"Listen, Listen! You've defeated my right-hand man, and then you've defeated me. I surrender the airship to you." - Trying to bargain with Henry.

The Toppat Leader is the main antagonist in Infiltrating the Airship and the The Betrayed ending in Fleeing the Complex.

Fleeing The Complex

"Yes, hello? Henry? Where are you? Eh? In the complex, called "The Wall?" Oh yes of course so, we'll, uhh, we'll be right there. Sit tight and I'll let you know when we're close."

- The Toppat Leader answering Henry's phone.

Upon escaping his prison cell, Henry calls upon the Toppat Clan to help him escape. The Toppat Leader answers and comes to his aid in his airship. The leader sends some of the clan's members to distract the guards in the cafeteria, so Henry can escape. He tries using his old scooter to try to reach the airship, but when it seems like he will not make it, the Toppat Leader grabs his hand, and his true intentions are revealed. He intends to retake the Toppat Clan from him; he has no intention of rescuing Henry. He then bids Henry farewell, lets go of his arm, and watches Henry fall to his death, earning the rank The Betrayed.