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Alright lads! Train's here! Let's get everything packed up before it gets too late!
― Wallace Dagwood[src]

Wallace Dagwood is a member of the Toppat Clan and minor antagonist in the Henry Stickmin Series, who appears as a recurring minor antagonist in Completing the Mission, and appears in the Cleaned 'em Out, Capital GainsToppat Civil Warfare, Triple Threat and Master Bounty Hunter endings.

Dagwood used to a more significant Toppat Clan member in the past, but after a bad hit which gave him his scar, he's been running a support role.


He used to be in the frontlines, but took a bad hit to the face. He's been running more of a support role since.


In Completing the Mission, he appears as one of the three tertiary antagonists of Capital Gains, a secondary antagonist in Triple Threat, and a minor antagonist in Cleaned 'em Out, Toppat Civil Warfare, and Master Bounty Hunter.


Wallace wears a dark blue Pork Pie hat with blue shoes. He also has a scar on his left eye which he gained after taking a bad hit to the face.

Completing the Mission

Cleaned 'em Out

He is seen when Toppats are unloading their stolen artifacts out of the Toppat Train and telling everyone to load all the cargo into the Storage Bay before the sun goes down.

Capital Gains

He is seen on Caravan Duty, on the truck with the machine gun on the back. He is the first to notice Henry and Ellie and quickly shoots at them. Stoneface notices Henry and Ellie and tries to go around the back of them to give Dagwood a clear shot. If the two do nothing, Dagwood will shoot both both of them in the back.

When the Toppat Train crashes due to a certain problem, he, Stoneface, and the truck are never seen again. It is unknown if he and Stoneface survived the crash.

Toppat Civil Warfare

He is seen as a cameo during the denouncement ceremony while Reginald Copperbottom and Ellie Rose confronting Henry and striping his position away as leader. He is also seen during the credits on the last screen along with other Toppats who sided with Ellie's main faction of the Toppat Clan and has an angry expression towards Henry's Squad in his eyes.

Triple Threat

He is seen when Henry and Ellie reach the orbital station cafeteria with other Toppat Clan members. He and The Ruffian are among some of the Toppats armed with an AK-47 ready to fire at the duo.

  • Fusion - Wallace is spotted with a confused look towards the blinding light of the fusion between Henry and Ellie. He is intimidated by Ellry at first and is later standing next to Kabbitz as he is taunting Ellry.
  • Downgrader - Wallace fails in his attempts of shooting Henry because of the Downgrader backfire. He then snatches the downgrader from Henry only to find out it doesn't work anymore, so then he, The Ruffian, Fredrick Muenster, and presumably either Carol Cross or The Bookie then beat Henry and Ellie out of rage.
  • Diversion - Towards the beginning of the Diversion, he is puzzled with a confused look on his face, in which he is later puzzled by the other dancing along with the Dance and presumably gets distracted himself.

He is apprehended at the end of the path when the Toppat Orbital Station is redirected to The Wall and lands there.

Master Bounty Hunter

Wallace can be spotted putting his hands up and surrendering as he is getting arrested by Government soldiers, more specifically the Bukowski Twins and can be seen next to Thomas Chestershire and another Toppat (who are also surrendering).


  • "Alright lads, train's here! Let's get everything packed up before it gets too late!"
  • "Oi. Ya hear that?"
  • "What is that?"
  • "Huh?" - During Downgrader
  • "Change it back!" - During Downgrader
  • "You mean we're stuck like this?!" - During Downgrader
  • "(Gasp)" - His reaction to the fusion Ellry


  • He is tied with The Leprechaun and Carol Cross, for being the second most reoccurring minor/background Toppat Member in CtM, as they all appear in 5 different pathways. They’re all only behind Fredrick Muenster, who appears in 6 different paths of CtM.
  • His bio implies that he was a more significant Toppat Clan member in his past.
  • In his close up look, he also has big lips as there are two lining on top and the bottom of his mouth. This doesn't show it if he's in a far distance between the player's view.
  • He bears a Glaswegian accent.
  • The streak on his face is a reference to the depiction of William Wallace in Braveheart.
  • He also shares his first name with the second name of the Scots hero.
  • He, along with Slice and Scar, are the characters with a scar on their faces.
  • His bio is extremely glitched, if the player clicks on him and gets his bio, then heads to the bios page, they will appear to not own it.
  • In "Master Bounty Hunter", should the player click on him while he is getting arrested at the end, they will instead get the bio of Mr. Jobb.
  • He shares the same first name with Wallace Pemberton.