an auxiliary to Multiverse Correction.


The route opens with two Government soldiers named Josh Taylor and Drake Camper in a tavern somewhere in a snowy tundra. Drake brags to Josh about their so-called "surprise" impending assault on the Toppat Launch Site, before being berated by Quentin Alabaster about the urgency of the mission. Henry, who is also in the tavern after faking his death at The Wall, overhears the conversation. Seizing the moment, he clings on the exterior of Quentin's helicopter for a ride to the Launch Site.

Three hours before the launch, Drake Camper accidentally releases a supply pack prematurely and it catches Henry in the crossfire. The pack lands safely on the ground, albeit located on an isolated ledge on a cliff face. Henry must find a way up.

  • Rope (fail): Henry fires a rope onto the cliff face in order to scale it. However, the rope acts erratically, moves up and down, and launches Henry away from the cliff. (MSG: Psh! I could've made that.)
  • Climb (fail): Henry attempts to scale the cliff face but runs out of stamina in the process. He retreats to his inventory and consumes a Cooked Kielbasa to recover the stamina. This action, however, resets Henry's stance to standing as he leaves his inventory, causing him to lose balance and fall off the cliff. (MSG: I know wieners are good and all, but you can't be chowing down in a place like this.)
  • Abuse Physics Engine: Henry slides a rock and it begins to behave erratically, building up momentum in the process. Clinging onto the rock, the momentum eventually causes the rock to launch vertically, gaining enough distance for Henry to disembark at the top.

There, he notices two soldiers named Hank Stockman and Hayden Brock betting with each other that the Toppat leader would stop their operation, which forces Henry to hide. Henry locates a military tent with its backside exposed to entry, but soon notices a patrol tower with a sniper, Madd Ladd on guard. He can:

  • Knife (fail): Henry attempts to speed past by abusing the Knife's speed bonus. Bolting for the tent, Madd Ladd notices Henry and shoots him in the head, triggering a kill-feed message. (MSG: Everyone knows you run faster with a knife.)
  • Duplicatorange (fail): Henry consumes the orange, producing a clone of himself. They both bolt for the tent, but only the clone makes it, as the real Henry is shot down by Madd. The game then refuses to follow a counterfeit Henry. (MSG: Wait, this isn't the original Henry. We're not gonna follow some COPY!)
  • Lagswitch: Henry turns on the device and abuses the lag to run past, while Mad Ladd is left confused after failing to hit him.

Henry finds "Big Boy", a big red tank inside the tent, and gets the idea to use it against the Government on behalf of the Toppat Clan.

  • Hijack (fail): Henry boards Big Boy and attempts to pilot it forward. Suddenly, the tank is sent backward and drives off the cliff. (MSG: AND you forgot to signal. Sheesh!)
  • Walkthrough (fail): Using a nearby computer, Henry logs on to "NewTube" and begins to watch a Completing the Mission walkthrough on how to reach the ending. The commentator of the video repeatedly and randomly deviates from the main topic, encouraging the viewer "to like, comment, subscribe to the channel, follow them on social media, and to 'ring the bell', as well as thanking their sponsors." They also comment about the game and shares their progress in it. In the same choice scenario, the commentator also chooses Walkthrough, causing the scene to loop infinitely. On rare occasions, they'll burp and refer Ellie and Charles as ’that red head girl‘ and ‘the guy with the headset’. Aside from the beginning, the clips are randomized. It can be cancelled by clicking after 15 seconds, but the watch time is determined by whenever you clicked in the fail message. (MSG: Wow... You spent a total of [Time in Seconds] watching that scene.)
  • Scrambler: Henry attaches a module onto Big Boy and activates it, causing it to run amok amongst the Government.

The resulting conflict at the military base eventually notifies the Center for Chaos Containment to the scene. Receiving permission to act on the issue, a CCC agent named Ellias Bahtchin notices the chaos from his mobile unit and receives the order to deal with it. He can use:

  • Speaker with Button (fail): The CCC agent alerts the agent "Phantom", allowing him to proceed with a nuclear detonation on the military base. As the scene cuts to Reginald Copperbottom and his Right Hand Man making plans about the rocket, a nuclear blast from afar appears in their eyes, destroying everything there. (MSG: Gee, the Center for Chaos Containment sure has a surplus of nuclear bombs, huh...)
  • Slider with Snowflake (fail): The ultimate freeze completely halts the flow of time within the base, effectively preventing any future actions. (MSG: Chaos contained.)
  • Heart with Eyes (fail): An angry face manifests on the moon and it rams into earth. South America is destroyed and earth is shattered in a cataclysmic event. (MSG: You should have thought about what I am willing to do in order to get the job done.)
  • Multiverse Imbalance, FIX (leads to secret ending): Hidden behind 3 post-it-notes, the fix button only shows itself if all the fails and endings have been achieved in every game. See "Multiverse Correction".
  • Fingerprint Scanner: The G.A.B.E.G.G. is sent to the military base and fights the Big Boy. Both are evenly matched, yet they continue to cause collateral damage

Galeforce decides to cut their losses and withdraw. Henry hijacks a Government tank and uses it to arrive at the Toppat Rocket. Upon arrival, Reginald Copperbottom inquiries Henry about his choice of transportation. Henry hands him a radio, which is still broadcasting the government retreat.

Learning that Henry was working behind enemy lines to protect them all along, Reginald praises Henry's actions and declares that the clan's future is bright with him in charge. Subsequently, Henry rightfully reclaims his position as the Toppat leader.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.


  • There are multiple easter eggs in the Tavern during the intro.
    • Nacy Popo resembles Nana from the Ice Climbers.
    • Travis DeGroot resembles Demoman from Team Fortress 2. His bio confirms it.
    • The Toppat members Icepick and Snowcap can be seen discussing something (possibly their missing new leader or the reason why there's two drunk Government soldiers in the tavern).
      • Weirdly enough, Henry, who's disguised as a Mysterious Vagabond at the time, didn't try to warn them about the Government attack. Either he has no clue that the duo were members of the Toppat Clan or Henry would rather stop the Government alone and not get anyone else in danger.
        • If it's the latter, this actually cements the ending where Reginald places his full trust on Henry for willingly saving the Toppat Clan on his own.
  • This path is heavily hacking themed, including the first 2 right choices both involving video game glitches and the 3rd with sending Big Boy in an automated rampage
    • The Abuse Physics Engine is the method used by many speedrunners where they could cause some physics glitch by speeding up some objects to shorten the time.
      • This method is often used by Half-Life speedrunners.
      • It's unclear how putting a rock next to a tree would cause this sort of glitch, however.
    • The Lagswitch is a cheat tool that is mostly used by FPS hackers to cause global lag for everyone else for a massive advantage.
  • The stamina meter and inventory in the "Climb" option is a direct reference to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  • The Knife is a direct reference to the Counter-Strike franchise, where the Knife has no speed penalty, making it one of the best options for mobility.
  • If you stop the walkthrough after the fifteen seconds mark exactly, you get the Speedrun Achievement, with the description "Glitchless, no cheats."
  • The Center for Chaos Containment's mobile unit is A113, making a reference to Pixar and how this code is hidden in some of their movies.
    • A113 is also used by alumni of CalArts as it is the number of a titular classroom and used in almost any animation media that was worked on by said alumni.
  • The "Heart with Eyes" fail is a reference to the N64 game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask where the moon would end the world in 3 days in the game. On the fail screen, you can also hear the Happy Mask Salesman's laugh which is also from Majora's Mask.
  • It is not known how far the Center for Chaos Containment's Ultimate Freeze reaches. If it does have a finite reach, it might be possible for those who did not get hit by its effects (such as Ellias, who was piloting the mobile unit) to move through the area.
    • The Mobile Unit might also possibly be immune to the Ultimate Freeze's effects.
  • Phantom traces his origin to Star Craft II, more specifically the Ghost unit.
  • The G.A.B.E.G.G. might be a callback to G.A.B.E.N. from Infiltrating the Airship, as they are both egg shaped and have a similar acronym.
  • After abusing the physics engine, Hank Stockman and Hayden Brock can be heard betting on the whether the missing Toppat Leader would demolish their assault. During the retreat, Hank can be seen paying Hayden for losing the bet
  • This is the only ending with the word "Toppat" not to include Ellie Rose.
  • This is the only ending where none of the Toppats die or get arrested excluding Joe Cool and some other unknown FtC Toppats as they weren't captured by the Government.
  • This is the only Rapidly Promoted Executive pathway to not have Reginald previously dethrone Henry, in the intro dethrone Henry, or suggest dethroning Henry during the last option, before deciding not to.
  • This is the only ending that has a number in it.
  • This is one of the endings of the only Two Forks in Completing the Mission.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Two Idiots"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme.
🎧 "Big Boy"
PuffballsUnited Played when Big Boy begins to wreak havoc at the Government base thanks to Henry's actions.
🎧 "Beware: Mechs"
Ockeroid Ending theme.


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