I think we should throw it in the back...just to be safe?
― Winston Davis after seeing the disguising bag[src]

Winston Davis is a former bank truck driver, now a member of the Toppat Clan and a major antagonist for the first half of the Henry Stickmin series who appeared as a major character in Breaking the Bank, a major antagonist in Escaping the Prison and a minor antagonist in Infiltrating the Airship.


  • Breaking the Bank: He always rides shotgun in the bank truck. He prefers looking at the scenery, rather than focusing on the road.
  • Escaping the Prison: He's been deposed due to his involvement in The Bank's break in. Either way, he won't be going back to his old job anytime soon.
  • Infiltrating the Airship: Lost his truck driving job due to multiple investigations after a stowaway was found inside The Bank.


In Breaking the Bank, he appears as a major character in "The Story Begins" and the one who suggested throwing the bag Henry Stickmin was in to the back of the truck. In Escaping the Prison, he appears as the secondary antagonist of "Lawyered Up" and an unseen character in every other route.

In Infiltrating the Airship, he appears as a minor antagonist in the "Government Supported Private Investigator" ending.



He has a big brown mustache with a hat (usually having a blue bank security hat with a gold badge on it). The color of his shoes is not shown, however, in the Legacy version of Infiltrating the Airship, he is shown wearing a basic grey top hat.

In the remastered version of Infiltrating the Airship, he wears a blue top hat with a gold badge that has an S on it.

Breaking the Bank

Winston was riding in the money transfer truck throughout the desert with Ted McAdams. Then Henry hid in the money bag and threw himself onto the road.

Ted and Winston then spotted the bag and stopped the truck. When he and Ted came out from the truck, they thought that it was an actual money bag and Winston decided to put it into the truck, being none the wiser.

He then drove the truck to the bank, where some security guards spotted Henry on camera and arrested him, after which he went to prison.

Escaping the Prison

During the trial, Winston had to come as a witness because he was the guy who convinced Ted to put Henry's bag in the truck during Henry's attempt to break into the bank. He told the judge everything that happened that day with all the details, telling about him not knowing the person that was in the money bag, him and his partner spotting the bag and telling Ted to throw the bag, just to be safe.

Felix White (Henry's lawyer) then explained that it's impossible that Henry could've hidden in the bag because Henry wouldn't have been able to tie the bag shut if he was inside it. He then claims that Henry was attacked and stuffed into the bag by Winston, who planned on throwing the nondescript money bag into the vault to hide Henry's supposed body since there were so many bags there that no one would notice it. Since Henry awoke and tried to get out, Winston decided to frame him for trying to rob the bank.

Winston responds with "You guys can't... He can't... This... THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" before being arrested and sent to prison for 'kidnapping, assault and fraud' (as showed in the military files on Infiltrating the Airship) while Henry became a free man.

Infiltrating the Airship

After his termination from being a police officer and arrest, he somehow broke himself out of prison and later joined the Toppat Clan.

In the GSPI pathway, when Henry walks in on a meeting with Toppat Clan members, one can be revealed as Winston Davis sitting in a chair. When Henry disguises himself (Disguise choice), Winston almost recognizes Henry, as knowing him before. However, he decides to drop his suspicion after Henry enters in an escape pod (after Slice's quotes). When the Toppats ask him about his opinion about putting a solid gold cannon on the airship (Glue choice), he responds with "Well, I'm still kinda new here so I'm not really sure what to say". Off-screen, he is arrested by the Government along with hundreds of other Toppats.


  • "I think we should throw it in the back... just to be safe?"
  • "Okay. I was riding alongside with the partner in the armored van, but suddenly.... spotted a bag on the side of the road. We got out and eventually decided to throw the bag in with the others. We didn't know there was someone hidin' in there!"
  • "What?!"
  • "You guys can't... He can't... This... THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!"
  • "Well, I'm still kinda new here so I'm not really sure what to say."


  • According to the military scripts and evidence files in Infiltrating the Airship which reveal his name, age, and weight:
    • His full name is of course, Winston Davis, he is 41 years old, and he weighs about 82 kilograms/181 pounds. They also revealed that he was arrested and sent to prison for 'kidnapping, assault and fraud.'
  • He is often mistaken to be in Fleeing the Complex, due to a prisoner called "Wild Willie" looking similar to him.
  • He is the second member of the Toppat Clan to appear, although not yet as a Toppat.
  • During Infiltrating the Airship, Winston seems to almost recognize Henry during the "Disguise" option, as he has seen Henry before, though decides to drop his suspicion after Henry enters the escape pod.
  • Winston's mustache is slightly different in the remaster of Breaking the Bank than in his other appearances, being longer and lacking lines.
  • He is the 4th supporting character with the most appearances in games, with the 1st being Dave Panpa, 2nd being Rupert Price and the 3rd being Ted McAdams.
  • PuffballsUnited confirmed during the developer commentary that Winston still had a trial in the other Escaping the Prison endings.
  • Due to their similar looking-hats, Ted and Winston have been mistakenly thought of as policeman during their time of working at the Bank although it's been proven that the duo were not police or law enforcement of any kind and simply just transported the Bank's money. This is shown with the brighter bank hat they wore with an 'S' symbol on the badge in comparison with the darker and symbol-lacking police hats. Ted and Winston have also never been mention to have police affiliation of any kind making it obvious they simply use to work for the Bank.



Breaking the Bank

Escaping the Prison

Infiltrating the Airship

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