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Triple Threat is one of the sixteen endings in Completing the Mission.

It involves Henry & Ellie teaming up with Charles to stop the rocket from launching.

The ending can be started after choosing "Government Supported Private Investigator" and "Convict Allies" endings in the Endings Hub.


Having fled from The Wall, Henry and Ellie wait for Charles Calvin to pick them up. Charles later arrives with his helicopter, and upon meeting, Charles and Ellie quickly become allies for to their mutual friendship with Henry. Charles then informs the duo that General Galeforce had sanctioned this pickup in exchange for the group's help in taking down the Toppat Clan once again at their launch site. As Charles is helping them get away from The Wall, Henry and Ellie agree to help The Government.

Charles informs the duo that the remnants of the Toppat Clan have planned to launch a space station into orbit around the Earth which would allow them to raid anywhere on the globe with ease, jeopardizing global security. Charles remarks that if they succeed with the launch, the Toppats would become a serious threat towards the government. He is optimistic about their mission due to him and Henry working well together in the past, as well as Henry and Ellie's partnership formed during their escape from the complex.

Arriving at the Toppat Launch Site, Henry and Ellie prepare to disembark from the helicopter.

  • [X] Parking Lot via Parachute: Henry and Ellie parachute down into the parking lot and come in hot under fire by Barry Bruh. Henry searches under a parked car for a weapon, but only finds an ammunition box and scope to which Barry catches him. (MSG: No guns. Of course...)
  • [X] Tower via Parasol: Henry and Ellie use parasols to land on the aircraft tower. A Toppat clan member named Byeah #503 notices them and radios a comrade. For only a moment, the comrade builds a quick watchtower and shoots Henry and Ellie. (MSG: Outplayed.)
  • [X] Rocket via Wings: Henry and Ellie fly down with wings on their arms to swoop into the rocket, but they fly into the rocket itself and fall off, landing unceremoniously on the ground. This is a reference to the Birdman bonus mode of Pilotwings 64. (MSG: What a graceful landing.)
  • Turret via Jetpack: Henry and Ellie fly down in a rocket pod and crash into a SAM turret, destroying it in the process.

Once they land, Charles urges Henry and Ellie to get moving right away, as rocket pilot of new Toppat Leader Sven Svensson, makes an announcement that the rocket will launch very soon. This creates a unique choice screen where there are five choices overall, but the player can only see and use three at the time. One has to use the Swap option to switch between Ellie and Henry in order to see all available options.

Ellie's options:

  • [X] Throw: Ellie picks up Henry and spins him around, and throws him at the rocket. He only flies a few feet before falling to his death. (MSG: So long-eh, Henry!)
  • [X] Climb Down and Run: Henry and Ellie climb down the building with a rope and run up the rocket gangplank. Underestimating the actual length of the ramp, they both collapse in exhaustion long before reaching the door at the top. (MSG: Only 20 more minutes until you’re almost halfway there!)

Henry's options:

  • [X] Build: As a reference to Minecraft, Henry uses dirt blocks to build a path for him and Ellie to follow. However, at some point, Henry runs out of dirt blocks, steps off, and dies from fall damage, leaving behind his shoes, a stick, and some cooked beef. (MSG: You died!)
  • Barrel: Henry places a barrel with an explosion mark on it, jumps in with Ellie, and they fire into the sky, collecting bananas and hitting other barrels that launch them upwards. This is a direct reference to the Donkey Kong Country series of games.

Each time the Swap button is pushed, they sound like monkeys. If the player selects the Swap option repeatedly six times, Charles will radio in and comment that it looks fun but that they're on a strict time limit. The player will earn the "This is Fun!" medal.

After getting shot out of the last barrel, Charles swoops in to help Ellie and Henry with his helicopter. He can:

  • [X] Timeout: If no option is chosen in time, Henry and Ellie slam into the helicopter and fall to their deaths. (MSG: He came outta nowhere!)
  • [X] Net: Charles shoots Henry and Ellie with a net that plasters them to the cafeteria window of the rocket. (MSG: That's a net loss for you two.)
  • [X] Hand: Charles high-fives both Henry and Ellie and then leaves them falling off. (MSG: High Five, bro!)
  • Cannon: Henry and Ellie are caught into a cannon mounted underneath Charles's chopper and are fired through the window of the rocket.

Henry and Ellie get in the rocket’s cafeteria but soon find themselves facing a massive contingent of Toppat clan members. They can:

  • [X] Downgrader: Henry pushes a button and the world immediately reverts to a very low-budget animation with crude stick drawings. Wallace Dagwood and The Toppats, with their guns rendered unusable, knock Henry down and demand him to change the world back, but it turns out that the Downgrader has turned into a non-functioning dot. Furious, Wallace, Fredrick Muenster, The Ruffian, and another Toppat beat up Henry and Ellie by kicking and whacking them using their non-functioning firearms. (MSG: I guess the budget ran out.)
  • [X] Fusion: Henry and Ellie fuse to become Ellry, a powerful entity with Ellie's tenacity and Henry's luck. Ellry asks if there is anyone in the cafeteria who will challenge them. As the Toppat members start to become reluctant, Kabbitz steps in and taunts them before engaging in a rushing battle. Eventually, Kabbitz overpowers Ellry and sends them flying through the window as they land hard enough to create a crater and defuse back into Henry and Ellie as a result. (MSG: Normally this goes on for another 3 hours.)
  • Diversion: Blasting trap music, Henry and Ellie start dancing. The music and their moves create a contagious atmosphere of dance and soon after, the entire Toppat contingent joins in. Many Toppats perform dances taken from or inspired by popular culture. Under the cover of the entire cafeteria dancing, Henry and Ellie make their exit.

After getting through the cafeteria, Henry and Ellie find a ladder to take them through the rocket. However, the rocket begins to lift off. Henry and Ellie have to stop it before it gets into orbit. They can use:

  • [X] Ellie's Plan: The group goes along with Ellie's Plan, which involves her and Henry overloading the reactor in the engine room and causing an explosion, after which Charles will provide the group with an exit outside of the auxiliary exhaust by the "forward left booster". After sabotaging the rocket, the group can not locate each other due to both parties misunderstanding their positions. The engine explodes, killing both Henry and Ellie. (MSG: Forward Left… Your left or mine?)
  • [X] Charles' Plan: Charles' plan of crashing his helicopter into the rocket is disputed by Ellie, questioning its practicality and effectiveness. After a series of clarifications, Henry agrees to go along with Charles' plan, outvoting Ellie. However, because the group wasted too much time debating about Charles' plan, the rocket is already out of Charles' range. (MSG: It would've been amazing, Charles.)
  • Henry's Plan: The group goes along with Henry's plan: he and Ellie breach the cockpit, subdue Sven, and reprogram the rocket to an alternate course. With the rocket redirected from the course to outer space, Henry and Ellie bail from the rocket. With Charles helping to break their descent with his helicopter, the mission is complete.

The rocket is revealed to have landed at The Wall, guaranteeing the apprehension of every Toppat member on board. Ellie reveals that she enjoyed the adventurous aspect of the mission and informs Charles that she and Henry are open to embarking on more missions together-- all he needs to do is call them.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.

Underlined indicate they only appear in fails.


  • This ending starts a short time after Fleeing the Complex, but concludes 3 days afterwards.
  • Charles breaks the 4th wall in this path after saying "Completing the Mission" in a dramatic way.
  • This ending, along with as Cleaned 'em Out and Special BROvert Ops is completely pacifist, meaning it is not possible to kill anyone in the ending.
  • During the Cannon option, when Henry and Ellie smash into the glass window, it it shown as a circle from the outside. However, when they break into the orbital station, it appears as if the bottom of the window is completely flat. It then shows the window as a circle again as they confront the Toppats. This is likely a continuity error.


Link Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Meeting of Allies"
Ockeroid Opening theme.
🎧 "Flight Results"
PuffballsUnited Played during the "Rocket via Wings" fail.
🎧 "Dance Mr. Funnybones (Trap Mix)"
PuffballsUnited Played during the "Diversion" scenario.
🎧 "Scouter Level"
Ockeroid Played during the "Fusion" fail.
🎧 "Henry's Plan"
Ockeroid Ending theme.

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