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Toppat Orbital Station

Located in Dogobogo Jungle, South America (Rocket)
Low Earth Orbit (Launched)
The Wall (Triple Threat)
People Toppat Clan
Affiliations Toppat Clan Logo.png Toppat Clan

Stickmin Space Resort (SSR)

Interiors Cafeteria, Cockpit, Portraits, Medbay, Core, Cell, Vault, Gravity Chamber, Orion Lounge, Communication Room, Armory, Engine Room, Storage, Escape Pods
Exteriors Satellites, Solar panels, Supreme Dominance laser, Shields
Appears in CtM logo.png
Pathways Every Path Except Toppat Civil Warfare
Status Determinant
You know… Luxurious lounges… Plenty of room… Great view of Earth… Far enough away from any meddling governments… Yeah. Still happenin’ then?
― Icepick on the phone with another Toppat[src]

The Toppat Orbital Station is a gigantic space station owned by the Toppat Clan. It is featured in all pathways (except for "Toppat Civil Warfare") of Completing the Mission.


It is a long white rocket with several windows and pillars at the top. The cockpit is located at the very top of the station (seen as a tiny stub from the outside). It has 16 solar panels. A grey joint in the center of the station between the solar panels with 2 circular rings that rotate once in orbit, as well as the Orion Lounge window that closes and opens. At the bottom of the hull is a grey half-circle that hides the Supreme Dominance laser, seen only in the "Jewel Baron" pathway.


Depending on which pathway the player chooses, the Orbital Station is either still at the Toppat Launch Site ready to launch (with Henry having to either prevent that launch, or help to make it happen), or it is already in orbit above Earth. The only paths in which the Orbital Station is already in orbit are Free Man, Jewel Baron, and Valiant Hero, however depending on Henry's status he has a different mission with it. Either escaping from it, stealing something from it, or taking it down.


The Orbital Station is large enough to house the entire Toppat Clan and all their resources. It is powered by solar panels and has artificial gravity.

It is launched from the Toppat Launch Site with help of three rocket engines, that detach after launch. Before launch, it was loaded with all resources brought in by the Toppat Train. To give an impression of the stations' size; the walkway leading from the launch site to the rocket was so long a car was needed to cross it.

The Orbital Station has multiple weapons, defenses and subsidiaries such as:

  • Point-defense lasers that destroys any hostile objects in sight. Its inaccuracy reduces its effectiveness against smaller, speedy targets.
  • A cannon that fires a Big Bomb with huge blast radius if the target is too fast for the lasers to hit.
  • A shield generator that surrounds the station with a force field, slicing anything in its way.
  • The Supreme Dominance, a gigantic laser generator and the most powerful mounted weapon on the station. Its beam is capable of vaporizing matter in a matter of seconds - as long as it isn't reflected - at the expense of a long heat-up period.
  • A tractor beam for sending Toppats down to a designated location on Earth to raid and retrieve them back to the Orbital Station with the stolen valuables.
  • A Communications Satellite that used to track and collect data. It can also send messages or status reports to Burt's computer and he will transfer the report to Reginald Copperbottom. It is also used as a radar for reporting any nearby unidentified objects to Burt Curtis, and he will be able to take a closer look of it on his computer before he engages on the target.
  • A Laser Satellite that charges and shoots a powerful laser that can travel hundreds of miles away and the blast is capable of destroying an entire continent, it is often confused that which end of the satellite does the laser fires from as seen in "Free Man."
  • A Drop Pod for traveling back to Earth and back to the Orbital Station. Essentially a durable escape pod, it requires a person to operate, but is able to travel rapidly and can withstand quite a beating. It is able to survive rough landings without sustaining any damage and with the operator still intact.

Interior areas


The Cafeteria is a large central room in the orbital station. It has a nice view of space. The Cafeteria is one of the most common places where fails happen, because so many Toppats are in it.

Orion Lounge

Another relaxation area. It has several tables to sit at, and a pool table. It seems to be directly connected to the vault. The window can be seen from the outside of the station in between the solar panels if it is open.

Gravity chamber

Where the station's artificial gravity is generated. For some reason, it contains a huge gap that Henry has to try and cross in the "Jewel Baron" pathway. It's a reference to Crossing the Pit.


The Toppats store their valuables here inside multiple cells, locked and suspended behind a transparent panel each. It is possible to retrieve something by simply opening the gate, or eject it into space.


There are multiple armories on board the station, where the Toppats store their weapons. Members are supposed to lock the doors when leaving an armory, but frequently forget to do so, as seen in "Free Man." The armories contains mostly assault rifles but also special weapons such as the Big Sword, the Underbarrel Grenade Launcher and the Pew Pew Gun.


There are at least 14 cells on board for detaining prisoners. The prisoner can be suspended from the ceiling with handcuffs, and at the push of a button get ejected off the station and into space.

Hall of Fame

The dome on top of the station contains a large portrait gallery with paintings of former Toppat Leaders and other prominent members.


Seen in "Toppat Recruits"[1], the Medbay is a white room with various beds, reserved for the injured members.

Storage room

The storage room is where most of the Toppat Clan's assets are stored in the station.

Escape pod area

The escape pod area is where most of the escape pods are located. It is only seen in "Valiant Hero." Next to the escape pod doors, the escape pods are labeled. The floor is metal and gray, while the walls are orange. At the entrance to the room, there is some yellow and darker yellow caution tape.

Escape Pods

The station has several Escape Pods. Most are small spherical capsules with seats along the sides and controls at the back, capable of holding 2 people. More may fit in, probably up to 4, but it will be extremely cramped.

  • Three People Escape Pod: HazMatt is clearly seen in a special escape pod with a single seat during one of the fails at the end of the "Valiant Hero." It is unclear where the controls are located on this type of escape pod. This type also has a reverse thruster for some reason, but this may also be the case for others.
  • Luxury Escape Pod: A slightly larger escape pod, capable of comfortably seating 6 people. It appears to be exclusive to more important elite Toppat members. Besides the extra seating space and "LUXURY" marking on the door, however, no changes are visible.
  • Leader's Escape Pod: A very large disk-shaped escape pod. Unusually, the door is a sliding circular hatch. It is plastered with portraits of Reginald Copperbottom, but it may have different portraits up if there is a different leader. It also has various other decorations and comfort items. The escape pod is durable enough to smash glass-first into the ground with no major damage.

Engine Room

The Engine Room is a room with what is presumed to be an internal combustion engine used to generate electricity for the station and other structures near the launch pad. When the station gets into orbit, the solar panels replace its role.


The Hallways of the ship are ways crew members can get from one place to another. All of the areas in the ship are accessible from them.


The Core of the orbital station is a large room with a cylindrical tower and multiple catwalks leading to the sides of it. It satisfies all power demands, although it is also quite fragile. The only way to get in and out is going through a keycard blocked metal door. Whatever inside the core is never seen, though judging from the space station's destruction in Valiant Hero, it can be presumed as a nuclear reactor or equivalent.


Numerous Toppat Members:

Individual Deaths:

  • Reginald Copperbottom: Sucked out of escape pod and died in space (Jewel Baron) Killed by rocket explosion after support beams were destroyed (Pardoned Pals)
  • Right Hand Man: Launched out the Orbital Station and died in space after Henry Stickmin steals his hat with an oxygen mask in it (Jewel Baron) or Support beams shot, causing the Orbital Station to fall and explode into smithereens (Pardoned Pals)
  • Sven Svensson: Support beams shot, causing the Orbital Station to fall and explode into smithereens (Pardoned Pals)
  • Wilhelm Krieghaus: Launched out the Orbital Station and suffocated in space (Jewel Baron)
  • Burt Curtis: Space Station being cut in half by the deflected Supreme Dominance Laser (Jewel Baron)
  • Charles Calvin: Killed in explosion after sacrificing himself to save Henry (Valiant Hero)
  • Jacked Hughman: Killed by Charles or died in explosion after being defeated by Charles (Valiant Hero)
  • The Leprechaun: Blown up with the Space Station (Valiant Hero) or Support beams shot, causing the Orbital Station to fall and explode into smithereens (Pardoned Pals)
  • Chuck Wellington, The Bookie and Fred Finestone: Shot by Henry Stickmin with the Pew Pew Gun (Free Man)
  • Fredrick Muenster: Shot by Henry Stickmin with the Pew Pew Gun (Free Man) Support beams shot, causing the Orbital Station to fall and explode into smithereens (Pardoned Pals)
  • Dmitri Johannes Petrov: Thrown off the Launching Station by Henry Stickmin (Toppat Recruits) or Support beams shot, causing the Orbital Station to fall and explode into smithereens (Pardoned Pals)
  • Grigori Olyat: Shot to death by Henry Stickmin and Ellie Rose (Toppat Recruits) or Support beams shot, causing the Orbital Station to fall and explode into smithereens (Pardoned Pals)
  • Thomas Chestershire, Carol Cross, Slice, Poppedtop, Mr. Macbeth, Beans, Mr. Jobb and Chip Crumm: Support beams shot, causing the Toppat Orbital Station to fall and explode into smithereens (Pardoned Pals)

Quotes heard from the Rocket

Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits

  • "The rocket is launching in:" - When Henry and Ellie makes their way to the top of the launch tower and into the rocket.
  • "Two minutes."

Jewel Baron

  • "Breach in Orion Lounge." - After the glass in the Orion lounge is shattered.
  • "Critical damage!" - After the Supreme Dominance slices the station.

Stickmin Space Resort

  • "Emergency launch protocol activated." - When Henry makes to the cockpit and starts up the rocket.

Special BROvert Ops/Triple Threat

  • "The rocket will be launching very soon." - Sven Svensson (Pilot) after Henry lands on top of the SAM turret building with or without Ellie.
  • "Please get onboard immediately." - Sven Svensson
  • "I will not hesitate to leave you behind!" - Sven declaring he will not hesitate leave anyone not onboard

Valiant Hero

  • "Warning! Critical damage to core. Please evacuate immediately." - After Charles smashes his spaceship into the station's central core.
  • "Damage to core. Please evacuate immediately." - When Charles opens the vent and seeing Toppat members panicking.
  • "Reverse thruster engaged." - When the Toppat closes the door and the escape pod smashes into both Henry and Charles.

Special BROvert Ops

  • "Seems like we're having some problems with the engine." - Sven after Henry tosses a Red Herring fish into the engine's intakes.
  • "Can we get the crew to look at that?!" - Sven asking the crew to check the engine


  • The poster in Orion Lounge is a reference to Among Us, another game developed by Innersloth.
    • When Henry smashes the teleporter to pieces and gets to the room with the emerald, a mini purple crewmate from Among Us can be seen in the top left pod, which must be collected for the Assemble the Crew achievement.
  • The station's top is similar to the United States of America Capitol building in Washington D.C.
  • The Gravity Chamber's ambience theme is shared with the Reactor in Among Us.
  • Anything that is in the hologram when the shield is generating will be sliced in half if they don't escape in time when the shield is fully deployed.



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  1. Ellie is seen recovering from her wounds here