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West Mesa, Arizona is a location in the Henry Stickmin series that plays a major role in the first 2 games. It is seen in Breaking the Bank and Escaping the Prison as one of the main locations and in Completing the Mission as a minor location.


West Mesa appears to be a normal and completely unremarkable desert with presumably multiple Desert Stationed Centers for Chaos Containment and other Government affiliate buildings present such as the West Mesa Penitentiary and the Bank. There are many elevated large and wide plateaus seen in from afar in it's desert.


Breaking the Bank

West Mesa, Arizona is first introduced in BtB when Henry Stickmin is short on cash and finds himself near a Bank in the middle nowhere in the desert so he decides to try and steal money from the Bank. After hiding in a Disguising Bag and getting picked up by Winston Davis and Ted McAdams on the side of an unpaved road, he is taken to the Bank through an Armored Truck.

Despite almost achieving his goal, Henry is caught when he wakes up, celebrates, and triggers the Bank's alarm. This causes him to get caught by a Bank Security Guard who tells him to freeze. He is later arrested and sent to West Mesa Penitentiary.

Escaping the Prison

West Mesa is seen again all throughout EtP as the game primarily takes place in it. Henry is seen in the penitentiary where he boringly waits to get out of jail and be free. He receives a mysterious package anonymously sent by Ellias Bahtchin working for the CCC which is delivered to his cell by Dave Panpa and Rupert Price. The package contains a Cake which has an item Henry can use to escape (the item is dependent upon player choice).

With the help of said item Henry ultimately escapes mostly undetected, wins a court case against Winston Davis, or opposes the Police and busts out of jail. West Mesa is seen in the ending of "Sneaky Escapist" where Henry is seen running through the West Mesa desert towards freedom. It also appears in the end of "Badass Bust Out" when Henry steals Rupert Price's police car and drives along a paved road with concrete away from prison.

Completing the Mission

West Mesa only makes a few brief cameos during CtM in the "Jewel Baron" path. Both of these cameos take place in Teleporter fail. In the first cameo, Henry is teleported in the West Mesa area which includes the Bank nearby. In it's second cameo, Henry ends up teleported in West Mesa Penitentiary's Shooting Range before shortly teleporting someplace else.


  • West Mesa is in fact named after a real location named "West Mesa" which located in New Mexico, but PuffballsUnited confirmed the area is located in Arizona.
  • It is possible that the Desert seen in Infiltrating the Airship and Completing the Mission's "Toppat Civil Warfare" ending is West Mesa though it is unconfirmed and the deserts both looks significantly different.


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