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Heya, <insert name here>! Wh-why are you reading this? <⊙2⊙>

Oh well. I really, REALLY like cheese. I draw junk. And animate junk. What more could you want man???



Ye I'm just feeling stupid rn but whatever

Idk but, as you can see I'm pretty much obsessed with Wings of Fire and dragons XDDDD If you want me to draw something for you, just message me! I CAN DRAW OTHER THINGS BESIDES DRAGONS OK!?!? I can't guarantee it'll be a masterpiece, but I'll try my best!

Things That Make Me Happy

  • My cute birds, Mango and Kiwi(Kiwi is deceased. *sad noises*)
  • Copperright(YES)
  • This face >=3(why not?)
  • Food(especially cheese)
  • Drawing(quite obvious)
  • People that understand me(duh, doesn't everyone like that?)

Yeah, I probably left a bunch of things out, but idk

Things That I Don't Usually Like

  • Loud noises(Like my sister)
  • People(except you, I think you're nice, unless you're mean)
  • Running out of cheese(happens more often than you think)
  • Getting attacked by my sis(very, VERY painful)
  • Being called "Armpit" (Yes, I'm looking at you, AMETHYST)!

I think that's enough talking(for now). Goodbye, <insert name here>!




Have a good day! Or night!

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Why are you still reading this? XD