Toppat Civil Warfare is one of sixteen endings in Completing the Mission.

This ending can be reached by combining the Rapidly Promoted Executive and Ghost Inmate endings from the previous games in the Endings Hub.


Three days after escaping from The Wall undetected, Henry returns to the Toppat Airship to resume his duties of the Clan. However, unbeknownst to him, an embittered Ellie Rose managed to escape from The Wall on her own as well and has hitched a ride on Henry's vehicle leading to the Airship.

Henry is surprised to see Ellie, who introduces herself to the Toppat Clan and reveals to them that Henry had abandoned her to rot in the prison complex after exploiting her trust for his own gain. Spotting an opportunity to reclaim power in the Clan, Reginald Copperbottom calls Henry out for his lack of honor and begins to rally his clanmates to the effort of overthrowing him from Clan leadership.

During the denouncement ceremony, Geoffrey Plumb and Thomas Chestershire voice their opposition to the change of leadership, only for the Right Hand Man to order any of Henry's loyalists to be sent to the airship brig. Henry is sent to the plank during the ceremony, but when Reginald approaches him to reclaim the leader's top hat, Henry throws him overboard, forcing the Right Hand Man to fly away from the airship to rescue him. Ellie and other Toppats quickly respond by drawing assault rifles on Henry as the former commands him to jump.

Henry can:

  • [X] Plead: Henry is about to beg Ellie to spare him, but she doesn't want to hear it and doesn't even let him speak. She shoots him on the fail screen. (Message: I don't think so, Tim.)
  • [X] Chainsaw: Henry grabs a chainsaw and saws the plank in half, expecting that just like in cartoons, his half will stay airborne while the other half with the airship will fall and crash. Apparently, it doesn't work that way and Henry falls to his death. (Message: Hm. Definitely thought the other side would fall, like in all the other cartoons.)
  • [X] Save State: Henry saves the game, but this does not get him out of trouble and Ellie shoots him in the knee[1]. This fail is linked to the 'Load Save' option in Jewel Baron. If 'Load Save' is selected after using 'Save State' in this path, then it will take you to this fail instead of replaying the cutscene (Message: Shot through the leg, and you're to blame. You give save states a bad name.)
  • Helicopter Hat: Henry jumps off the plank, to Ellie's delight, but then uses a helicopter rotor in his hat to fly back to the Airship.

He flies and crashes into the brig where his followers and Dave Panpa were imprisoned. The brig's guard, Floyd Winters, is knocked out thanks to Henry's crash landing, which also pierces through Dave's cell. Geoffrey assures Henry that he and Thomas are still with him and asks him to free them. Floyd begins to wake up, prompting Henry to act quickly:

  • [X] Mind Crystal: Henry uses a mind crystal from The Sims on Floyd, and orders him to open the cells. However, Floyd can't proceed because of his hat blocking his path, and switches back to his default action of aiming a gun at Henry. (Message: Ugh! Schalooob!)
  • [X] Toppy: Henry uses his hat to possess Floyd (which is a reference to Super Mario Odyssey with Cappy) and free the prisoners. Unfortunately, Geoffrey doesn't believe this new Henry is indeed Henry and instead throws him off the Airship. (Message: They could tell you don't look like Henry. What, you think all stick figures look the same??)
  • Dave: Henry asks Dave to help him take down Floyd. Dave attempts to charge at Floyd and immediately gets overpowered, but Henry uses the opening to knock out Floyd again and rob him of the brig's keys.

With the keys, Henry frees Geoffrey and Thomas. Then, they hear over the intercom that Henry has officially been denounced as the Toppat Leader. Geoffrey asks Henry on how to continue from here, and presents three plans:

  • [X] The Good Gents: Henry and his followers breach into the cockpit to confront Reginald and Ellie, but a furious Right Hand Man uses his cybernetic eye to fire a laser at the gang, killing Henry and Geoffrey. (Message: What!? That's OP! They better be nerfing that in the next patch!)
  • [X] Midnight Surprise: Henry and his team wait until near-midnight, before rigging the entire airship with explosives and set them off. But since they themselves are still on board, the explosion kills them too. (Message: Ah, just like old times. That was a poorly thought out plan...)
  • Deuces!: Henry and his followers use an Escape Pod to leave the airship. On their way to the ground, they collide with Reginald and the Right Hand Man, unknowingly killing them both.

Henry and his followers land in safety but are left stranded in a wasteland and now are on their own, while Ellie takes control of the rest of the Toppat Clan, which become her squad. Since then, the clan has been split in two, with both sides engaged on civil war.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.


  • Due to the lack of closure, being the only one left on a cliffhanger, this ending is usually considered the worst ending of CtM by fans.
  • This and The Betrayed are the only two endings where Reginald dethrones Henry.
  • This is the only ending where Ellie doesn't help Henry, and instead is against him.
  • If the player happen to use the "Load Save" option in the "Jewel Baron" route and have already gotten the "Save State" fail, they'll be loaded to the Save State fail and restart from there, as long as you have not exited the game.
    • The fail message in the "Save State" option references the song You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi.
  • This is the only pathway in which Henry's decision to abandon Ellie during Ghost Inmate comes back to bite him. In all other pathways involving Ghost Inmate, Ellie is not seen or mentioned again.
  • The Toppat Orbital Station does not appear in this pathway. It is implied that the Toppats never made it.
    • It is also the only pathway that doesn't take place in or around the Dogobogo Jungle, or in space. It takes place on board the Airship, which appears to fly above the same desert from Infiltrating the Airship. It is also implied that the Toppats never arrived at the Jungle and instead focused on fighting Henry in the aftermath.
  • The "Helicopter Hat" option could be a reference to the Gadget 'Copter from Inspector Gadget.
  • The "Toppy" option references Cappy and his power to have Mario capture people, animals, and objects when Mario throws him on them in Super Mario Odyssey.
  • This is the only pathway that ends with a unique "Mission Complete?" message in contrast to all the other pathways that directly state "Mission Complete" once their endings are reached. this is due to the pathway ending with a cliffhanger.
  • Geoffrey's choices icons are references from Microsoft Office Word's document files.
  • The ending's name and screen is a reference to "Captain America: Civil War".
  • This ending, along with Revenged and Capital Gains, are the endings with the shortest paths to accomplish in Completing The Mission, with them all having 3 successful options.
  • There is a plot hole in the ending. In Revenged, it takes the Toppats only 10 hours to arrive at the Toppat Launch Site, but in this pathway, 3 days pass and the Toppats have not even arrived in the Jungle.
  • The ending is the shortest among all other endings, and is the ending mostly used by speed runners in both PU and No PU Categories.
  • This is the only ending where Ellie is the main antagonist.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Dishonorable Discharge"
Ockeroid Opening theme.
🎧 "Fractured"
Ockeroid Ending theme.


  1. If Henry chooses the "Load Save" option in the "Jewel Baron" route, the game switches to the "Toppat Civil Warfare" route at this fail scenario.
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