The Tunisian Diamond is an archaeological exhibit and the titular main element in Stealing the Diamond. It was found in Tunisia and exhibited in the National Museum of History and Culture. It is part of a set of three giant gemstones, the other two being the Romanian Ruby and the Norwegian Emerald. The game revolves around Henry's plan to steal it.


The Tunisian Diamond is a cloudy blue diamond worth $112 million US dollars ($12 million before Remaster). Its size seems to be the biggest factor in its price. It is also obviously hard and heavy. That is evident from the basket fail when Henry Stickmin tries to put the diamond in his scooter basket, but its weight flips the scooter and launches Henry flying into the air. It can also be shown due to the fact that it easily crushes Cliff Knux's skull.

Henry can take the diamond in 3 different ways.

Intruder on a Scooter / Aggressive Way

Henry attaches the diamond with his scooter via a tow cable and rides away. This induces a hot police pursuit, as Henry rides the diamond on the road. When he reaches the dead-end (broken bridge) and has gets ambushed by police, the diamond saves him, as he pushes it with his leg, and falls down the bridge, and wins because he gets the diamond and survives the ambush by police, who think he died after the fall.

Just Plain Epic / Epic Way

Henry sneaks his way to the diamond and eats a Super Mushroom, which turns him into a giant. Massive chaos occurs, and he easily smashes the protection glass and takes the diamond with his bare fingers, which is tiny from his perspective (It appears as an average sapphire). The Center for Chaos Containment sends a giant robot to the museum, which destroys the museum. Henry, now small again, runs away successfully, and the diamond somehow gets launched from the museum and lands right next to him.

Unseen Burglar / Undetected Way

He sneaks his way into the museum by going silently from above. He uses a wire to carefully bring himself down to the exhibit, where he breaks the protection glass silently, with a hammer. He takes the diamond, escapes through a back door and kills a guard standing in his way by dropping the diamond on him and brutally squashing him. This is another proof of the diamond's massive weight. Later, during the credits, it shows some things he bought using the diamond.

In the Jewel Baron ending of Completing the Mission, it is shown that Henry still possesses the diamond.


  • A real life clear diamond its size is easily 30 million dollars.
    • However, the Diamond is actually worth 112 million dollars, according to the television broadcast.
  • In the game Among Us, if one of your tasks is to empty the Trash in the Skeld map, (after you have already done it once at the Cafeteria or at the Oxygen room), the diamond can be found in the trash chute, as well as the Teleporter.


Tunisian Diamond, remastered version

Tunisian Diamond, Legacy version

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