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Herro, <insert name here>, you're gonna have an insane time.

I am not dead, I think.

Charles is overrated.

Trends of this wiki: (Don't ask why I'm doing this)

i still have this darn photo

Food Characters

(I forgot who started it, there was like Svenwish Fish [sven's swedish so... but then came the weird ones like Henrice, Ellieroni, Right Ham Man (please no, but Reg was ok), Charles Curry and Burt Curry]

Pass the Story (Started by PrimarinaPlays)

(Vaguely, I remember Sven starting World Heck because he wanted ice cream. Something with the CCC, Barstucks Dave, donuts, Henry and his scoota...)

Ask Characters (Started by Gamemations)

[mm I like this]

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