Wilson is a character who appears in Stealing the Diamond, Infiltrating the Airship, and a small cameo in Fleeing the Complex.


Wilson is a worker in Center for Chaos Containment. He was active when the Toppat Airship fell into the desert. When another CCC worker came into his room, an underground bunker, he told him that war was going on outside. Then Wilson had to decide between four discs to solve chaos.

His ultimate fate is unknown in any of the endings that he causes, including the actual ending that is not failure (PBT rank) except if he decides to insert D.E.B disc which launches the Dark Energy Blaster. Wilson sees that the dark energy burns everything and everyone to death instantly, and realizes that he won't come out of the bunker alive. Soon, he is burned to death as well.

He has a wife and a son, as seen on a picture when he launches the dark energy which kills him. He looks at them and starts crying, knowing that he will die in seconds.