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Unseen Burglar, originally named the Undetected way or Undetected ending, is one of three endings to the game Stealing the Diamond.

It is one of two endings achievable when choosing “sneak in” at the start screen, and the only ending in the game for which none of the choice screens has a time limit.

It is the easiest ending in StD, right behind "Just Plain Epic" and much further behind" Intruder on a Scooter".


Deciding to Sneak In to the museum, Henry moves to the building's side. He then attempts to break in from there by going to the roof:

  • [X] Jumble Hoppers - Henry uses the shoes in an attempt to bounce to the roof of the museum. However, he misses the ledge. Upon falling back to the ground, the shoes bounce Henry away from the museum and into a lake. (Message: Sweet flip, bro!)[1]
  • [X] Anti-Gravity Cap - Henry activates the device, causing him to rise. However, upon reaching the roof, Henry is unable to deactivate the levitation. (Message: You're lucky! I've always wanted to go to space!)
  • Teleporter - Using the tool, Henry transports himself to the museum's rooftop successfully.

Henry finds an entrance into the museum from the roof, but finds a security guard named Jeff Stickley in the way.

  • [X] Tranquilizer - From the cover of a vent opening, Henry fires a tranquilizer dart in an attempt to sedate the guard, but he yawns, narrowly missing the dart. The dart then ricochets off various surfaces inside the museum, before going up that vent and hitting Henry on the chin, causing him to drift away. (Message: Whoa! What are the odds of that??)
  • [X] Falcon Punch - Henry attempts to pull off Captain Falcon's iconic attack, but his punch is only successful in achieving nothing spectacular. The guard then whips out a gun on Henry. (Message: Only one man is capable of that punch.)
  • [X] Invisibility Pill - Henry consumes the pill, turning him invisible. However, the game loses track of his whereabouts and actions. (Message: What happened? I lost track of you. Originally, it was: It's hard to see when you're invisible, no?)[2]
  • Penny - Henry tosses a penny at the guard, causing him to get distracted. Henry is able to run into the museum's rooftop entrance without being seen.

The rooftop entrance takes Henry to a walkway directly on top of the Tunisian Diamond exhibit. He then must find a way to stealthily reach the gemstone at ground level:

  • [X] Drop - Henry drops from the walkway, crashing into the diamond and causing the alarms to flare up. (Message: Did you really think that was going to work?)
  • [X] Wormhole Rifle - Using the device, Henry fires one portal underneath the diamond, and another one on the ceiling directly above the walkway. The diamond is thus removed from its exhibit, but crashes into the walkway, destroying it and sending Henry into an infinite portal drop. (Message: [3][4])
  • Wire - Hooking a wire to the walkway, Henry descends to the ground floor safely and quietly.

Henry must now find a way to retrieve the Diamond from its glass encasing without raising the alarm.

  • [X] Laser Cutter - Mounting a laser cutter, Henry attempts to use it to pierce through the glass casing-- but it ends up slicing Henry in half. (Message: U GET CUT! Y U NO BLEED?! ˙ʇᴉ pǝzᴉɹǝʇnɐɔ ɹǝsɐl ǝɥꓕ :∀)
  • Hammer - Henry gently taps the glass with the tool, powderizing the glass without raising the alarms.

Henry is thus able to obtain the Diamond. On the way out, he finds Ted McAdams and Jacob Rose by the exit chatting to each other. Henry must find a way to bypass both guards.

  • [X] Cannon - While the cannon's fuse is lit, Henry falls out of the cannon and attempts to salvage the attempt by hastily reboarding it head-first. The cannon fires Henry partially through the exit door, causing Ted and Jacob to notice him with the Diamond. (Message: You almost saved it. Almost.)
  • [X] Cheese - Henry consumes the cheese wedge. Nothing happens. (Message: Wha-w... Why...? ....Seriously?)
  • Plank - Henry uses the wooden plank to launch himself towards the exit door while avoiding Ted and Jacob.

Making his way outside to the loading zone, Henry notices one more security guard, Cliff Knux, on patrol.

  • [X] Snap Neck - When Henry attempts to snap Cliff's neck, he slips and falls down the nearby flight of stairs, snapping his own neck in the process. (Message: I told you man. I TOLD you about stairs!)[5]
  • [X] Rifle - Henry steals Cliff's assault rifle and attempts to kill the guard with it, but manages to miss every single shot. (Message: Man, those first person shooters make it look so easy.)
  • [X] Jump - Carrying the Diamond, Henry attempts to leap over Cliff, but soon falls to the ground due to the weight of the jewel (Message: I'm surprised you made it that far with that heavy diamond.)
  • Diamond - Henry drops the diamond on top of Cliff, killing him.

With no one else to catch the Diamond Thief, Henry is able to run away with the gemstone unnoticed. With $112 million now in his possession, Henry is able to live the high life for himself: owning a yacht called the S.S. Stickmin, moving into a luxurious mansion, and being free to eat whatever he pleases.


Italics indicate they only appear in this pathway.


Track Composer/Artist Notes
🎧 "Grand Opening"
PuffballsUnited Opening theme for Stealing the Diamond.
🎧 "Above the Clouds"
Elation Ending theme for the route.


  1. Using this option three times will net to "Like a D6" medal.
  2. In the original Flash release, Henry is unable to see where he is going because the invisibility pill blocks light from passing into his body. He then falls off the roof of the museum. Original fail message: "It's hard to see when you're invisible, no?"
  3. Fail message in full: "I'm surprised you weren't able to get down there with that amazing portal technology. It's pretty strange how those portal guns work. I mean it combines the top scientific processes of our time. The portal gun contains a flux quantum generator which propels energy blasts with energy values of 4.23 GW with an average speed of approximately 25 m/s. This speed is the most effective because it allows energy to be conserved while still maintaining a speed that is appropriate. The external plastic casing on a portal gun is constructed of a high polymer fire proof carbonfiber. This prevents the intense energy of the portal gun from burning the hands of the user. The intense energy causes intense heat. Oh by the way if you want a medal click here. I've heard that scientists still do not know what happens if two portals are placed on top of one another. The last time that was attempted... Well, I'm sure you heard about it on the news."
  4. In the fail message, clicking the word "here" in the sentence "Oh by the way if you want an achievement click here" will net the "tl;dr" achievement.
  5. This fail will net the "BUNP" medal.
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