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Toppat King is one of the sixteen endings in Completing the Mission. It involves Henry Stickmin stopping the government from preventing the rocket launch with the help of Ellie Rose and the Right Hand Man.

This pathway is selected by choosing the "Rapidly Promoted Executive" and "Convict Allies" endings.


After escaping The Wall, Henry Stickmin and Ellie Rose head to the Toppat Launch Site. Impressed with what she's seeing, Ellie decides to help the Toppat Clan. Henry meets up with Reginald Copperbottom and his Right Hand Man in an air control tower, finding out that the former had taken up leadership in his absence, something Henry isn't all that content with.

Reginald informs Henry that the Clan went along with the plan to launch the Toppat Orbital Station into space. Their preparations are interrupted when the Government launches an assault on the launch site, prompting Reginald to send Ellie and Right Hand Man to the rocket, while he and Henry stay behind to initiate the launch sequence.

The Government locates Henry and Reginald, launching an ambush. A Government helicopter manned by Liam Rogers armed with Gatling guns corners the duo. Reginald urges the Henry to come up with a plan on-the-spot:

  • [X] Very Accurate Targetting System: Using an assault rifle, Henry aims for Liam's head with a 95% hit chance and fires four bullets with a cinematic effect. Unfortunately, all of them miss, after which Liam retaliates by gunning down Henry and Reginald. (MSG: ... 95 percent, huh?)
  • [X] Super Punch: Henry leaps out of the tower and punches the helicopter away, but then realizes he was airborne and falls to his death. (MSG: The Toppats will always remember you as a hero.)
  • Wrist Strapped Grapple Hook: Henry uses the grapple hook to hijack the helicopter, throwing Rogers off to his death.

Reginald is being surrounded by a platoon of soldiers, including Vance Kite. To save him, Henry can:

  • [X] Abandon: Henry leaves Reginald to the Vance and the Government and flies toward the space station. However, Jack Doogan and the rest of the Toppats cannot distinguish the helicopter's allegiance, prompting them to destroy it. (MSG: That's Karma for ya.)
  • [X] Helicopter: Henry rams his helicopter to them, presumably killing everyone. (MSG: Who do you think you are? Charles?)
  • Mounted Gun: Henry leaves the controls and guns down the soldiers near Reginald, saving him.

Henry is able to bail out of the unstable chopper before it crashes. Upon landing, Henry spots Norm Hexter, Frankie Pizza, and Howard Lipton attempting an EMP bomb on the launch pad in order to cripple the rocket.

  • [X] Boomerang: Henry throws a boomerang from The Legend of Zelda that hits all three soldiers, knocking them out, but when it returns, it also knocks out Henry. (MSG: What a stunning performance.)
  • [X] Revolver: Activating Deadeye, Henry attempts to lock on and take down the three soldiers at once. However, he stalls long enough to be shot down by Howard Lipton. (Message: Were you waiting til High Noon-Thirty to shoot?)
  • Flute: Henry uses a flute to summon a bird that takes him to Hexter, Pizza, and Lipton and allows Henry to snatch the bomb away.

Soon, the soldiers shoot down the bird, sending Henry to the ground. He lands right next to the Right Hand Man as they are now surrounded by Victoria Grits's Platoon (Gerald Gruff, Billy Brown, Orbyn Lanp, Dan D. Lyons, 3 Unknown Soldiers).

  • [X] Summon: Henry summons Shoop Da Whoop from the moon to eliminate the soldiers. However, it took a week to arrive, with them losing the battle by then. (MSG: Last week, but not to worry.)
  • [X] Charge: Henry makes a run for it until he gets shot down by Billy Brown seconds later, much to RHM's confusion. (MSG: Oh my god, he just ran in.)
  • [X] Style On 'Em: Henry and the Right Hand Man team up to take down the soldiers, performing a stylish move from Paper Mario. They however only manage to take out one of the soldiers, Billy Brown, leaving them open for Victoria Grit and Gerald Gruff to arrest them. (MSG: Not gonna lie, that was pretty stylish.)
  • Dual Tech: The Right-Hand Man gives Henry his pistols, jumps high in the air, and then activates his laser eye directly on Henry to make him spin while the latter shoots, killing all the surrounding soldiers with laser bolts.

From afar, an impressed Reginald witnesses Henry and the Right Hand Man's teamwork. With one minute to take off, Ellie catches up in a Government jeep and offers the two to hitch a quick ride toward the rocket. On the way up, Major Hershell Panzer (in a Mech suit) and his platoon, Lucas Broomhandle, June July, Teemu Suomi, Ollie Andorin, and Gerry Atrix are blocking their path. Ellie suggests Henry to find a way out.

  • [X] Timeout: If no option is chosen, Hershell stops the jeep and causes the three outlaws to fly off. (MSG: Seatbelts everyone!)
  • [X] Right Hand Man: The RHM transmutes his legs into a thruster and hops to the back of the vehicle. The jeep speeds past the platoon but ends up penetrating the rocket. (MSG: Overshot by just a liiiiiiiitle bit.)
  • [X] Ellie: Ellie pulls out an assault rifle and shoots at the soldiers. However, with no one driving the jeep and her foot on the gas pedal, it veers to the right and flies off the ramp. (MSG: Shooting from a moving vehicle is actually really hard. Especially if you're supposed to be driving.)
  • Henry: Henry climbs on the hood of the jeep and punches Hershell in the face, knocking him out cold.

Henry falls from the jeep, while Ellie and the Right Hand Man make it to the rocket as it launches. Ellie pleads the two others to get Henry, in which Reginald promises her to keep the door open as long as he can. As the rocket is taking off without him, Henry panics.

  • [X] Cloud: Henry uses a cloud from Super Mario Bros. to fly to the rocket. Unfortunately, a moment before the cloud approaches the door, it disappears due to the rocket going past the altitude where clouds can form, causing him to fall. (MSG: Today's forecast: No clouds.)
  • [X] G-Inverter: Henry uses the G-Inverter to reverse gravity and causes everything to get sucked up into the sky. However, he is unable to reverse the process and ends up flying past the rocket. (MSG: Pretty sure I had a nightmare like this.)
  • Abandoned Tank: Henry climbs in the tank, backs up against a palm tree, and fires at the ground, launching himself up quickly to the rocket.

The tank almost reaches to the rocket door, allowing Henry to dismount and barely make the jump. Reginald is able to catch Henry in time. He jokes on that he could betray Henry, before pulling him up, as Henry has gained his respect while personally defending the Toppats. The door is then presumably closed before the rocket reaches outer space.

The Toppat Orbital Station is successfully established. While a few Toppats members such as Fredrick Muenster and Smooshed Sammy got left behind and arrested by the Government, the remaining majority can now raid any place on earth with terrifying ease. Ellie was officially recruited into the Toppat Clan as Henry's Right Hand Lady, while Reginald and his Right Hand Man remain as the clan's top operators, performing several successful operations.


Italics indicate they only appear in this ending.


  • Reginald's attempted betrayal is a reference to The Betrayed route in FtC, where he drops Henry to his death for usurping his position as the Toppat leader.
  • The helicopter fail is a reference to how the Charles option usually results in him crashing his vehicle into something.
  • This ending has the most parts out of any CtM ending, with 6 parts, tied with Special BROvert Ops and Free Man.
    • Out of these, Free Man has the most fails, at 15, closely followed by Toppat King at 14 and then Special BROvert Ops at 13.


Track Composer / Artist Notes
"Preparations Interrupted" Ockeroid Opening Theme
"Elysium" Elation Plays during the car ride scene
"Toppat King" PuffballsUnited Ending Theme
Breaking the Bank

The Story Begins

Escaping the Prison

Sneaky Escapist Lawyered Up Badass Bust Out

Stealing the Diamond

Intruder on a Scooter Just Plain Epic Unseen Burglar

Infiltrating the Airship

Government Supported Private Investigator Pure Blooded Thief Relentless Bounty Hunter Rapidly Promoted Executive

Fake: Lightning Quick Larcenist

Fleeing the Complex

Ghost Inmate Convict Allies Presumed Dead International Rescue Operative The Betrayed

Completing the Mission

Toppat King Cleaned 'em Out Stickmin Space Resort Little Nest Egg Special BROvert Ops Master Bounty Hunter Jewel Baron Valiant Hero Free Man Revenged Toppat Civil Warfare Pardoned Pals Toppat Recruits Capital Gains Toppat 4 Life Triple Threat

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