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Me as a stickmin

Hello young chaps!

Well, what is there to say? I have been online under the name Kirby Bulborb (which comes from my love for the Pikmin series) for several years now, contributing to several wikis like the JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopaedia and the Breaking Bad Wiki. I joined this wiki in August 2020, but didn't become an active member until September 2020, frequently editing pages and reaching over 20,000 edits by the end of 2020.

My beautiful girl (and favourite Luigi's Mansion character)

My contributions eventually got me promoted to admin, and I also became a member of the wiki's cleanup team (Category Cleanup and Page Cleanup). I also became a bureaucrat in February 2021, and was the current head of the wiki from February to May 2021, but had to retire due to worry over the indian COVID variant, as well as an overall lack of interest in the series. I am now more active on the Luigi's Mansion Wiki and Breaking Bad Wiki.

My Favorite Pages

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