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Ah yes, my favorite crossover: Gaston and Ellie.

Me as a stick figure. Scared because im about to fight Mobizen!

Hello Everyone.

Well, what is there to say?, i have been wiki-hoping under the username: Urielix12 (Which comes from a nickname that my uncle gave me), and i been contributing to multiple wikis like the Villains Wiki, Raving Rabbids wiki, Captain Underpants wiki, This Wiki, ETC. I already knew about the existence of Henry since 2014 thanks to the youtuber ''Fernanfloo'', and i discovered this wiki in early 2020, but since The Henry Stickmin Collection came out, i decided to join this beautiful community in late october, so yeah. My contributions and personality eventually got me promoted to Administrator and im also a member of the clean up team.

Down here, you can see my preferences, but is worth saying that my favorite character is the legendary Ellie Rose because I think she is cute, adorable and a great character.

Im one of the most active admins in this wiki so feel free to contact me in case something happens, hope we can be friends :D!.

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Ellie Distracted.gif

Charles from Saw V with Charles Calvin's headphones.

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