During the game Fleeing the Complex, when Henry calls upon the Toppat Clan to bust him out of The Wall, we learn that the Toppats have an undercover agent within the complex. The name of this particular character is not mentioned, however.

This Toppat Agent has spent at least 3 years inside The Wall, posing as a security Guard. He runs into Henry when the latter makes his way to the cafeteria and has to reach the Airship outside. Asking for his help is one of three choices presented to Henry. When chosen, however, the agent instantly blows his cover by yelling out loud that he is here to bust Henry out of prison, leading to a fail.

It is possible that this agent may be one and the same as Smith from the same game and the previous, since he was working for both at the times of their respective games and possibly just grew a moustache to fit in.


  • "Hey, Henry! It's me. Yeah I'm.. I'm undercover, yeah I'm here to break you out! ... What?"