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We've been having some issues with a group of thieves known as the Toppat Clan. We know they're guilty, we just can't pin them to any crimes.
Captain Hubert Galeforce to Henry Stickmin[src]

The Toppat Clan is an international criminal syndicate and a major antagonistic organization of the Henry Stickmin series.

It appears as the unseen secondary antagonistic faction of Stealing the Diamond and the main antagonistic faction of Infiltrating the Airship and most pathways of Completing the Mission, with some exceptions depending on which path by a combination of endings from the two prior games, but always have a guaranteed main role in every single path of CtM, although not all for the same reasons. They are also optional secondary antagonists in Fleeing the Complex, in “The Betrayed” pathway.


The elite members of the Clan as seen in the intro of Infiltrating the Airship, including the leader Reginald Copperbottom and his Right Hand Man.

The Toppat Clan is described as a group of international thieves. Its members are known for wearing top hats or other hats. They also choose a nickname, or obtain one from others, as implied by several members' bios.

Among their ranks, they have a wide variety of criminals, including thieves and burglars, former law enforcement, con artists, corrupt politicians, and even wizards and witches. Various portrait galleries and character bios seen in the games indicate the clan has been around for at the very least several decades.

They have various resources at their disposal, including their Airship, a Train, and a Secret Base in the Dogobogo Jungle. Infiltrating the Airship. They store all of their stolen possessions in large boxes in their airship's cargo hold. Apparently, they also keep a records library to store documents on their past activities. They are also somehow able to keep any incriminating details secure, such as the government was unable to legally demolish it.

In the clan's past, there was apparently a stretch of time called the "Party Era", which was fun until the clan went bankrupt. Randy Radman was the leader during this stretch of time.[1]



Toppat Clan members are placed into classes 1-7. Their choice of top hat depends on what class they're in.

Known Leaders

  • Reginald Copperbottom - The leader of the clan during Infiltrating the Airship's events. Cowardly, yet pretty big on loyalty and respect. Overthrew the last leader, Terrence Suave. If Henry becomes the leader, he becomes his right hand man, and will either remain that way, get demoted from that position as well and become simply a high-ranking Toppat, or try to take back his position as the leader of the clan.
  • Right Hand Man - The second-in-command during the game's events. He's extremely strong, brave and loyal. In the paths of Completing the Mission that follow the endings Rapidly Promoted Executive or Relentless Bounty Hunter, parts of his body have been replaced with cybernetics due to his fight with Henry. If Reginald is absent, The Right Hand Man takes his place, although his name remains "Right Hand Man"
  • Sven Svensson - Took over leadership after Reginald and the Right Hand Man disappeared/were arrested during the Government Supported Private Investigator ending. Is the leader in all paths following this ending. If the previous Right Hand Man is the leader, he becomes the RHM's right hand man.
  • Henry Stickmin (Determinant) - Can become the leader in the Rapidly Promoted Executive ending after Reginald surrenders the airship to him. He is still the leader in all of the endings following it with only a few exceptions, being The Betrayed and its sequel, Revenged, where he is betrayed by Reginald and destroys the entire clan in retribution, as well as in Toppat Civil Warfare where he is dethroned by Reginald after protesting against his leadership because of Ellie telling the clan that Henry betrayed her.
  • Ellie Rose (Determinant) - Henry's Right Hand Lady in the Toppat King ending (Rapidly Promoted Executive/Convict Allies route). In the Toppat Civil Warfare ending (Rapidly Promoted Executive/Ghost Inmate route), she can become the leader and declare war against Henry's much smaller faction, creating the Toppat Civil War.


  • Dusty - Had one of the longest runs. Sometimes people thought he was dead, because he was so slow.
  • Cloudface - He lost his position because people couldn't understand what he was saying because of the beard.
  • Reynaldo the Brute - One of the fiercest leaders, who died during combat.
  • Jaques Kensington - He was a bit eccentric. Always walked around with a gold deagle.
  • Randy Radman - Ran the Toppat Clan through the Party Era. Everything was a blast until they went bankrupt.
  • T.R.N.K. - A failed attempt at resurrecting a long dead leader. It didn't take long for him to betray the clan after that. He was presumably killed by the clan later with Billy G. taking his place.
  • Billy G. - Replaced T.R.N.K. as the leader. Despite numerous claims that "he's not my lover", he was quite romantic. He was soon defeated by Sir Wilford IV who took the position of leader after him.
  • Sir Wilford IV - He defeated Billy G. to be the leader. He hated incompetence and was remembered as one of the best leaders.
  • Terrence Suave - He came right after Wilford IV. He was said to be one of the worst leaders, due to his recklessness, poor leadership, and the fact that he launched pointless raids for the thrill and because of this, he was overthrown by Reginald.

Besides these few, there are many more that we don't know about.


Introduced before Infiltrating the Airship

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Introduced in Infiltrating the Airship

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Introduced in Fleeing the Complex

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Introduced in Completing the Mission

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  • PuffballsUnited originally created the Toppat Clan for his first animation short Operation Infiltration, but they appeared as circles with arched black and blue top hats instead of how they look now.
  • The bio for Eduardo Gioncarlo reveals that usually, the Toppats will search for criminals and ask if they want to join. There are only eight known exceptions, prior to Eduardo.
    • Grunt, a member who "randomly showed up" according to his bio, and was accepted by the Clan as they didn't want to turn down a skilled fighter.
    • Matthew Norbert, who only joined because he didn’t have anything else to do.
    • Quincy Tattlemuffin, who was born into the Toppats, due to his family being in the Clan for multiple generations.
    • Howie Howitzer, who was an orphan adopted by the Clan.
    • Henry Stickman, who was frequently accused as a criminal due to confusion with Henry Stickmin and joined to brush off these allegations.
    • Hat Girl, a possible alien "who randomly showed up one day" and joined the ranks.
    • Henry Stickmin, the protagonist who went rogue on a mission and became the Toppat Leader in the Rapidly Promoted Executive ending/sought out the Toppats along with his friend and partner, Ellie Rose, and joined them Toppat Recruits ending.
    • Ellie Rose, the tritagonist who sought out and joined the Clan in the Toppat Recruits ending/willingly joined the Clan in the Toppat King ending.
  • The Toppat Orbital Station uses the Legacy insignia of the Clan, despite being in the Collection.



  1. Randy Radman's bio: "Ran the Toppat Clan through the 'Party Era'. Things were a blast until they were bankrupt."
  2. Henry is not a Toppat at first though he can optionally become one throughout the events of the series
  3. Albeit his arrest was only seen in Lawyered Up, it was confirmed by PuffballsUnited that he still had trial in other routes.
  4. In his CtM Bio, it was revealed that Gene was a member of the Toppat Clan all along, this means he was part of the Clan even during StD
  5. Similarly to Henry, Ellie is also not a Toppat at first but she can optionally become one depending on Henry's relationship with the Clan
  6. Despite being a prisoner for the Toppats who is optionally freed, Dave can be affiliated with the Toppats in the TCW path as he is part of Henry's Squad in that pathway which is an alternate faction of the Toppat Clan
  7. Stickmin Space Resort employees are all reformed Toppats so these unknown crew members were once Toppats (at least in SSR as they are still Toppats in other paths)
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