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I’m Ewqweb, I’m a diehard fan of the collection, so feel free to message me if you want.

I’ve never played, but might as well say I know a lot, so any questions are appreciated.

I am no longer on hiatus!! feel free to do the bababooey in message wall???

My opinions on ships

Copperright - Yea.

Stickvin - Eh.

Henrie - Honestly, yes and no.

Ellvin (Ellie x Charles) - Simply, yes.

Coppervin - Why does this exist?

Coppermin - Don't kill me, but i'll ship it

Right Hand Calvin - NO.

Henright - MAYBE RARELY..

Copperson - I dunno.

Curtisson - Yep.

Panprice (Dave x Rupert) - Sure.

I'm a fan of:

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