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Go! Evacuate everyone! I can deal with this."
― Wilson Stone [src]

Wilson Stone is a minor character who appears as a major character in Infiltrating the Airship, as the secondary protagonist during the "Pure Blooded Thief" pathway.

Wilson is director or a branch of the Center for Chaos Containment, and considered one of the best CCC directors.


The director of this branch of the CCC. His employees agree he is one of the best CCC directors.

Infiltrating the Airship

During the Pure Blooded Thief pathway, Wilson Stone is active when the Toppat Clan's Airship crashes into the desert (due to Henry's Armor), next to the CCC base, after which A Massive Fight breaks out between the Toppat Clan and The U.S. Army. In response, Wilson orders Larry Gordon to evacuate everybody, while he tries to deal with the chaos. The player gets to decide his action in the final choice screen of this pathway, as Wilson tries to pick one of four discs. If Wilson chooses the disc with "Prototype" labelled on it, it will order Mert Steel, Kert Steel, and Mortdecai Booker to contain the chaos on the battlefield. This will ultimately lead to Henry being able to escape with one of the prototype suits earning the player the rank of Pure Blooded Thief. While not seen, he manages to soon evacuate and escape just like Larry Gordon and all the other workers at the CCC Desert Headquarters.

If he decides to insert the D.E.B. disc, which launches the Dark Energy Bomb. Wilson sees that the dark energy burns everything and everyone to death instantly, and realizes that he won't come out of the bunker alive. Soon, he is burned to death as well.

He has a Wife and a Son named Abigail and Timmy Stone, as seen on a picture when he launches the Dark Energy Blaster which kills him. Wilson looks at his family and starts crying, knowing that he will die in seconds and never see them again. His final words where: "Goodbye.." crying while looking at Abigail and Timmy in a picture frame. This is the deemed and remarked as the saddest fail out of every fail in the all of the games.

Considering he did not flee, Wilson may have also died in the G.A.B.E.N. fail.


  • "Go! Evacuate everyone." - Telling Larry to evacuate.
  • "I can take care of this." - Taking care of it.
  • "Goodbye." - Reaction of D.E.B.




Wilson Stone in Among Us Develop Photos task.

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