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An upcoming animator that does his best to contribute to this Wiki, especially as an admin. His second language is French and he loves to draw and animate a lot.

I am Jeef, I pack Beef, I am a Boi, So don't play me like a Toy. I had an old wiki account but I forgot the password so OOPS!

Anyways in case I haven't made it clear I am a big fan of the HS Series. I discovered BtB, EtP, and StD all through Stick Page and would later discover about ItA and FtC through lat's plays on YouTube from Markiplier, PopularMMOS, Jacksepticeye, DanTDM, and Thinknoodles. The Henry Stickmin Collection revived my love and passion for the games so no I've cam on it's wiki to improve ans edit. I became an Admin, and later Bureaucrat, through my contributions and maturity and trying I'm currently trying to ensure order and clean-up in the wiki.

Hannibal Burns

Hannibal Burns is one of my favorite characters in the Henry Stickmin Series for a handful of reasons:

  • I was already familiar with (and even a minor fan of) Hannibal Buress beforehand so it was pretty cool knowing that Burns referenced him.
  • He's a Toppat (not saying that other characters from different factions or none are lame but Toppat members are usually much more cool, more interesting, and have more unique designs)
  • Like mentioned before Hannibal Burns has a cool design (I really dig the Brownish Black top hat and sweet glasses)
  • The posses and faces he make are really amusing just like the ones Hannibal Buress does
  • "Nahh, they're sending someone from the storage." - I liked that line
  • His page was one of the first ones I edited and I really did enjoy my time on this wiki (at least when it was not chaotic)
  • I literally can't tell if he's paying attention or not

In summary Hannibal B. is an awesome character. I love him!

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